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  1. If I was a businessman working in the tech industry, I wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole. We all already know Facebook gives absolutely no shits about its users' privacy, so what's to stop them snooping on certain companies private messages and reading all their trade secrets and plans? E.g. Imagine if HTC used this and talked about the Vive while using it. What's to stop Facebook from effectively spying on them? It'd be disastrous. Jesus christ... I mean it is Facebook but it's not that bad for your average employee.
  2. No idea if this is the right place to post this, but here goes. I'm trying to edit a video with blender and every time I import it, blender slices off a bit of the side of the video and makes the area transparent instead. I've tried with Lightworks and it worked fine, but I couldn't export it in the resolution I needed so I'm back with blender. I'm running a 7650k and it does this even when no settings have been changed. Here it is: What's going on? How can I fix it? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the responses, guys. That sounds pretty similar to what it's like on WP. I suppose on Android you can get things you can't get on WP, such as VPNs, better firewalls, full phone encryption and all that. At least that's what I've heard. I don't mind tweaking the settings, I do that a lot on WP anyway. I guess my concern is over things like... Say you turn off your location, but your phone still sends location data to Google, or you turn off OK Google but it's still listening, you know? There's been reports of that sort of shit happening on W10, I'd hate for it t
  4. If you don't think privacy is an issue, please close this tab. I'm thinking of getting a new phone (finally sick of WP8.1 after 3 years, never needed to switch but the shit app store got to me) and I can't afford an iPhone. I've heard Android is really bad for privacy, but is it just a matter of flicking a few switches in the settings and being vigilant?
  5. Yeah it'll be an OEM. That's very interesting... Thanks for the help!
  6. Say I'm running W8.1 on my computer right now and am enjoying it (with a few mods), but I may be getting a new computer some time at the end of this year or early next year, potentially. I don't want W10. I've heard a bit about OSs these days being tied in some way to the motherboard. Is this still true for 8.1? If I get a new computer (and thus, a new motherboard), can I format the old computer (with 8.1 on it), throw Linux on that one and use the 8.1 key for my new computer? I've seen tons of people doing it with XP but that was a long time ago and I know things have changed.
  7. Yes, it does. 'Open source' literally means that the source (i.e. original, raw, before compilation) code of the program is open to anyone, i.e. anyone can see it, use it (although copyright may protect it from monetisation attempts) and build on it. When AMD make their programs open source, they're saying to other developers "hey, come have a look at the guts of our program, do whatever you want with it!" This means that if Nvidia's hardware doesn't perform as well on WD2 (assuming AMD's WD2 stuff is open source, also assuming they have any software for the game at all), it's t
  8. Honestly I can't help feeling good about it. Every time an exploit is found, it's fixed and encryption becomes stronger. Maybe I'm wrong, but the more this happens, the better.
  9. Well whatever good they did with that, they're undoing by actively supporting Shillary.
  10. 'Support the cause against trump'? I haven't heard of Twitter targetting him specifically, but I'm still suspicious of their methods. Mind elaborating? How do they go about supporting this 'cause'?
  11. Two weeks ago, I posted Milo Yiannopoulos' article about Twitter's alleged blacklisting and shadowbanning of conservatives they didn't like on their platform. A lot of people who are against censorship (me included) say that censorship is never exclusive to any one group. If it's used against one group, it will be used against many. You've heard it before, now it's happening... Fine, it's allegedly happening. The extremely lovable and adorably posh Allum Bokhari (Technology and Politics correspondent for Breitbart Tech) reported earlier today on a new Twitter crappening. It seems a