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  1. This is utter bullshit, I don't know how many of you deal with people who are easily scared by technology, but I know of several people who would be utterly terrified by this. Something big and scary takes over their entire screen, which they simply don't understand and it's basically yelling in their face to upgrade, it's going to scare the living daylights out of them. To us who know what this means and how to deal with it, sure it's a minor annoyance, but to people who can just about turn on a computer without getting lost this will send them into a panic. This is simply not acceptable (at the risk of sounding like Lemongrab) and MS should be ashamed of these kinds of tactics, The more and more this shit goes on, the more I want to switch to Linux permanently. And no, I strongly disagree that this makes disabling the notification easy, it's fucking purple text on a purple background, there are more than a handful of people who have poor eyesight that simply would not see that, or have dyslexia and need black text on pink to read a computer screen properly, or wouldn't be as attentive as we are and completely miss it, why should they suffer because Microshite are pulling the same tactics used by malware authors to get everyone on Windows 10? Fuck Microshite. Bunch of twats
  2. Thanks for that, I stand corrected, fuck AMD, once these GPU's get into peoples hands, I wouldn't be surprised if we see mass mobo and PSU deaths. I'll wait and see what Anadtech says, but as it stands, I won't be recommending the RX480 until there is either a recall, or AMD releases some kind of software/firmware fix that can correct that kind of power draw from the slot. Geez AMD, the first GPU release since the HD5000 series that has had me properly excited and you go and fuck it up. Well done. nVidia don't deserve a free pass either btw, but at least with it happening on the 1080, it's generally bought by people who can afford quality parts, whereas the RX480 is more likely to be bought by those who are on a budget and are likely to skimp on the mobo to save money, and are more likely to suffer dead boards due to this.
  3. If I understand this correctly, and you can absolutely correct me if I'm wrong. But according to Toms Hardware, the entire card is pulling at peak, some 300W of power? And at that peak power draw, some 155W to 200W of that is coming from the PCIe connector on the motherboard? If that is true, then holy cow AMD, how on earth did that pass validation? But here's the thing, I call bullshit on Toms numbers and here's why. The freaking motherboard would have fried with that much power being pulled through something only meant for 75W MAX. There is no motherboard on earth without additional power inputs that could cope with that kind of power draw, none. Why do you think that some mobos have an extra molex connector next to the PCIe slots? Because PCIe by itself cannot cope with more than a peak power draw of 100W per slot, and definitely no more than 75W long term. I'm looking at the numbers being thrown around here and the more I look, the more I think to myself that Toms either has faulty measuring equipment, or the GPU itself is faulty. 155W to 200W across a single PCIe slot should easily kill the traces on the mobo. 12V across PCIe for a max of 75W equals 6.25 Amps, 12V at 200W however equals 16.6 Amps, there's no chance a mobo can cope with that. Having said all that though, if the GPU really is pulling that much power through the slot, then fuck AMD for either incompetence or malicious intent, whichever one it is, and if anyone can give me a reason for being wrong, then I'm all ears. And by malicious intent, what I mean is the possibility that they deliberately lied about the RX480's power consumption and board design.
  4. Hmm, I searched for issues with that particular disc and there is nothing that matches anything you encountered at all, Star Trek 2009 afaik only uses AACS and should not cause the issue you describe, something else was screwing up your system as far as I can tell. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling you a liar, I don't have that BluRay so I can't test it but I found nothing with that particular BluRay and most people have had success except for dirty/damaged discs or dirty lenses or ISO mounting software causing conflicts etc. And you're right, BluRay is shite, they made it harder for legitimate purchasers of the films to enjoy the content the way they choose and killed BD's chance of ever truly replacing DVD before it even got released, but what do you expect? It was co-developed by Sony, it should have been obvious they'd fuck it up somehow
  5. That's strange, a quick google tells me that people have successfully copied the disc, so it must be something with your specific setup that caused the issue, maybe try again and post the error logs to their forums? I'd hazard a guess at a dirty lens in the drive or a scratched, or dirty disc or a bad pressing and AnyDVD can somehow work around it, it happens.
