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  1. In most cases with a vertical mount even a regular 2-slot card is so close that thermals, performance, fan speed and/or noise are affected. Looks like the Nitro+ is more than 2.5 slots thick, so it'll be worse. Much worse. Those fans are going to be millimeters from the glass, so they'll have a really hard time getting any air in. I'd suggest mounting it the proper way.
  2. My main rig (specs in profile) was built in February 2016, so it's little over 2.5 years old. I upgraded the GPU and main SSD last year around Christmas and replaced a faulty PSU this spring. I hope to get about 4-5 more years out of it before having to do a major upgrade. My secondary rig is a Sandy Bridge machine from 2011. i5-2500 on Z77. The last GPU upgrade was the summer of 2017, when I replaced the dying SLI 770s with a 1060 (3GB). Still perfectly usable for everything except hardcore gaming, I don't see me upgrading/replacing this one in the next couple of years either.
  3. Guess I'm screwed if something happens then. I'm using Bitlocker on a 960PRO and an 840EVO in my gaming rig. The NAS also has a bunch of encrypted 850PROs and MX200s, so I'll need to check if FreeNAS uses hardware or software encryption. Hopefully it's the latter. EDIT: Yay, my NAS' encryption is software-based indeed. So I only have my gaming rig to worry about. Time to look into my game library and decide if I'm still willing to deal with Windows and all it's BS.
  4. It might use a relay that opens/closes the mic's power circuit. Either way, if they actually cared about security they'd just give the user a physical kill switch so that the mic can be manually disabled without having to close the lid.
  5. That's due to a combination of the CPU and GPU radiating heat. Nothing to worry about. FYI, "warm to the touch" really isn't all that warm. If you put your hand on something that's 40°C (105°F), you'll already instinctively pull it back because it feels like you're going to burn it. "Warm to the touch" is usually anywhere between 30 and 35°C. (85-95°F)
  6. Just because the CPU hits 60°C doesn't mean that the air passing through the radiator also heats up to that temperature. Realistically you're looking at 5°C above ambient, give or take a degree or two.
  7. Those days are over. Everyone who bought Windows 10 in 2018 has actually paid Microsoft to be the product. (edit: and the Guinea pig)
  8. Calling @Delicieuxz. He's the authority here when it comes to Windows Telemetry and how to avoid it.
  9. I didn't mind Captcha all that much, but at this point it really got me worried. I run a rather strict cookie policy and my addons keep most of Google from being able to track me, so whenever I go to a site that uses Captcha (or any of the later iterations) I have to deal with those stupid storefront pictures. It's annoying, but I'm okay with that. As long as I have to deal with the effing things, I know Google is having a hard time determining who or what I am.
  10. @Minibois was right in thinking that your style is basically somewhere between Trance and Techno, mid '90s to early '00 period. I'd focus on that when looking for playlists. I can't promise that you'll like these as much as you did the last ones, but I'll link them anyway.
  11. Those who weren't already using a VM to read their Gmail now have another reason to start doing so.
  12. oww, was me nog niet opgevallen. Ben wel benieuwd hoever je de CPU daarmee kan krijgen.
  13. 5930K @4.2 en een 1080Ti hier, beide op lucht. Mijn folding rig (ex mining) draait natuurlijk ook op lucht, i5-2500, 3x 1070 en een 1060. Koel genoeg om me absoluut geen zorgen te moeten maken. 4.6GHz op de 5930K zou natuurlijk een ander verhaal zijn, dan zit ik tegen de limiet van mijn DRP3 aan.
  14. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
  15. Ik was al vergeten dat deze bestond. ?
  16. If the OP is Dutch it's probably a good idea, as long as you include a translation to English for the others. However if the OP is Flemish there's no need to write in Dutch as he/she's most likely intelligent enough to speak English. Sorry, couldn't resist. Greetz from South of the border. Joking aside, either be sure to include a translation for the others or send the OP a PM if you need to explain something in Dutch.
  17. Activation via telephone should still work, I recently activated an XP install that way.
  18. Apple REALLY wants him to go away eh? ?
  19. There's been plenty of research on the subject. Memes don't really die.
  20. It won't really matter. The air will have just as much trouble getting to the radiator. Personally I'd go with the air cooler.