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  1. Purchased a GTX 1080 last November and sold my GTX 970 cards. Single card instead of SLI. More of a sidegrade. Finally got around to water blocking it and did a simple vLog style video of the changes.
  2. not sure how to delete this.
  3. Hey Colton/Nick, Few friends and I are really interested in getting these posters. However, the shipping to Singapore is approxiamtely 14usd and adds another 14usd for each additional poster as well. I noticed that it's free shipping within the USA and I have a freight forwarding service(US to Singapore) that we can use. I need to know if we order about 5-10 posters to my US Address, would each poster comes separately in its own (tube?), or if they could package multiple posters into one container(tube). If the posters can be packed into one container, I could have it shipped
  4. I am still holding out hope for Star Citizen. Great experience so far and worth every cent I've spent so far.
  5. Source: https://www.vg247.com/2016/10/13/steam-link-to-be-integrated-into-new-samsung-tvs/ I think this is cool, Valve should partner with more TV manufacturers to include Steam Link. At the same time, TV manufacturers would consider PC gaming more seriously with Valve working with them and perhaps work on the input lag.
  6. Stomrborn Intel 5930k GTX 970 x2 (SLI) 32GB of ram First Run:
  7. If you can take a leap of faith into any other ISp other than Red or Green. I had annual recontract on my main line and close to 25% discount on my mobile lines. I gave it all up for better internet and I haven't looked back since.
  8. I wish this bot was available in English for us to test out... But nevertheless, AI is taking huge strides. P.S: Someone should test it on Dennis Source: http://mashable.com/2016/02/05/microsoft-xiaoice-turing-test/#DWeqzt.OMkqG
  9. Haha, agreed. Starhub imo is and was the absolute worse. I had about 8 Months of Cable contract remaining with constant disconnections. After 3 months of waiting for customer service to rectify it between daily calls, I gave up and subscribed to Singtel 200mbps then. Paid for 2 internet subscriptions for over 6 months. Hope on over to MR OR VQ if you get the chance. I don't really see Starhub improving.
  10. What ISP are you on? I used to be on Singtel 500mbps and yes WAN show/Twitch was unwatchable for me. Latency to my US game server was horrible. I whole heartedly, agree with you that we don't need 500mbps to watch Youtube or Twitch and we shouldn't have such issues. I got fed up with that and switched to VQ and I haven't had any speed issues since.(barring the network downtime they faced) From Twitch 720p being an issue, I could watch WAN Show in Source. In this, we as consumers have to vote with our wallet on the Quality of Service that they provide. This would come down to eac
  11. The US ranks 55th in terms of LTE download speeds Report from OpenSignal compares country's LTE speeds and coverage Source: http://www.theverge.com/2016/2/4/10905740/global-lte-speeds-coverage-opensignal Open Signal Report: http://opensignal.com/reports/2016/02/state-of-lte-q4-2015/
  12. I don't mind the race at all. At the end of the day if there was no competition and a race, we wouldn't have affordable 1Gbps access. Tell people around the world you can get 1Gbps access for 22usd and they would not believe you. I envision a future where 1Gbps becomes entry level access for everyone. With the introduction of 10Gbps plans from Singtel and Superinternet, we have taken a step closer to reaching that. At 189SGD/130USD it is still very much an enthusiast product and priced as such when compared to other plans in SG. I am personally on VQ's 2Gbps plan and don't see
  13. I saw Singapore, I came in. That being said, I might get the opportunity to give the Singtel 10gbps a try Will definitely drop a report here.
  14. Final Piece of Stormborn is finally arriving. Will install Windows 10 on this beauty and complete this project shortly.