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    You stepping in my cornflakes?

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    Tripping on some natrual medicine
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    Network Manager


  • CPU
    i5 6500
  • Motherboard
    Z170 Hero
  • RAM
    16GB Kingston HyperX Fury Black
  • GPU
    GTX 1070 Founders
  • Case
    Pavrum S2.5 Extended
  • Storage
    Samsung 850EVO 256GB SSD
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    Corsair CF600
  • Display(s)
    Acer XB270H + Dell U2711
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    EVGA cooler in GPU, be quiet! Dark LP
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    Corsair K65 TKL
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    Steel Series Rival
  • Sound
    Steelseries Siberia V2 Frost Blue
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Professional

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  1. This game has been free for years, I got it in like 2015 or something. Its actually not bad and it can get challenging unless I was just bad at games back then lol
  2. If you need all that I would save more money. again unless you are going used. $400 is what people on a budget usually spend on a GPU + CPU then like $200-$300 on the rest. Maybe look for a used like x580 or 390 and try to find a decent cheap CPU and mobo to pair it with. 16gb of ram and decent PSU
  3. I just found out you can pre order Destroy All Humans. So of course I had to. I am not one to pre order a game either but idc if this one is bad at release. I need this game.

    Its my childhood.

    I remember lying to my teacher telling her you had to add the brains once you get back to the ship like a math problem. That way she told my mom it was good for me to play LOL. (I had a planner they wrote notes in since I was a bad kid)

  4. I remember when steam first added sales tax the good ole days. Now every game is like $2-$5 more expensive
  5. it comes with a monitor so yes. you can get ryzen but for $400 a whole rig? eh, maybe get to like $600-$700 and get a good rig. a monitor is like $100, drive is like $50 really should have a SSD that like $80 if hes buying all used maybe. what parts does he need? just the PC? does he have like keyboard and mouse. will he need to buy windows 10?
  6. all that for $400 probably the best he will do. thats like a 2015 budget build but he will still have to save up later on since there is no real upgrades. better off buying a new system next vs upgrading unless he gets the parts cheap or free.
  7. so you own this rig and want to know how far you can OC it? Just watch any video on how to OC and do that until you cant anymore then dial it back and find a stable clock. If you have any specific questions along the way im sure we can help. that cooler might be fine but id go for a bigger rad if you can bigger is better
  8. People spend more money on dumber things so no surprise here lol
  9. if its for a main rig no id stick to current gen if you can. if its like a side/project thing sure
  10. has there been anything about when the next cards drop? is it this year atleast?

  11. if you have to short the pins maybe the connector/button is broken?
  12. I was doing research on x570 boards and I did not hear good things about that board. idk what others have to say as I have not used it. I think the VRM cooling was subpar compared to others in the same price rage or even lower cost and maybe the VRM was not the best either I forgot exactly. But I would suggest to get like a gigbyte aorus elite or TUF. maybe see what others say but GL finding a board in stock rn the rest looks fine to me
  13. I always say people talk on 4chan about like going after a goup or person etc.. but when I go on to see I can never find stuff like that, Just the porn and gore and shit. Is there just a board just for stuff like that or what? I never see it I just hear oh 4chan did it.
  14. People sell like plush and other stuff of IP's that are coppyrighted and make money off it and are only told to stop. not to even give them any money. this girl I have on facebook made a big post about how she sold baby yoda stuff online and got a cease and desist from Disney. buts thats all, she stopped so they didnt do anything she said she made over $2000 too. I really doubt anyone would try to sue this guy for money over this. I am willing to put money on that too. sure they CAN. but will they? I think I can safely say he has a 99% chance that hes fine. Should he