  6. What discs are those? I never seen it lock up personally although I have seen it sometimes fail with discs the first time you scan a disc, but usually works the second time round. I've used the MakeMKV + Handbrake method on over 200+ films and it worked on every one of them, including Disney films which are notorious for being hard to crack. I tried AnyDVD and it actually was totally useless for me, it simply didn't work on many of the DVD's I then successfully copied using MakeMKV, but even so, it sucks for those who did use it successfully. But MakeMKV is an option even if you feel it isn't perfect so we're not totally up shit creek right now, and if it's been a while since you last used it, you might find it's improved since then, it's getting fairly regular updates and is still free so maybe give it a go, it might be a viable alternative for you now.
  7. MakeMKV + Handbrake. 'nuff said. Seriously though this sucks for AnyDVD users and for SlySoft, but we should have seen this coming, Hollywood are tossers for this kind of crap and were bound to win a court case involving this, they've got the money and the friends in government to succeed.
  8. The hacker is a total prick, but really the website admins shouldn't have allowed this to happen in the first place, so shame on them. I'm glad I stayed with 17.2 for the time being, as I was just thinking the other week that I might go with a clean install of the newest stable release, but until the Mint team get things under control I'll wait it out. This shows unequivocally that even if you know a file to be safe, you should always scan it with a competent malware scanner first with no exceptions, because it only takes that one time for a compromised website to serve you a malicious file and you're screwed. That's what I've always done, even with files from Microsofts own website, mostly because of paranoia and mostly because I don't want to get burned by complacency on my part, and touch wood very firmly (hehe) since I started doing that religiously, I've not been hit by malware on any of my devices, even on Windows XP that's connected to the internet (it is installed as a VM though, so it isn't on dedicated H/W) I'm strongly of the opinion that you should always run anti-malware even if you think you're wise to the tactics malware creators use, because one day you will slip up, humans are not infallible and one day, when you're tired, ill, drunk or even just distracted by life, you'll forget, you'll not pay attention, you'll click the wrong thing, you'll type the wrong address, or you'll open an email attachment that's malicious, and there'll be nothing to stop the malware from wrecking your system and everything you hold dearly to you that's kept on it.
  9. And here I am not even able to get a signal for making phone calls anywhere in my house, and I can't even get EDGE when I'm outside and I'm only 7 or so miles away from a city. Oh well, I do live in a very beautiful part of the country and the broadband is reasonably good for a village with only about 350 residents in it so I can't complain too much. 55th overall is not great but it could be worse, not much worse mind you, considering how hard your telco's are doing their best to fuck everything up. Even so, you could be using carrier pigeon to send information around. Off topic I can't seem to word good today, I don't know what's up with me but my spelling is terrible, I've spent more time spell checking than I have actually typing this out
  10. My issue is not so much that they aren't allowing unauthorised repairs, I don't like it, at all, but I understand the logic behind it, they can't guarantee security on something they had no hand in doing, but the issue for me is that the user simply cannot recover their own data if this happens, sure they should always have a backup and more the fool them if they don't, but come on this is just cutting your nose off to spite your face and is not excusable. They should warn the user before the upgrade process with something like "If you have had the home button replaced by anyone other than an authorised Apple repair center then please be aware that your phone may freeze with an Error 53 code on screen and this error is NOT recoverable, please contact a local repair center if you think you may be affected by this. Apple will not be responsible for any data lost or damaged during this process, enter your AppleID password and then click or tap Confirm to continue" With that the user is aware of the risks and what can happen and Apple gets people to go to an authorised repair center before it becomes an issue, but instead the user is screwed over without any warning beforehand and no way to fix the damage once it's done and that is anti-consumer no matter which way you cut it.
  11. Are you using the correct mounting hardware for your socket? Looking at the pictures you shared it looks like it isn't the correct mount, you might be using the 1366/2011 socket mount instead of the 115x mount. It's a long shot but have a look just to be sure, you never know
  12. That is one of the most incredible things I have seen in computing yet, sure I've heard of nVidia's GRID, but to see something like this, that if I was rich enough (and mental enough) to buy is awesome, I just need $30,000 and 7 PC gaming friends and I could have a right giggle That third screen though along the top row of monitors, wonder what happened to it? Cause in some shots it looked awful, and then in others it looked just fine, very weird. I may have to show this to the lads in my CompTIA hardware class, they'd love it. Also, happy new year to everyone, it's a few days late but oh well, and I hope you all had a great Christmas as well.
