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    AMD 760K 3.8GHz (4.3 boost)
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  1. Well your first problem was assuming watch Ubisoft was going to make anything easy for the consumer. Ultimately there is no way to know the cause. Your best bet would be to google more details on the crash (Is it a CTD, is it on launch, mission load, etc) and see if it is game caused. If it is a CTD on launch then you will go down the list of frequent culprits. (Anything that has in an game overlay such as fraps or Riva Turner Statistics, etc). Anything that attempts to modify your playing expereince (Game Companion, flux, etc). Continue to go down the line of frequently caused crashing reasons. But if it was working yesterday and not today, my best guess is it is either cuased by something in game, or something new to your computer. Also don't forget to verify integrity of game cache. Reinstall if all else fails.
  2. fractal design define s. I have this on my desk right now and I love this. It has a glass panel which I suppose is easy to stain, everything else I have yet to stain with my oily fingers. If you do not want the window they have a model of the same case without the window.
  3. Gonna need to know the game. Every game will log it differently. Some games do not log crashes while other give detailed logs. Some games you will need to install a mod to get proper logging. So once again, what is the game? As for part two, let's see if fixing the first problem and we will see if that resolves it.
  4. Not picky. I do not care about the interface. Cord vs wireless. Just good headphones for their price. I am willing to pay more if it is worth it, but cheap is always nice. Last time I was in the market, I was debating between HyperX Clouds($99), Razer Kraken Chroma($99), or Sennheiser RS175(Do not remember the price, not cheap) Anyways, that was a few years ago, anything else new and cool that is good for the price? Thank you all!
  5. Maybe that was my trouble. Only one audio cable and I didn't realize that was a limitation of the free version.
  6. That's a shame. Good to know I can include that as a picture though. Thanks @airdeano
  7. Title. I am going to sell an I5 6600k Brand new on ebay and I am wondering if it is safe for me to show the factory seal (or whatever it is called) I want to prove it is unbroken but I do not know if there is important information on there.
  8. I may have just done something wrong within the setup but I could not get that to work. I just went with VAC again. Thanks for the help
  9. Well I was logging on to buy it and it was no longer available. Shame. Edit: it is listed again from someone else for $500. Once again it is a brand new account selling hundreds of items. It was probably a scam anyways, dodged a bullet there.
  10. Well I would go debit but yeah, the only thing I would lose if my account got terminated are a few items in my purchase history non of which I need the receipt for. Edit: oh yeah, and my $0.01 balance
  11. Thanks, like stated below, I think I will go for it if it's still there tomorrow. I would take it up with amazon first, I am pretty sure they could help me out. If not just start seeing if I could charge back. If that is a no go then I would take the time to file a crime report. If it is still there tomorrow, I probably will. ha.ha.ha.ha.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B012OU70LK/sr=8-87/qid=148012968 It is not very clear about the specifics of a lot of the parts but the CPU and GPU alone are worth more then the asking price. It claims to be brand new, have 2Tb of storage, a 128Gb SSD, a water cooled i7-6700K paired with a 970. all for an asking price of $627.97 shipped (including a 2 year extended parts and labor warranty (3 years in total) Even if the everything except the CPU and GPU is bare minimum, I have no need for blazing RAM, I can then sell the rest and buy what I want. Input? are there some strings attached I am missing? There is no way this is true...
  13. Thank you so much! I have been looking for a crash log but because it is not a proper crash I can never get one. Hopefully I can find one in here.
  14. Drivers are utd. As for lose cables I can check the next restart, I would assume if lose cables that it wouldn't turn on in the first place.