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  1. You should Blame your Nvidia Graphic driver, try to reinstall it, Same happened to me when i installed windows 10 with a driver that i installed from windows 7 and it was very old. So try these: -Don't set to ''integrated graphics'' in nvidia control panel -Update your Nvidia graphic driver -Make sure your hardware is supported for your current OS -Try to reset your power plan -Use your Geforce experience (GTX feature) to Optimize your games -Clean up your Disks. -reconnect your power supply. -Uninstall both Intel graphic driver and nvidia graphic
  2. I'am not sure how do you remove Parrot OS but try to Perform (Disk C:) clean up and then ''Clean system files'' so you be able to find that os and selectively delete it's system files.
  3. It's not correct to delete it like that, some files will require permission from the system. if you got trouble with that use a Deleting software, or basically grant the access. The windows.old was a feature for new windows like 10 that you can backup installation of the older windows within 10 days, or the data of previous one will completely be lost.
  4. You are supposed to be able to Delete it with the ''delete'' option, make sure this isn't your only OS you have or you have another os. what i can see from your picture that you only got this OS ''Default one''. IF you are sure that you got another OS and you want to delete the current one you are using now, you must have This file called ''Windows.old'' in your ''C:\Windows.old'' delete it but don't delete folder named ''Windows'' which is your newer os. Note: you will not be able to Delete default OS, in order to do that set another OS as a default and then you can delete it
  5. Yeah, you are right. Same goes with windows 10, damn it! There is no such thing called privacy these days. i wish my pc was hardware supported windows 7 so i can get out of this misery.
  6. Also i noticed that after uninstalling both Geforce experience and nvidia graphic driver my windows completely getting bugged. -Start button doesn't work -games still doesn't work -restarting explorer.exe doesn't work but everything goes back when i restart my pc not including those two drivers. So i guess its actually a bug which is still not fixed, was the update still new? Weird thing that when i switched to windows 7 os in the same pc, and installed them nothing wrong happened.
  7. Nice suggestion, but a silly question : does Nvidia geforce experience and Nvidia graphic driver improve my GPU? or it has nothing to do with that but some extra features Not a big deal ill just wait for another patch.
  8. I completely reinstalled a clean version without any saved profile which i think does the job, restarted my pc and nothing changed. Right now i'll try to do what you included this ''shader cache'' from control panel.
  9. I just downloaded Nvidia graphics driver update and is the latest version now (451.48), and most of my games do not work Then i uninstalled it, ran an automatic windows update that downloaded a graphic card driver for my nvidia, then all my games went back working without geforce experience + nvidia graphic driver Any solutions to this? i need geforce experience.
  10. I got another problem, Proxy server enabling it self in every moment why?
  11. Do i really need to do that? i already checked my Hosts ip and i cut off the ip from the malware.
  12. thanks that worked, i toke control back of my pc.
  13. -Malware keep spamming Pornography pictures in the desktop. -changes the proxy server. -spamming junks. -Turn on the webcam.
  14. I just got a malware because of stupidly downloading Lua execute via links from yotube have anyone got a program to for malware removal?
  15. The only thing that i saw of batteries explosions were samsung phones.