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    Crashed my car into a bridge

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    Bristol, UK


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    ASRock z87e-ITX
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    8GB G-SKILL 1600MHz
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    OCUK GTX 970
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    BitFenix Prodigy
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    M4 128GB, 1TB Samsung F3
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    AX 750
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    Noctua NHL9i
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    Filco Majestouch II
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    Zowie AM Pro
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    Creative Aurvana Live
  1. hi can you please change my display name I forgot to put in the rest in thanks

    1. TheRandomness


      all fix thanks anyway

  2. Does your 4670k bottleneck you GTX970 ever?

  3. Vessel Exclusive "Nerd Sports"

    It's cool, I can take the heat if needs be. Please direct your discussion to the megathread:
  4. Rate my pc

  5. Subwoofer in my car. Problem with it?

    It's more complex to make and I don't know exactly how it all works to be perfectly honest. If i were you, I would just stick to making a basic sealed enclosure as that just requires sealant and you don't have to deal with this "ported" business.
  6. Subwoofer in my car. Problem with it?

    I guess it depends on how handy with the tools you are haha.
  7. Wow thats pretty great. I heard an advert for them this morning on the radio and didn't expect much. Might actually go have a look come boxing day..
  8. $150 23"+ monitor

    I'm not too well versed on the Canadian Monitor market, but these two look alright: Asus VN248H Asus VN238H I guess they're pretty much the same bar different screen size. I'm sure someone will come with a better suggestion, but if it were up to me I would go for that first Asus option. No idea on shipping to Canada through NewEgg, mind.
  9. $150 23"+ monitor

    What features are you looking for? Resolution: Bezel type (matte; glossy): Inputs (HDMI, DVi, VGA, DP etc): Refresh Rate:
  10. Subwoofer in my car. Problem with it?

    I'd suggest a standard sealed box. Just so you know it works. Here's a decent guide on the process involved in making a box
  11. Subwoofer in my car. Problem with it?

    Did you properly seal the box? One of the reasons you need a sub box is to provide that low-end 'punch'..this is achieved by a properly sealed enclosure (you can have ported boxes which produce a slightly different sound but that's beside the point). From your pictures it looks like you have just nailed a couple bits of wood together, this is going to allow air to leave and not produce a deep bass sound you desire. If it isn't sealed, I would take the box apart, use glue, screws and a silicone sealant on the inside.
  12. If you have a copy of the advertisement where it says SSHD, I would take that, along with your laptop to the shop and ask to speak to a manager. Failing that, contact advertising standards - although not sure what they will do besides "we will review their practices" or something like that.
  13. How fast is your internet?

    http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/414-whats-your-internet-speedtest/ Please search before posting. Thanks