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  1. Actually Razer´s PTE is also using "CPI damping" which tones down the CPI at slow or none movement to prevent unvoluntary movement due to vibrations, which obv. is detrimental when playing certain games.
  2. Which are using the same Hardware with a similar FW, the post describes the issue i was having since the G900 Beta. http://www.overclock.net/t/1595573/logitech-g900-chaos-spectrum-announced/560#post_25040186 And you didnt answer my question, the protocol used doesnt change anything, wireless is out of sync with the polling, thats the end of the story, i also never said it was using wifi.
  3. What else do you want to call polls? http://www.overclock.net/t/1595573/logitech-g900-chaos-spectrum-announced/570#post_25040261
  4. Well, or just use the cabled one for the lower weight. Confirmed BS if anything.
  5. RJN, Tests? LOL. The Wireless adds 1ms on top, but the issue that i have with it is that sometimes packets get dropped.
  6. Exactly, and the G102 performs better than the G100s, meaning that you would get more for your money with the 102. Looks like the marketing team fd up to me(happens more often than one would think), for example A3050 doesnt even have a 800cpi step, 3509 on the other hand actually does.
  7. It would perform better than the other options, but for that price it makes no sense compared to the 102, which performs better than the G100S. ? The Original Devastator has, as said, the PAN/PAW3509: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img540/428/rR3rmu.jpg
  8. TBH its rather bad value for money atm, the Devastator II which is the one with the A3050 is a 100 Ringgit more than the G102, and the first Devastator(PAW3309) is even below Redragon tier.
  9. Well, go for the G102 then, performancewise its better than nearly all 3310 and 3988 mice.
  10. Well, Cougar 450M and especially the TorQ X5 Optical are good alternatives.
  11. Upon a certain treshold depending on Mouse/Sensor/Firmware the opposite is the case.
  12. Actually somealready do in CS and OW, but the issues arent really affecting performance in this games(like polling syncing and stuff), not to mention that Logitechs wireless mice outperform nearly any 3310 or 3988 mouse anyway.
  13. Its funny how slightly front heavy became more exaggerated over time, it could be better, but its far from a dealbreaker. Depends on Sensitvity and CPI, Fusion is worse at 800+ cpi and personally "feels" worse from 1m/s to ~2.6m/s due to low FPS of AM010, the jump to the Accelerometer/Gyro takes about 10ms and is slightly noticeable, the tracking of those two itself is actually very good, but it doesnt really matter at those speeds.
  14. Ouroboros is actually using S9818, as for PTE, depends on Surface and Iteration, altough in this case it is true.
  15. The only really important thing is the Key Roll Over(which is where the Black Widow actually sucks), response time doesnt really matter on a keyboard(in most cases), not to mention that Polling Rate isnt response time anyway as some of you think, you have to include time to debounce as well, also its close to impossible atm to get a delay under 1ms in total.
  16. Well, then you can go for the DA, or for the Rival 300, which depending on the CPI used is actually the better performing one.
  17. Well, DB is using Twin Eye, which just sucks after its 5600cpi iteration due to the CPI damping, DA 2013/Chroma has also higher motion latency than the G303, and with the DA Elite you are stuck with Synapse as it doesnt save CPI steps. I would say save up/spend 10$ more and get the G403, which has a similar 3.0 style shape to the Deathadder, and is also a lot lighter than the 502.
  18. Eh, G403? But given your requirement you could have found that one easily yourself. o0
  19. Not really, a gaming mouse has the performance to go along with it, and not a malfunction speed that is sub 40 ips.
  20. Thats just an office mouse with LED´s.
  21. Its just simply a newer product, G403´s MSRP is actually 20 money lower than the 502. Other than that it depends what kind of featureset and shape you want, G403(which actually is weight adjustable) has less features but is a lot lighter than the G502, which is important to most "serious" and/or low sensitvity players, also the buttons on the G403 are a tad better and arent rattling due to the spring retaining system. In terms of performance there has only been a miniscule difference.
  22. woll3

    Best Set?

    Alright, but at the very least we need to know the Hand size of the person in Question.