  13. So he proposes routing an approximate 21EB of data a month through US network infrastructure? Need I remind people that America has some of the worst infrastructure in the world? It barely copes with the current load, never mind the added load of everything else, also he proposes having the NSA monitor it? 21EB of data a month? They can't even monitor current levels of data, never mind all of that. How would a small government branch sift through that much data? They can't, it's impossible, the entirety of the internet would collapse in an instant, not even Google could do it, but go ahead, spend a lot of tax payers dollars trying to enact his genius plan. All of this to deny a handful of countries access to the internet? What a fucking nutcase, the only morons here are those that believe that this is even remotely possible, or even remotely moral, no one country should police the internet, least of all the US. He also wants to build a wall along the border with Mexico, I remember hearing something like that once before, and I think it was a video game that took the piss out of people like Trump, oh yeah, I remember, it was GTA Vice City. He's not a legitimate politician, he's a moron, a dangerous moron at that, but one with a lot of money that could cause the US a lot of problems if he ever took seat in the White House. I'll reiterate, this "plan" is not possible, and comes from the mouth of someone with only the vaguest idea of what the internet actually is, or how big it really is. His brainfart (I refuse to call it an idea) would be the biggest DDOS in history and in the meantime Daesh would be pissing themselves laughing at the whole charade.
  14. I'm no expert and I'll get this wrong I know it, but as I understand it, a qubit is not just a 1 or a 0, before it is measured a qubit is at the same time a 1, a 0, a -1, and a -0 which allows branching paths in code to be done at the same time without having to go through each one, one after the other, so you only need something like 300 qubits to basically simulate every possible location of every atom in the visible universe in a fraction of the time it would take a classical computer to complete. Once a qubit is measured though, it collapses into just one of the aforementioned states and acts in the same way as a classical bit, but again, it can be any one of 4 possibilities and it requires further computation by a classical pc to check that the answer is the one we're looking for, and that might sound like it's be slow, but once we have the output from a quantum pc, we only need to check 1 answer and give us the answer in minutes as opposed to millennia. Current quantum computers aren't true quantum computers depending on who you believe though, and I'm of the opinion that these so-called quantum computers aren't quite true quantum devices, but I'm just a monkey with only a minimum understanding of quantum theory, so you can ignore me if you want
  15. As others have said, you're having issues because of using x265, which the pi doesn't have hardware decoding for, switch to x264 and you'll have hardware decode available and playback will be butter smooth. Back on topic though, this device sounds cool, but as others have pointed out, what about software support? It's all well and good chucking more hardware at a problem, but if the support isn't there then this is dead on arrival. That Gigabit port sounds tasty though, if it gets a decent streaming media player ported to it then I may pick one up and use it for streaming media from my NAS, otherwise I might just go with a pi2 and be done with it.
  16. Yup, both PC's are a clean install of Windows 10 with latest drivers installed, didn't happen on Windows 7 on either system, it's only on Windows 10 that this issue happens, and I've gone through everything I can think of, including flushing the DNS cache and all that jazz, it's something wrong either with ethernet drivers, which I doubt it, cause it does this on all driver revisions for the NICs compatible with Windows 7, 8.x and 10, or it's to do with Windows 10 itself, which hasn't been properly bug tested due to MS firing it's QA testers. But yeah, MS needs to fix bugs like that before fannying around with boot times and other mostly inconsequential nonsense like it. But this is the idiot company that removed user control over driver updates after all so of course they'll fix boot times instead of the important stuff.
  17. I agree with you on most things, but the comparison with the Samsung Note 4 is to be expected because the iPhone is thinner from side to side, making it easier to hold compared to the Note 4 which is wider by a not insignificant amount. Having said that though, until someone big in mass media makes a stand and gives properly unbiased reviews, this circus of boot licking by media driving the average consumer into Apples arms will continue, but the chances of that happening are the same as me turning into gods left testicle. Back on topic though, the iPad Pro has a beastly processor, it smashes everything Apple has released before it and the GPU performance is amazing, but I can't help but feel that the Surface Pro 4 is still a better product for people wanting to get actual work done on the go instead of playing Candy Crush like some trendy twat with their parents credit card details.
