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    San Francisco, CA
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    Recording Arts, Audio Engineering, Post Production / Mastering


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    Intel i7-6800k
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    Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
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    32GB DDR4 Hyper X Ram
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    EVGA GTX Geforce 970
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    NZXT S340 Matte Case
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    2x Samsung 500GB SSD (Dual Booting) & 2TB WD HDD
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    EVGA SuperNova 850 Bronze
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    Dual 24" HP Elite Displays & Sharp N6200U 4K TV
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    Corsair Hydro H100i
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    Apple Mac Keyboard w/ Numeric Pad
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    Apple Magic Mouse
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    Behringer Control2USB (Output) & Avid Mbox Pro (Input)
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    Dual Booting Mac OSX 10.12.4 & Windows 10 Professional

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  1. Just keep pushing to success!



  3. Nice, Love Polk audio gear. r15's have a similiar soundstage to the t15's that I personally own except the t15 have more of a brighter sound with less midrange. Good choice in gear. Would love to hear what your Omega's sound like. Sounds like overall a good quadrophonic setup.
  4. You have a great line up of headphones, are you using any DAC's ? and a good choice in Passive Speakers. Heard only good things about Dynaudio Emit Series.
  5. Wow! What an awesome line-up of gear man. Glad to see major audiophiles on here!
  6. Even then, the audio has to be split up into 2 different devices.
  7. That will deff do it! I remember in high school my buddy and I would blow vintage subs by plugging it directly into a wall socket. Oh what great times!
  8. I've never had a speaker die on me (Unintentionally Hahaha ) Usually speakers die due to only few factors. Being Under-powered, Which causes distortion and can cause speaker coil to overheat. Being Over-Powered, Which again causes the speaker to 'Bottom out' & blow. Crossover unbalanced, Which implies to most smaller speakers cause bass can also cause distortion if the speakers Frequency response isn't accurately set. Or, Destroying them Yourself with a sledgehammer.
  9. Nice, On my desk workstation I'm using a RME babyface interface out to a Mackie Bigknob for selecting between 2 different Monitors & 1 Passive Monitor set (A/B/C & Sub mix control ) A - Yamaha HS8's (active) B - Yamaha HS5's (active) C - Yamaha NS-10M Studios (powered by, Pioneer VSX-D1S vintage receiver) Subwoofer - Adam Audio Sub12 (which I got for only $550 used but in Excellent condition, They retail at $2,000) Headphones of choice - Sennheiser HD 280's And in the same room is the home theater. Tv mounted behind desk. Rec
  10. depending on your operating system, In windows you can do just that by selecting your audio devices choosing your speakers as the Main device and your headset as the communication device. Also take note that this WONT work on a single 3.5mm jack. You would need to use an external audio interface or DAC to do this. Otherwise you would need internal audio hardware with Multiple Outputs And a Line-In Or Mic Jack.
  11. What set of Monitors/speakers/headphones are you using & Why are you using them? How long have you been using them? would you recommend them? and why?
  12. In that case it should be completely fine, You'll see more wear on your headphones from your own head then the stand would do. Plus headphones stands like yours are meant to keep your headphones in a safe spot without damage, no matter how thin that little rubber padding is. Cheers
  13. I can totally Feel you on this one. Although I'm only 23 I've already ran into some Tedious jobs. Especially those I would perform as a DJ for. Being on-stage and not behind the boards upfront cause alot of mishaps, & I'd find myself having to walk off stage to help the "professionals".
  14. My current setup. (Unfinished right now due to moving process.) Receiver/Amp - Pioneer ELITE VSX-90 L/R Mains - 2x Polk Audio RT2000p's (Discontinued) Center - 1x Polk Audio TSi CS20's Surround / Rear - 4x Polk Audio T15's Subwoofers - 2x Polk Audio PSW505 TV - Sharp AQUOS LC-55N7000U (55" 4K UHDTV) Console's - Xbox One S (2TB model) & Nintendo Wii-U Players - Mini Wintel W8 (8GB Ram - Windows 10) For Use of Kodi and Browsing. Cable Provider - Xfinity X1 Ill attach photos this week, I need to work on room acoustics and