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  1. Got me a battle droid for my desk! (I am still trying to pose him in a way that he can balance) Roger roger!
  2. Oh, that is funny! I just got a new Apple TV 4k (Coming Friday) to replace my Fire TV Cube in my bedroom (Fire TV will be going in my living room) It's a great device! Did you get the second gen? The first gen isn't bad, but the second gen is just stupidly fast!
  3. Also got my dad a Boba Fett figure for Father's Day, he likes the OT the most.
  4. Got myself a Hera Black Series Figure (Star Wars Rebels)
  5. Windows: December 2020. Drive File Stream likes to corrupt icons. The only way to fix this issue permanently according to other users with the same issue was to do a clean install. Though I am part of the Windows Insider Program so I guess I “reinstall” every few weeks. Mac: Never. Though I do install updates as soon as they are available.
  6. It does not due to the way DNS based adblockers work, however, If you want to block YouTube ads on Fire TV, I highly recommend Smart YouTube TV if you want an app that looks like the official app but blocks ads. If you want a YouTube app that blocks ads, and has integration with SponsorBlock, SmartTubeNext is what you'll want. It allows for plenty of extra power user features such as tweaking codes, PIP, forcing resolutions, etc.
  7. Ah, I should clarify that I was talking to donut in case he was turned off PiHole due to them not using traditional Adblocking lists anymore.
  8. AdGuard Home is also free, you may be confusing their desktop and mobile apps with it. It is also open source if that matters to you.
  9. Sweet Pea

    Windows 11

    I imagine they are just getting rid of the number naming scheme. If I recall correctly, after Windows 10 released people asked if there would ever be another version after 10 and they hinted that it would be called 10 for a few years, and that they wanted to phase out numbers and just wanted it the OS to be called Windows and get rid of numbers for what I assume is PR. (People hated 8) I’ll try to link an article, this was either early 2015 or 2016. edit: Jerry Nixon https://www.theverge.com/2015/5/7/8568473/windows-10-last-version-of-windows Aut
  10. AdGuard home works great. https://adguard.com/en/adguard-home/overview.html It uses the standard Adblock lists, and supports REGEX.
  11. With Ransomware/Malware, backups are more important than ever. I tell my customers to use backup drives, cloud storage, etc. when they come in complaining about how their files are missing, rewritten, etc. With people who don't use such services/devices, and use them as personal devices with thousands of photos of family, I feel awful. I can't fathom losing all my photos, and wouldn't want to have it happen to anyone else.