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  1. i7 7700k vs i7 8700k

    In games? Not really, games will still benefit a lot more from the higher clocks on 7700k rather that from two extra physical cores on the 8400.
  2. thx internet

  3. gtx 1060 6gb enough for 144hz 1080p?

    Most games at Medium/High, yes. Ultra/High only in the not very graphicaly demanding games like Rocket League, CS:GO, ..., Overwatch.
  4. Can not pick a monitor! Competitive 1440p!

    I have the AOC AG271QG, they use the same panel as ASUS or ACER, the OSD menu is quite lacking in features compared to ASUS or ACER but the stand is excellent and I have almost no IPS glow, I really cant see it unless I look at it under very specific conditions so its not an issue. I was able to use the HIGH Overdrive in the OSD settings without artifacting or weird glitches which significantly improved the response times. The colour settings are not as good or easy to configure as on the Acer or ASUS and the Gamma is not that great as well because you are very limited by the OSD settings but I managed to get it look good enough and close to my secondary EIZO IPS monitor which was calibrated out of the box. Also, it was quite cheaper than the ASUS or Acer variant so there is that as well. Would I also like Ultrawide? Definitely... its really up to you, I cant tell you "buy this!" because I really have no clue. I would like both but I picked 16:9 instead and I am happy with it anyway.
  5. Can not pick a monitor! Competitive 1440p!

    If you're that nitpicky then you definitely won't use G-Sync because you would need to have FPS bellow the max refresh rate of the monitor for it to function. And the more FPS you have, the less input lag you have which in theory is better for "competitive" gaming. But in my opinion, above 144/165Hz you're really starting to dig into diminishing returns so the difference is really small and benefits almost non existent. I really like G-Sync, imo it's better than 1-3ms lower input lag but you said you can't tell the difference in G-Sync ON/OFF so you will definitely not notice the miniscule amount of lower input lag either. Since you said that you're streaming, I'm quite sure that your FPS and frame times will be all over the place (especially if you stream using the CPU encode on the same PC), especially when playing on 1440p in which case G-Sync would definitely come in handy as you will be sitting below the max refresh rate of the monitor in terms of FPS most of the time.
  6. Can not pick a monitor! Competitive 1440p!

    The advertised response time is a bullcrap. The actual response times are much higher than that. On the ASUS monitor the AH-VA/AH-IPS has actually faster response time than the TN variant by about 1ms-2ms.
  7. $299 980ti K|ngP|n

    What the heck? That's awesome!
  8. Context man... Not everyone uses Premiere Pro for video editing so not everyone will benefit from the iGPU. Why buy X299 then as well, right?
  9. Any VR game recommendations?

    Definitely Beat Saber + Beat Saver mod. Also, Moss is very nice.
  10. I sell usually 3 loot boxes/week. The game already paid for itself + more. But now it's not nearly as profitable as it used to be since prices of most of the loot boxes went down quite a bit.
  11. H.264 to HEVC

    The quality is still great but you have to use much higher bitrates and the advantage of it is that its a lot faster than CPU encoding. To me, h.265 with NVENC looks as good as CPU h.264 at the same bitrate so I usually convert BR to h.265 NVENC because otherwise it would take ages and I still get significantly smaller files and very good quality.
  12. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/cybersecurity-software-bundle?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_5


    Well, I guess the 1-year of PIA is a good deal... not sure about the rest of the security SW. Never heard of any of it before.

    1. Jtalk4456
    2. 2FA


      I've heard of AdGuard and TrackOff in regards to use on Android. All the other stuff just seems to be subscriptions for things you could normally get free through some other software.

    3. dizmo


      Oooo tempting.

  13. For 240Hz gaming.. yeaaa, you may be stretching it but for 144Hz/165Hz you're fine in both 1080p and 1440p.
  14. H.264 to HEVC

    Handbrake is free and can convert to HEVC (h.265) StaxRIP can do it as well, also free but also supports h.265 with NVENC encoding if you got a Pascal GPU
  15. I just found this amazing channel.

    Also...this bussines model kinda reminds the the US ISPs but Monsanto fits in as well.