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  1. RGB... OLED is the trend now. Next are OLED cables.



    1. Nicnac
    2. WereCat


      lol, RIP 2080 at least for now

  3. Use a Second GPU to Boost OBS Performance

    Well then there is very little to gain if you are using CPU to encode. NVENC should give you the best performance if you are using 2 GPUs, you just must not forget to tell OBS which one to use so that its not using the one you are playing on.
  4. RIP intel server cpus.

    Im comparing the 32 core 2990WX to the current 32 core EPYC. The current 32 core EPYC scores higher than 2990WX.
  5. RIP intel server cpus.

    Rumor has it its supposed to clock significantly higher. Also its going to be TSMC instead of GloFo this time around. But even if clocks will be higher, there should be much more improvements than just that. Lower latencies, interposer (maybe?) for better and faster link between cores, IPC bump, IMC improvement, support for faster RAM and who knows what else (better or more Cache, likely).
  6. RIP intel server cpus.

    This is der8auers dual EPYC system Cinebench OC at his office (I think he already broke the record on this screen shot). The RAM was only 2666MHz. So 20% would be +- correct. Also we know that AMD pushes at least for 2933MHz RAM support so that would be quite a boost for all of those cores.
  7. Use a Second GPU to Boost OBS Performance

    This implies you are using your CPU to encode instead of GPU. You cant choose a "Very Fast" Encoding Preset when using NVENC to encode, only if you are using x264. Can you screenshot your OBS settings?
  8. RIP intel server cpus.

    EPYC uses 8 channels of RAM, TR only 4 and the way the 2990WX CCX work its starved for RAM bandwidth and suffers from latency. Even the lower clocked 32core 14nm EPYC scores higher when clocked lower than 2990WX with OC. ROME will be also improved over the current gen so there goes another performance jump.
  9. The difference is that this is not what he has... he just has a something that looks like a rubber band
  10. Im more interested in the wireless anti-static bracelet he got rather than the build itself.
  11. Lets assume that you can get a loot box which you can open for free just from playing the game (you cant buy the loot box with real money). Opening it gets you a random loot and since you are unable to spend a real money on it... is it still gambling or where do you draw the line? Because I dont see any difference when killing a mob in Diablo and getting a random loot from it as well. Farming items in MMORPGs is not any different compared to opening a free lootbox imo. Both can be addicting and chore to get hold off but once is generaly considered a gambling, the other is "farming". So now how is gambling any different from farming?


    Disabling Core 0 and changing some Process Priority in Windows makes the 2990WX 2x faster in the Windows Benchmark (at least in this particular one... scoring 3,0 to 3,1 instead of 1,6). It scores around 3,5 to 3,6 on Linux.

  13. https://www.twitch.tv/themightywerecat


    Beat Saber and maybe Moss or Onwards (no Mic, something is iffy with my Oculus mic and it sounds terrible).