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    i7 4770k, 4.4GHz core 4.0GHz cache, 1.3V (delided)
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    Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H
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    16GB (2x8GB) 2200MHz Patriot Viper 9-12-12-28
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    EVGA FTW3 ICX 1080ti 8GB 2067MHz core, 12600MHz VRAM
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    Fractal Define R4
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    Kingston HyperX Savage 120GB SSD, Seagate Barracuda 2TB Advanced Format, Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5" SSD, WD Green 1TB
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    EVGA G3 750W
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    AOC AG271QG (1440p 165Hz AH-IPS G-Sync), Eizo Foris FS2333 (1080p 60Hz IPS)
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    BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 2
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    CM Storm Ultimate with Cherry MX Blue, Steam Controller, Microsoft XBOX 360 Controller
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    Logitech G502 Spectrum
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    Sennheiser HD650, S. M. S. L. M6 Mini DAC
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    Windows 10 PRO x64-bit

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  1. Check the advanced power settings in Windows is the minimum CPU state is set to 100%, if yes, change it to 5%
  2. Can a GTX 1080 do 144Hz @ 1440p reliably?

    Depends on games and settings. Heck, even 1080ti cant do all games at that FPS reliably on Ultra in many games.
  3. It's building time


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      Mini hearth attack, no post, I swapped RAM sticks and its working now.


      That cable management



      HDD bigger than the graphics card?






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      That 1030 is so tiny!

  4. PUBG also has 1st person servers. Arma 3 Overwatch CS:GO BF1 Paladins Planetside 2 ...
  5. If you can, get the Aida64 (paid version, the free version wont show you all the informations) and do a RAM and Cache benchmark. It will show you only the basic CL speeds but it will measure the speeds of Read, Write, Copy and Latency so you know if you got an improvement or not. Alternatively (free), you can run something like the Pi benchmark and compare times between runs which will reflect the RAM clock improvements.. but it wont tell you anything about the latency. Thaiphoon Burner for correct RAM SPD reading and also very detailed. DDR = Double Data Rate and some programs report 1200MHz (which is correct) others report 2400MHz (which is also correct but that is the effective speed). Make sure to test the stability with Memtest86, there must be 0 errors otherwise it is unstable and make sure to let it complete at least one pass but prefferably 5+. It will take hours.
  6. 8700k MCE Issue

    MCE is the Auto-OC function that heavily overcompensates on voltage most of the time... it varies from board to board.
  7. 4790S Overclock?

    No, you can OC only via BCLK which will give you about 5% higher clocks if you are really lucky. Have in mind that it will increase clocks of everything, PCI-e, RAM, CPU, SATA, etc... so the stability issues will appear very fast.
  8. Converting the entire DVD library to .mp4 because of Plex ... ahhh, my poor CPU was never so stressed,

  9. Will a Ryzen 5 1600 bottleneck the GTX 1070 ?

    You're fine up to around 100FPS-120FPS in most games.
  10. AMD Ryzen 1600x, GTX 960 low fps

    Yep, and infinity fabric works at half of the RAM speed so it is quite slow in your case. You should definitely consider OCing your RAM at least to 2800MHz-2933MHz which should be achievable. Also try to keep latency as low as possible since that has great impact on performance as well. This is not a great RAM OC guide but it will do for basic RAM OC. But you should consider getting the other stick when you can as it should make things a lot better.
  11. AMD Ryzen 1600x, GTX 960 low fps

    Yah, especially if that is a slow RAM then you are getting bottlenecked by the infinity fabric since half of the cores that want to access the RAM have to be feeded trough the infinity fabric link.
  12. I get you, so many games are just a cash grab ... but there are still studios that do a great job making an awesome games with lenghty story and no BS around. Larian Studio, CD Project so far have been a great example and if they decide to go down the dark path then so be it... just dont preorder, buy what you like, dont buy what you hate. It is really simple.