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  1. True, and they have beaks which should make it even more difficult. They do sound weird though and have trouble saying some things.
  2. This is a weird question, but it's bugging me so here we go. Even if animals had vocal cords comparable to those of humans, would they sound human? Not only are their throats shaped differently, but their mouths are too. For starters, the mouths of most mammals are open on three sides (dogs, cats, mice, etc.) rather than on just one side like humans. Also, they have longer mouths and their tongues work differently. They surely don't have all the necessary muscles in their lips/face. So maybe a better question is: Would it be possible for animals to have all the necessary elements to produ
  3. I tried the that suggestion that said to shut down the phone, push down all buttons at once, and restart. It worked! Thanks so much.
  4. I recently got an LG G6 to replace my sluggish and ugly Moto e5 Play. I set everything up but found that after a restart, the fingerprint reader didn't work. I went into settings to set up my fingerprint again only to find that there was no fingerprint option! I tried searching for it, I restarted the phone several times; still nothing. Why would this ever happen? Do I need to replace the fingerprint reader?
  5. I actually really like the look of that case, it's unique and has (in my opinion) a pretty cool aesthetic to it.
  6. SilverStone is releasing a 1650W PSU. If anyone can use this to its full potential, it's the folks at LTT. https://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=931&area=en
  7. I saw some people posting their submissions here, so I guess I'll join the parade as it were: Sorry about the horrendous video quality. My phone is terrible just like my PC (it's a Moto e5 Play).
  8. Just posted my ROG Rig Reboot video. Really wish I could have had a better camera. 😒

    Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries!

  9. Just finished setting up (mostly) for shooting my ROG Rig Reboot video this evening. 🤞

  10. I'm kind of debating whether or not I should even try for this. My setup isn't great (the monitors are terrible and the GT 1030 ain't great either), but at least it works... Most other people who get on seem to have much worse computers.
  11. I'm so glad "Can it run Crisis" is back, if only so Linus can say it dramatically in his best impression of a manly voice when he's going to show benchmark results.
  12. My brother has had a Nexus 5X for the past couple years, but it seems to have finally kicked the bucket. He was using it the other day and then it suddenly froze. He tried to restart it, but after that it would not start. It might get as far as the Google logo before shutting off again. The next day it started working again so my brother tried to transfer his pictures to his computer. The phone died again while he was performing the transfer. It has been completely unresponsive since. Is the phone for sure dead, or is there something he/I could try that might resurrect it, at least long enough
  13. I've actually found that I really dislike Discord servers. They just seem so chaotic and nobody says anything useful, they just talk on and on about random things and you can't browse through topics to find one you want to be part of like on a forum.