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    16GB 3200MHz
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    eVGA 1080 Ti
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    Fractal Design Meshify C Mini
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    500 GB NVMe PCIe, 2TB HDD WD Black
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    Seasonic 860W Platinum
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    Corsair H110i
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  1. So this may sound really silly, but I totally about a week ago was looking to see why I didn't see anything was running for COVID research and realized all my computers I had set up for BOINC about a year ago... I'm pretty high up there on a few of them on the LTT team, like World Community Grid, and GPU Grid, but I swapped them all over to folding@home *facepalm*
  2. Heya guys, Not sure if anyone was waiting for it, but the last time I heard, Lian-Li's new Unifan design was supposed to come out "Q2 2020." That was last reported in CES this january before COVID really took off over at their factory area. So I though, hey, why not send a message and see if they would tell me either an updated release window or maybe even a date. You can read the correspondence below, but spoiler alert, they said release window is now Q3 2020 and that they were at 100% at the factories. Message sent to them Hello, I have searched onlin
  3. Anyone know why on Extreme overclocking forum website, my stats are shown as 0 for the last year or so. I've been folding in the interim on and off.
  4. Well, to be honest, it is more of thought exercise than anything. I have an CM H500M case with a 400x200 rad in front, and will have a 280 rad on top as well soon, no plans on getting that beautiful beast at the moment.
  5. It is less performance and more the fact that the life giving fluids are running from hoses out of my computer to something unanchored to the case. XD
  6. I guess that is fair, just makes me nervous having a radiator "loose" from the case itself.
  7. Hello fellow nerds. I have a question that has been bothering me and haven't been able to get a very clear answer from anyone. What is the difference between for example a GTX 1050Ti that uses the GP106 vs GP107? I know that there is different amounts of rendering stuff with the GP106 having more. GP106 has a quite a bit more Shading units (1280 vs 768), TMUs (80 vs 64), and ROPs (48 vs 32). I also know that GP106 is TSMC 16nm with a density of 22M and the GP107 is 14nm Samsung with a density of 25M. What does this mean for Gaming performance and/or video deco
  8. Shame that caselabs went out of business. *sad panda* That's a good point, their Core system does give a lot of flexibility with this!
  9. So, can't really find the information out there one way or the other, so I ask you all: Is there a case that fits the MORA3? I would think it would fit as like a side panel. My thoughts if there isn't, is if there would be a way to mod a case to be able to have it replace the side panel. I imagine that would replace any need for any other fans in the case mind you, and unfortunately would take any possibility of a looks focused case (probably). but being able to have such a ridiculous amount of cooling all combined in a single case would be rather nice. One possible way to mod this onto
  10. Hey guys, was hoping maybe someone knows a way to fix this. I currently have my computer with MSI Mystic Light manager and I was wondering if there is a way to let the Trident Z RGB ram run its normal unmanaged light cycling. Mystic light has a version of it but it syncs all of the sticks up and looks much more clunky then just letting the ram sticks do its thing. Any suggestions?
  11. Forth the time being, I have it locked to 50%, My motherboard won't let me do anything but 25% increments, so yeah. Its fine, I is more because in my current case it is also the intake so I wanted it to be able to increase speeds a bit. But that won't be a problem soon with the new case I got. =D
  12. Definitely say wait if you can, if you have heard the latest rumor from AdoredTV, its a HUGE jump from Zen+ to Zen 2.
  13. Hmmm, thank you!, I may be forking the money for an ASUS board whenever the X570/X590 boards come out
  14. At that price point,is there any reason why I shouldn't just go with the NH D15S or NH D15?