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  1. When you call, ask for a sales associate and then ask them if they can hand you off to a sales manager. It might be my Best Buy, but the people I work with are pretty awesome and I haven't had to many idiotic customers...as of yet.
  2. That's your loss, working there is pretty awesome.
  3. Yes, call the store that you applied to and ask to talk to either the hiring manager or the General manager and ask about the progress of the application. Edit: If you just applied there is always the chance that they are going through all the other applications and since black friday is this week, it's very busy there and maybe you won't hear from them until after the holiday.
  4. currently there is no way to turn down GPU folding, it's pretty much all or nothing
  5. Terrible for a game like counter strike because of the laser sensor
  6. Kayn

    CSGO Lounge bets?

    Some people just follow the crowd and some people want to make some bank and hope that the underdog team will win. Betting is not a guarantee and sometimes the team that is thought to win will lose. Not every team will be at 100% win rate and there's sometimes going to be an upset.
  7. Kayn

    CSGO Lounge bets?

    That's why it's called betting, sometimes you lose and sometimes you win and upsets sometimes happens.
  8. Hey Hey Hey, that was when I was using my blues with no o-rings. I have greens now... but as zero has said, find out what kind of switch you like the best and then go find a keyboard. I personally cannot recommend Ducky keyboards, because for me I have had way to many problems with the LEDs just randomly dying on me. As for using the snow ball, just put it as close as you can to your mouth and mostly it will not pick up the sounds of the keyboard. But it will be picked up if you're in a skype call. Teamspeak is lot more forgivable since you can adjust the sensitivity.
  9. Kayn

    IB Exams

    I actually had fun in my TOK class and didn't mind doing the projects we had to do.
  10. Kayn

    IB Exams

    Ha IB exams...did those last year...did not like them at all
  11. The recent update on the multiplayer is not looking promising for it to be fixed by this weekend, hope they do find a fix, would be nice to actually have some battle again.
  12. username: xKayn https://www.vessel.com/videos/MI7F0u2H8 https://www.vessel.com/videos/HDN7G5UMs
  13. yeah they had like a week where they were letting everyone try out all the ships, but I guess that promotion thing is still going on for a bit.
  14. Maybe, but I've been having stuttering issues when people are spawning especially with a large ship like the cutlass or using rockets.