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    I'm a dumbass and I don't know anything about computers.

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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a laptop that would be a good choice for a college student. I'd prefer it to be a pretty light weight model. That being said, it doesn't have to be a gaming laptop (I won't game on it if not much at all). It would be used for mostly watching videos, doing voice calls, and of course stuff like typing, power points, etc... My budget is $1200 USD. Thanks!
  2. Koss KSC75 and any cheap desktop mic.
  3. Also I also mentioned that they are already in folders by artist. I just ctrl + A'ed all the folders and dragged them into the program. Its reading the directory right now.
  4. Trying this now thank you. I have a lot of (kinda) unknown music so hopefully it tags correctly.
  5. I have a music folder in which tracks are sorted by artist. When grouping them into their own albums, is there a way to make them auto create a folder and put them in that folder? I have a little over 5000 tracks so doing this manually would take forever.
  6. I want one that is scratch proof, and preferably glass. I already found 2 scratches on the phone itself so I really need one but all the ones on amazon all have recent negative reviews.
  7. I don't know if it's possible, but Im looking for a tv with small bezzles, and a good display that looks good from all angles. TCL is out of the question because their pannels are terrible. I would prefer 600 dollars USD but I can go 650, no higher.
  8. So I found an old laptop in my room, and I want to turn it into a music server. I know if i just plug in a rca to 3.5 into it, it wont sound too good, would I need a dac then? Because I already have a technics receiver powering my speakers.
  9. Creative Aurvana Live! Best headphone under $200
  10. Get the Creative Aurvana Live. Best all around headphone for under $200. It compares to many headphones above that price range.
  11. Are every headphone the same or are there different ways to mod each one? I want to do it with the Creative Aurvana Live! A guide would be appreciated thanks!