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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. I got my monitor at Best Buy.
  2. So I recently upgraded to a Samsung 28" UHD. Ever since I've upgraded my fps runs really low at around 20. The dimensions of my new monitor are 3840 x 2160. I know that I can either change my resolution (which looks awful), switch back to my old monitor (no way in hell I'm doing that), or I could get a new graphics card. So far I've decided to just get a new graphics card. The games I want to run at 4k are mostly FPS some of these games are PUBG, all the Fallout games (including the original), CSGO, Rust, SUPERHOT, Etc. If anyone knows of a good graphics card please tell me. My pr
  3. So I recently upgraded to a Samsung 28" UHD. Ever since I've upgraded my fps runs really low at around 20. I used to have a 1080 x 1920 display

    (which would run at 60 fps consistently) and now that I use a 3840 x 2160 monitor, it runs at a very low FPS. I know I can change my resolution but that looks awful. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a fix or a good graphics card that would solve this. Thank you.

    1. TVwazhere


      Hi nate! Welcome to the furms!


      You changed your resolution. This mean you now have 4x as many pixels to display as your previous 1080 screen, but your GPU power is the same so it's only natural the FPS will be much lower. You would need to upgrade your GPU (usually a very costly thing) and depending on your games that you play will determine what GPU you'll need to get back to 60fps


      I would make a topic in the GPU sub-forum with your system specs and the list of games you want to run at 4k 60fps. 

    2. Nate Roberts

      Nate Roberts

      thank you. this helps a lot