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    x99 soc champain gigabyte
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    samsung 840 evo 1tb WD
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  1. i think i just had a heart attack. my wish came true i held out buying a xbox one then a xbox one x now i can play halo on my PC only thing im missing now is the new halo game to also drop on the PC the same time as the xbox one
  2. not rosewill's they suck . i tried to go on norco's site and got a trojin warning from eset so there site is a no go , they probly have rails for your case you just need to find them . if your planing on pulling the case out on the rails also i love my supermicro ones but i think there only for the chassis i have dont think you could use them on another case without either the rails needing mods or the case . if your going to stick it in the rack and only touch it once a year just get something like these https://www.amazon.com/NavePoint-Mount-4-Post-Shelf-Depth/dp/B00XXDHPEU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1545209038&sr=8-3&keywords=server+rails
  3. or ebay ant bad you can get lucky at times. just dont get a rack off amazon/newegg the shippers will destroy it box's that arnt marked fragile seem to make them go crazy to try to wreak it. i got a 25u rosewill rack only took multiple shipments to get a complete one. craigslist can be hit and miss if your live near a major city you can get lucky if a business goes under and flash sales there stuff or when a place upgrades may get it for free . small ones arnt going to be as popular if your looking for used . if you want a 4 post rack smallest one i know of is startech's which is a 12u . im using amazon since i had it bookmarked . https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-Adjustable-Levelers-Management-4POSTRACK12U/dp/B00P1RJ9LS/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1545027177&sr=1-4&keywords=server%2Brack&th=1 8u Version its really meant for a network rack not a pc case im guessing your going to put a full pc in the case you linked https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-Adjustable-Levelers-Management-4POSTRACK12U/dp/B01NBPL8OP/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1545027177&sr=1-4&keywords=server%2Brack&th=1
  4. my 4k monitor has a Mini displayport , do i need to buy active adapter to take say a HDMI output from a GPU to the mini port on the monitor ? since i bought a HDMI to MINI displayport cable off of Monoprice and on 2 systems connecting the HDMI i cant get any video to output , DVI and normal DP both work fine on the card/Monitor . i looked around before i bought the cable and it should of worked but i ant sure if i got a DOA cable did see a few complaints about that or if its not a BI-directional cable like DP to DP and HDMI-DVI/HDMI are .
  5. nzxt is downloading your pc to see if your been a bad boy or girl thats a crazy amount i cant even get that screen on my pc to load i dont know if thats a good or bad thing . i have glasswire running i set it back a year and cam only used 10gb in year worth of time so i would check your pc for a leak or something is off
  6. well there goes the neighborhood ,traffic is already bad enough in queens now i guess the mayor of NYC will get this tram thing now along the waterfront of queens and Brooklyn more money down the drain only will take 10 years to build
  7. i got my 2u supermicro CSE-826 server "quiet ", 8 way pwm fan splitter put all the fans on it and set my bios to the min speed they run at and its no louder then a h110iv2 now , mine has 10k rpm fans so 2200 i think there at at full speed its like a jet passing over , and they still move alot of air thur the hdd trays . have a ryzen 1700x in it since i couldnt get the Board that came with it sadly . i know what i did wouldn't work if you had a x299 i9 cpu or one of the 28coe xeon's it would cook itself then.
  8. a photo of the card inside the case would help. those look like external SAS ports i have a Internal to external pci card , its either a HBA or RAID card or a passthur port from a internal cable to external cable for storage on another system . the small one i think is mini SAS external same thing photo of inside would help from the looks , it might be the onboard from the MB since i can see a PCB thur the air holes
  9. that would be a stuck pixel , i have one on my 4k tv but its been stuck on light green for 2 months + now . good you got it to work again
  10. i dont know much about samba either just the 5 min guides to set it up are either read all this then pray it works or you need a smb.conf file set perfectly for it to work . enable ssh and use filezilla dead simple same pass/user as you would use to ssh into it for a terminal session . i woudlnt say it bound the creds just one side wont accept them till a reboot is done on the side of the smb thats unhappy rebooting all the machines solves this lets you move to more of a pain in the ass ones to troubleshoot ie ip works thur windows but when you try to add the share directory thur map drive it goes back to being a pain in the ass with cant open or no read and or write access ect.