  18. Are they going to fix the amount of time DNS takes to resolve an address? Probably not, it can take up to 30 seconds for a website to finish resolving DNS on mine and our lasses system, and in some situations it can take upwards of 10+ refreshes of a webpage to get it to connect, this happens on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge and even the Mail App fails to send and receive emails due to time outs on the connection, and Steam fails to log in to my account on occasion, GOG Galaxy fails to load the store because of this issue and even web search through the search bar fails 9 times out of 10. But you know, MS feels that boot times weren't fast enough and that's obviously more important than actually using a computer for anything important. Boot time improvements are great and all, but considering that my system takes less than 15 seconds from completely off to sitting at the lock screen and our lasses is even faster I don't know why they don't just leave it until they've fixed all the other bugs and issues people are having.
  19. As a general rule of thumb your GPU usage should be 100% in games and your CPU usage should ideally be as low as possible without it affecting framerate in games, Prime95 is not a benchmark, if you want to know if you're getting the most out of your hardware then use Cinebench for checking CPU performance and Unigine Heaven or Valley for GPU performance, and if you want to know if your system as a whole is running at it's best then use PCMark. HOWEVER! And I really must stress this part the most, only compare your scores to other systems with the EXACT SAME HARDWARE. Check your scores either in the application or on forums and see whether or not it's performing as well as others are.
  20. There aren't any skeletons, he only has pigs heads in his. Allegedly
  21. Actually Cell was PowerPC, it was a custom variant, but it was PowerPC, and I think it was PowerPC version 7.
  22. If TW3 is anything to go by then there is no reason why Cyberpunk 2077 won't be amazing as well, but until reviews come out I'm not gonna commit to buying it. Still, I can't help but feel super excited about this one, CDPR made their name on The Witcher series, and I'm interested to see whether they're a one trick pony or not. And even if they are a one trick pony, they've released one of my most favourite games of all time and one that I'll still be playing 20 years from now and that makes me happy. As an aside, I love games with big well thought out stories and that take me 60+ hours to complete, and especially games where I can make storyline decisions and choose how things turn out, so Cyberpunk is right up my alley.
  23. I'm heartbroken to hear this, I really hope that they can think of something to deal with it, like others have said hopefully a liver transplant would work, but then again, if the cancer started somewhere else then it stands to reason that the replacement liver would suffer the same fate so I don't know if they would give the go ahead for a transplant. As sad as I am though, my thoughts and sympathy are with his family, they are the ones suffering the most. I really hope he pulls through, I really really do. And like others have said. Fuck Cancer.
  24. The worst mouse in history now with the worst placed charging port in history, for only £60! It is literally the worst mouse I have ever used, it tracks so slowly as to be totally unusable, even if you jack up the tracking speed to max, If you replace the battery on the MM1 you need to pair the mouse to the mac again, it lasted 3 months with less than 2 hours of use per day, it is god awful to hold in your hand, it doesn't fit any humans hand I know of, and distinguishing left click from right click is impossible, the scrolling is so unreliable that it might as well not be there and now there's this, putting the charging port on the bottom. As an engineer, this makes me cringe so hard, the lightning connector is absolutely tiny, there is no reason whatsoever that they couldn't have made it go on the front, sure the thickness would have to be increased but so what? 2-4mm of extra thickness would not be noticeable to most people. Even if it only takes 2 minutes to charge, why should anyone stop working just to charge their mouse? We would demolish Razer or Logitech if they made this design atrocity, so why should Apple get a free pass? I really do not understand Apple, their whole design philosophy for OS X is that almost no one should ever need to go into the command line to perform any task, and everything should be mouse driven, so why is it that even though it's their most fundamental concept, they cannot make even a half decent mouse? A mouse should be function and form, it's form should fit the hand perfectly, and it's function should be flawless and the Magic Mouse is neither and I do not understand why.
  25. Not particularly impressed tbh, some awful ISO noise artifacting even in good light, some images show large amounts of over sharpening, and others have compression artifacts and noticeable aliasing and what looks like moire patterns in others. Give me a single large sensor with a good set of lenses any day over tonnes of shit lenses and a bunch of piss poor sensors. This stinks of "Ooh, we can cram loads of sensors onto a device to make it thinner! Look how thin it is! Much better than those bulky DSLR's! Forget image quality, forget everything that the last 180+ years of photography has taught us, let's cram all the camera phone sensors to make it as thin as possible. LOOK AT HOW THIN IT IS!! AND CHECK OUT THE MEGAPIXELS, IT HAS ALL THE MEGAPIXELS!!!! AND IT'S THIN! DID WE MENTION IT'S THIN? CAUSE IT'S THIN!"