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  • CPU
    i5 4690k
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    16gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 970 4G
  • Case
    fractal design s windowed
  • Storage
    1TB WD GREEN | 128gb Sandisk Extreme ii
  • PSU
    650 watt EVGA G1 NOVA
  • Display(s)
    ACER S220HQL
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    Steelseries APEX RAW
  • Mouse
    Sharkoon Sharkforce
  • Sound
    Sennheiser G4ME ONE
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 pro

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  1. its happened no matter what for me.
  2. no.... my whole team had it and i didnt alt+tab. i always get the bullshit missing material and missing vgui errors.
  3. no it doesnt... considering my whole team had it once and i didnt alt+tab.
  4. its common, it happens to me on a few maps, mainly dust 2 and cache. on dust 2 its usually on the corner of the bomb site on A.
  5. i wont ever get cheap headsets again, they all sound the same to me...... worst headset i ever bought was the corsair h1500, my god it was so shocking and for the price i could have cried (£60) and they broke within two weeks.... non tangle cables my arse. every headset ive owned tb px12 (x2), tb x12, tb px5, corsair h1500, astro a40s (x2 and both broke because of the shit mixamp), siberia v2 (were very good) and my now g4me one
  6. get yourself a 390, the monitor can stay put for now but in terms of which to upgrade, do it in this order, top to bottom gpu monitor cooler keyboard
  7. i have an idea, why dont you just test them both..... , see which is cooler
  8. i have the g4me one headset and its the best ive ever had, comfy, great sound and great mic, no headset i have had compares to it, and believe me, ive had a few.
  9. the delta is the max core temp minus the room temp. (i think)
  10. look at the graph in my other post, the xl gets beaten too.
  11. here we go, better lows better highs.