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    I may not always know what I'm talking about, but at least I sound like it.
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    Intel Core i5-4570
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  1. Hello everyone! I've become quite interested in cars these past few months, and while I've learned a lot, I have some questions that still perplex me. I thought maybe some of you more seasoned car people would be able to answer them. As it stands, my questions are as follows: 1. Why is the firing order (in V8) engines so seemingly random? Why can't it be more symmetrical and systematic? 2 (connected to 1). Why do opposing cylinders in a V engine always share a crank pin? 3. Why do American companies almost never make V10s or V12s? 4 (connected to 3). Why are American c
  2. "Tik Tok Tech Tips" sounds way too much like the beginning of a Dr. Seuss rhyme. Someone please write something with it. I'm begging you.
  3. Look at this thread. At least that's what I'm doing right now.
  4. I always find vegetables to be rather bland, and so I like the greater flavour density of meat. Animal products are also much more satisfying to me hunger-wise.
  5. People in my family use the word "router" to mean home Wi-Fi and use "Wi-Fi" to refer to internet (of any kind) elsewhere. It super annoying and makes no sense.
  6. I would personally add more RAM, as the conventional wisdom is that it's not good to allocate more than half your system memory to one thing. I ran a similar server and used a Core 2 Quad Q9650 with 8 GB of RAM (4 GB allocated) and it worked great. That said, it might be fine with 4 GB in the system and 2 GB allocated; Windows typically needs at least 2 GB of free memory to run well anyway, so I wouldn't recommend trying to allocate 3 GB or something to the server.
  7. Fair enough. Most of them are just about food though, and that's just a bit bland (no pun intended).
  8. My unpopular opinion: This thread would be more interesting and exciting if we were allowed to post political and/or "offensive" opinions.
  9. So, car people, I have a question: Is there a limit to how many RPM an internal combustion engine can run at? What would enforce that maximum?
  10. I've decided to go with the K552, as it's from a larger brand and I don't think I would ever take advantage of the hot-swappable key-switches on the other board.
  11. I found this other board too, what do you think? https://www.amazon.ca/MechanicalEagle-Multicolor-Mechanical-Keyboard-Tenkeyless/dp/B01DBVH16U/ref=sr_1_29?dchild=1&keywords=gmmk%2Btkl&qid=1617050683&sr=8-29&th=1
  12. I wanted to get a mechanical keyboard a while back, but didn't do my research and I guess my budget was too small because I ended up with a board that is passable, except for the fact that the key-switches kind of suck; they are "Jixian blues" which I learned is a really bad Cherry clone. I had wanted blues because I tried browns one time and didn't like them much. I wanted the tactile feedback of blues and the extra mouse space of a 10-keyless design. Anyway, I should have returned the piece of junk I got, but I didn't really understand just how sub-par it was and so I didn't. At the time, by
  13. I think this might be the new Blowey-Matron: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/dynatron-amd-ryzen-threadripper-epyc--cpu-cooler-jet-engine
  14. I use the name Computernaut for several things (though I also go by ThunderStar in a few places). It came from when I was picking a new name for my Minecraft profile back in 2017. I had originally intended to be "Robonaut" ("Robo" from robot, and "naut" from astronaut), but it was taken, so I opted for Computernaut instead. In the long run, this turned out better as shortly after that is when my interest in computers really got going. I still like the name and so it's my go-to whenever I need a username.