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  1. The kit you have above is listed as running at 2933 on this board also, unless you have a gen 1 ryzen CPU your going to need a new x470 ( or wait for b450 to launch) as its not listed as being ryzen 2000 ready. The MSI X470 Gaming PLUS is a X470 board that doesn't break the bank at $168 CAD, and has a beefy power delivery of a 8 + 4 pin power and 8 + 2 VRM.
  2. Tbh it should work but you might not get the rated speed of that ram What's the board brand and naming? Once you have that you can find the board on the said brands website and look up the memory QVL list under support.
  3. You need a gen 1 ryzen CPU to update the bios unless your mobo has the bios flashback feature which I doubt any b350 boards have this feature. Just go with a x470 board that way you can plug and play and not have to worry about having to get your hands on a gen 1 cpu. The MSI X470 Gaming plus or X470 Aorus ultra both are good boards and don't break the bank. And have beefy power delivery and VRMs for overclocking.
  4. Are you talking about the motherboard VRMs? Or CPU temps? If its CPU temps skylake x while Oc'd run very hot.
  5. @BuckGup If you OC both a 980 Ti and 1080 to their peak stable OC's it's around 20% - 25% more powerful... Pascal OC's far better then Maxwell and gains considerably more from OCing. and if you were to run a 980 TI and 1080 at the same clock and memory speeds, the 1080 beats it.
  6. The 1070 TI actually over clocks better as it hits stock 1080 level performance when OC'd. The 1080 is about 25% more powerful then the 980 ti.
  7. If its the same price between the 2 go for the 980 TI. Its memory bus / bandwidth and shading units are better. and performs around 25% better then the 1060 6gb and on ultra 1080P - 1440P your 1% lows and frames drops will be far less frequent.
  8. @GeorgeMac131 Or you could refund the mobo to whom ever you bought it from and get a board at a similar price point, Personally i like the ASUS Z370Prime or the Gigabyte Z370XP SLI or Z370 Aorus Gaming 3. Done a few builds with each and if any of those fits your aesthetic and has the features you require are solid boards for the price point.
  9. Had that happen to me on a b350 tomahawk build i did for a friend, i tried multiple drivers different types of PCIe cards GPUs and still nothing. I even tried multiple different OS's Windows 7,8,8.1,10 Ubuntu, Hackintosh, Linux and got nothing. I would just RMA the board personally. The Tomahawk series of boards are great when they work but they seem to have a lot of production problems.
  10. TBH some mobo's like my ASROCK x370 killer just take a bit to be fully powered before you can boot. As long as the PC isn't boot lopping or anything like that i wouldn't be concerned. If your problem is the LEDs when you sleep at night and because of that your powering off your system you could always just put a blanket or something over your rig to cover the LED, or just move/turn your setup so its not glaring in your face at night. Those would be the easiest/ cost effective ways. I turned my setup to face the wall so LEDs and such wouldn't bother me.
  11. Are you pulling the plug from the wall? Or turning off a power bar its plugged in to? If so i would just flick off the power switch on the back of the PSU its self rather then pull it from any plugged in source. As the PSU is registering a sudden lose in power almost like a power outage. So every time you plug it back in it goes through a power cycle before booting to ensure nothing is damaged.
  12. It can be difficult to give exact numbers. And your right in upgrading your platform as It'll definitely give you better upgradability, and stability as a whole. Especially coming from the an FX4300 platform. I'd also look at getting an 120 gig SSD just for your OS as that will also improve your OS response times, and there are plenty of good programs out there to transfer an OS to a new drive. The RX 460 is a decent entry level GPU but if you want the best possible settings i'd look at upgrading your GPU first. But you wont be getting the best possible performance out of which ever GPU you ch
  13. @Drak3 I've seen PC's catch on fire or get doused in water and people throw tech across the room and it still works. Tech is built with handling and accidents in mind, you should be careful, but being overly cautious/anxious can cause more mistakes then just going for it, and being cynical about PC building doesn't help either. Plus learning how to build a PC can better help you understand how to fix and maintain a PC. In the end its up to the OP to decide. If he REALLY doesn't like the idea of building it himself then there are plenty of System Integrator's out there with varying
  14. PC components are fairly robust the only part that would require some delicacy is ensuring the CPU is aligned correctly. Other wise following your MOBO manual for best ram config ETC, and looking up basic building guides are more then enough to get through the building process. My 77 year old grandfather built his first PC a little bit ago and he's not all that technically oriented. By himself mind you.
  15. As vern said any local computer shop should do it for a decent fee. Or you could go with a prebuilt, like NZXT's BLD service. Although i would just recommend building it yourself building a PC is like adult leggo, the more you do it the better you get at it. Plus being able to choose everything to match a certain style or aesthetic is very pleasing.... (to my OCD anyways)