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    Sorry for my crap English

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    some Gigabyte Mobo that i don't know
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    No Brand Dual DIMM 2x2GB
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    ASUS GTX 750Ti
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    Local Case
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    Seagate Barracuda 5200RPM 500GB
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    Case PSU
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    LG Flatron W1953SE
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    Corsair K70 Non-RGB MX Brown
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Core
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    Spectra 300
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    Windows 8.1 64-bit

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  1. tried this, and the issue still presist unfortunately.
  2. hi, so i'm currently using the R9 380 and everytime i want to update, there always this pop up and after i clicked ok and the installation finished, this also pops out currently using the 17.6.2 ReLive
  3. yea the monitor won't turn on. i'll try the solution maybe tommorow
  4. so my pc won't turning on it's signal unless i force shut down it ( holding on the power button ), and reboot it again. after booting up it just worked again like normal, idk what issue this pc have, is it the PSU? HDD? GPU? CPU : I5-6600 GPU : MSI R9 380 PSU : SuperFlower 500W Bronze HDD : WD Blue i forgot the motherboard brand EDIT : added some dxdiag information
  5. so hey, i been looking for a budget monitor and stumbled on this one. is it good for the price? the other option i have is BenQ RL2455HM, but that monitor is out for a long time so probably there's a better monitor for it's price. if there any other option within the similiar price range, pls tell me
  6. both the Hanatan and Waggaki Band version are awesome
  7. WubWoofWolf and his dog just give C and his fanboy a middle finger in this map
  8. the format is pretty incomplete, and you can send me through my PM.
  9. i used to have an AWP | BOOM MW. sold it now tho, because i'm pissed out with CSGO. the AWP has a nametag on it. i used to call it Reimu. and a AK47 | Red Laminate FT called "Akane" and USP-S | Caiman MW.
  10. thx using FrostXE with some stuff tweaked in if only my upload speed is not banter
  11. not really just change the playstyle to what Osu! Mania mode you're playing
  12. STRAFE with Cherry MX Silent. or if you must go Logitech that Orion Spark with MX Brown. Great for typing.
  13. #2 Member of Anti-SS Reporting in, how do i do Captain @KingCry ?