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  1. So the switches for my phantom just arrived :D. Also 7Bit seems to have sent me a M9 switch along with the ones I ordered. Not sure if he has done that on accident or on purpose
  2. Out of all guns I've used in battlefield, the AUG seems to be the best balance between accuracy, stability, magazine capacity, damage and fire rate to me. However this is of course mostly personal preference.
  3. I think it's mostly because of topics that have been deleted or moved between off-topic and other subforums or that kinda stuff. I think the reason my post count went up is because the osu! thread, in which I posted a lot, was moved from off-topic to the pc gaming section a while ago. My post count didn't go up when it was moved, but now it went up by a lot.
  4. Posts counts were recalculated. Apparently they went down for most people because of this, but it went WAY up for me.
  5. It seems completely pointless and I doubt there is much of a market for it, so I don't see it happening. Also it would be very difficult to do and the keycaps would probably eventually break.
  6. #NightThemeMasterRace #IShouldStopShitposting
  7. Don't expect too much of it and it's a good show.
  8. ??????????????????? Doubleshot is a method of printing the legends on keycaps, so there isn't really any point in having blanks doubleshot. Also doubleshot molding doesn't work very well with PBT, so I don't think such a thing as doubleshot PBT blanks exists. Otherwise it's a really nice kb tho.
  9. I haven't really noticed any new functionality that's actually useful yet. The only thing I can see being kinda useful is the new like system, but it's not really that much of an improvement.
  10. Yep. Apparently the new forum software doesn't allow for it. And I apparently can't even post a normal link to another topic without it being embedded anymore.
  11. Just testing whether using BBCode in the new WYSIWYG editor works