  11. thats samba for you . ive had it as simple as reboot the linux host and the windows box that wanted the share and it works from not working at all before the reboots .ive gotten lazy and now use filezilla since i dont want to set it up for ubuntu now. it might be a windows bug but it was probably samba being a pain
  12. i would post screens of my 3 attempts at buying a server rack but its enough to make a harry potter novel look like a short story . TLDR ordered first 25u rack first shipping company wrecked it amazon was great ordered 2nd rack same day as first showed up damaged it shows up a week-ish later with fork lift holes in it looks like a pretzel , amazon says to bring it to fedex who was the shipper . they wanted hundreds to crate it , it came in a cardboard box amazon says to dispose of it since return shipping isnt happening . fedex is still fighting this last i heard months later . 3rd rack was thur the company that made it [rosewill] thur amazon and guess what ups did ripped the box open lost the screws and other bits / front/back braces . took much longer to return but amazon was great again. it showed up at my door a few days later after i returned it since the box had ripped again its still in my shed what came back . on a side note when i was on one of the calls with amazon,me and either fedex/ups as a joke i told them i ordered another why dont you just throw it from the plane at 25,000 feet since im over the flight path to JFK it might make it to me in one piece they got real mad like refusing to talk to me or deliver things to me , at this point i had over 400$ stuck in limbo due to the refunds . but amazon's delivery service is the best at common sense .its heavy raining where do you put a small 6x10in box that has on it do not get wet electronics all over it , in the huge mailbox you have to walk past to the front of the house or in front of the house where the water is pour onto from the roof . sadly that HBA card was a underwater type when i got home . but amazon gave me back my money before it was even mailed back .
  13. hello its been awhile all was working well till i had 2 brownout and the ubuntu install keeps locking up logs are useless . i was stupid didnt have it on a UPS getting one now . @leadeater do you know if the PSU's are as picky as consumer ones with the step sine wave vs simulated . what i mean can i get away with this( LX1500GU or CP1200AVR ) instead of what i use on my consumer psu's ( CP1500PFCLCD ). i rather not have to drop close to 250$ for another if a 150$ one will work .
  14. at the start of the week i had the power drop out twice in about 20 mins , the system was running Ubuntu 18.04 latest build as of monday-tuesday ill explain latter more why i dont have the exact kernal build i have installed . it now after anywhere between 8-12+ hours locks hard . i tried to do the alt f1-f3 thing it doesn't work and i cant ssh into the server when it does this only thing i can do is pull power or hold the power button in . when it does lockup i had the monitor GUI thing that ships with ubuntu by default and ram was at anywhere from 10-30% used and Swap was mostly at 10-50% @ under a gb by default size . a few times swap was at near full but this i saw when it was running fine anything that was doing anything it seemed to fill swap up , im used to centos for my Nas that touches ram then swap not swap then ram . i will note when i did reboot it after the power loss my fstab for my 8tb drive for storage on it wouldn't mount, its address had changed sdc1 to scb1 . my friend who is mainly linux said this was a issue or wasnt a good sign . since the kernal went into rescue mode . i should note this system was on a surge protector from cyberpower i think its on one i know that much . i didnt have it on any of my UPS's since atm im either at there max load or over them . i guess being cheap may bite me on my ass . i have a 1350, and two 1500 va PFC from cyberpower. soon will have it on one i guess the ubuntu 18.04 desktop system in question is supermicro cse-826 2u 12bay one if i put the wrong chassis in asrock Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming 1700x amd cpu stock low profile nocuta cooler 1k gold PSU only have 1 atm is redundant able. 1 tb sandisk ssd 8tb tobisaba NAS drive 8gb stick of ryzen approved ram = i paid 20% more then my normal sticks of ddr4 i buy at the moment i have it booted into the live cd/usb i used to install ubuntu as a test to see if i damaged either the MB/CPU/Ram/PSU . this is the best way to tell if i screwed up my Ubuntu install right ?. if it locks then i killed a piece of hardware. memtest came back fine only did a few passes thou. if i dont lockup then my OS is Messed up then right?. or my 8tb hdd Now for the question does anyone know or have a guide to do a install of 18.04 desktop without nuking the files in /user/home/ . all the ones i found were for older version of ubuntu . i rather not have to do a fresh install but want to fix this the right way . in about 12 hours from now , system has been on for 12 hours already , ill be booting into the 1tb drive to yank off my docker files and anything i need incase i need to format the OS disc this is if its not locked up when i check it . i did see it may be the GUI that is locking up but i was told i should still be able to SSH in if the GUI died or is bad in someway , the system was running fine for 2 weeks before this happened with no issues . so if you want me run any command in the terminal put them below and ill copy the output into a reply . im a novice a linux im mainly windows but i cant run what i need to on a windows machine even thur docker . before anyone asks all the log files in /var/log end exactly 5 mins before it locks up so there arnt any system logs sadly . i saw there is a bug or a issue with the 2nd gen ryzen cpu's on Ubuntu but since im running first gen i dont think it effects me . i know i ant giving much to go on i wish i had a log file that said this was the cause . (my centos rig has a kernel panic with External storage devices ,HBA/Raid cards the last few kernels) so i know roughly how to find it in the log file but timestamps make it real simple .
  15. i have 4 within 50 miles and another two abit further out