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    Computers, that's why I'm here.
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    I may not always know what I'm talking about, but at least I sound like it.
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  1. I currently have a GT 1030 (HDMI 2.0), but if I got a new monitor I would probably also get a GTX 1050 (DP 1.4) or similar.
  2. The Gigabyte monitor is really nice, but also costs about $500 CAD. I found this decent-looking AOC monitor: https://www.amazon.ca/AOC-CQ27G2-Computer-Gaming-Monitor/dp/B0862YHJ56/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=AOC+CQ27G2&qid=1610681042&sr=8-1 Still not sure if I'll order it, but looks good. That site you mentioned is really helpful, thanks.
  3. Resolution: 1080p or 1440p (I would much prefer the latter) Size: Nothing over 22" 1080p or 30" 1440p (I want acceptable pixel density) Input: HDMI is preferred, I can deal with Display Port. Refresh rate: 100Hz+ for 1440p or 144Hz+ for 1080p (though 120Hz would be okay if it were 21:9) Budget: $300-$350 CAD (I know that's not much, but we don't all pick our passions/interests in light of out financial situation) I currently have a 1080p 60Hz monitor (running it at 65Hz) and while it's a lot batter than what came before, I think I'm ready to upgrade to something
  4. How much of that is from the government and their "incentives" to buy EVs?
  5. The start of this videos reminds me so much of what Nick said during the roast. "At least when Linus makes a 6-part video series the audience already knows it will take over a year to complete and will end with fake excitement" (paraphrased).
  6. Great video. This was fun, and I can't wait to see him install it in the server room. There hasn't been a server upgrade video in a while.
  7. Thanks, it turned out to be the cable. As so often happens, the fix is something stupid and easy.
  8. I'm having issues with DroidCam. Whenever I try to run it via USB, it will work for a few seconds and then the video feed stops. I have to restart both the program and the app to get it working again, trying to restart the feed without doing this results in an error message (on the computer side) about how adb.exe can't run, or some-such. I have reinstalled the program on both the computer and the phone, still doesn't work properly. I think it's a computer issue, as that feed always cuts out first, that said this is my first time trying it on my current phone (LG G6).
  9. True, and they have beaks which should make it even more difficult. They do sound weird though and have trouble saying some things.
  10. This is a weird question, but it's bugging me so here we go. Even if animals had vocal cords comparable to those of humans, would they sound human? Not only are their throats shaped differently, but their mouths are too. For starters, the mouths of most mammals are open on three sides (dogs, cats, mice, etc.) rather than on just one side like humans. Also, they have longer mouths and their tongues work differently. They surely don't have all the necessary muscles in their lips/face. So maybe a better question is: Would it be possible for animals to have all the necessary elements to produ
  11. I tried the that suggestion that said to shut down the phone, push down all buttons at once, and restart. It worked! Thanks so much.
  12. I recently got an LG G6 to replace my sluggish and ugly Moto e5 Play. I set everything up but found that after a restart, the fingerprint reader didn't work. I went into settings to set up my fingerprint again only to find that there was no fingerprint option! I tried searching for it, I restarted the phone several times; still nothing. Why would this ever happen? Do I need to replace the fingerprint reader?
  13. I actually really like the look of that case, it's unique and has (in my opinion) a pretty cool aesthetic to it.
  14. SilverStone is releasing a 1650W PSU. If anyone can use this to its full potential, it's the folks at LTT. https://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=931&area=en