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  1. Ah I see. I think I'm going to stick with the stock and not oc the cpu. I heard that the B460 Board is a budget option right? What would I lose if chose that mobo? and also do you recommend other ram other than V-Gen? I asked a friend and he did not recommend that brand and instead choose from the others.
  2. Hello, I'm currently searching for a CPU, Motherboard, Ram and maybe a cooler. I'm upgrading from an i5-4690K (stock cooler, never oced), G1 Sniper B6 Mobo, and some random 8GB ram. I've have done my research, and so far the best option I could find is going with either Ryzen 5600X or Intel 10700K. I tend to lean onto the Ryzen because I also use RX 580 atm, but with the current situation, the only option available is the Intel one on the market. Also I intend to make the ram at least 16GB. Budget (including currency): I'm currently living in Indonesia (the currency is I
  3. By the time I'm making this post, the price of the sapphire edition of both of these cards are a very similar (which can change if they restocked the GPUS at my local pc shop)
  4. So I want to upgrade my GTX 750ti to an AMD gpu. I found out that the sapphire edition of both of these cards have similar price, and I was wondering which one to get? or I should just wait for Vega to come?
  5. So it seems the only way to fix it is to reset the PC option, and it worked! have to reinstall the apps though.
  6. Yes, I can but it's pointless because there's nothing to click at besides those 3 buttons. really? my friend told me that it was okay. sorry if I can't do that.
  7. alt+ctrl+delete and other stuff not working. and uploaded the pic
  8. (I'm running Windows 10) Hello. So this afternoon I shut down my PC. and the moment after, I forgot something and I turned it on again. But I was confused because once I got into the welcome screen, the login prompt (I locked my pc with a password) is missing. Usually when the welcome screen has showed up, I press enter and It takes me to the login prompt, but this time it's just blur background and I can't do anything besides pressing the network,windows helper, power button. What I'm confused is that before I shut down my PC it was fine and I didn't install anything that w
  9. Can you give me some PSU recommendation for a "budget" standard? (Other than EVGA product)
  10. The problem is EVGA is pretty rare in my country. The only time I saw an EVGA product was once and it was beyond the original price.
  11. It's all I have for now why is it terrible though?
  12. As the tittle says. I have: PSU: Corsair VS450w ATX Power Supply. Processor: i5-4690K (not overclocked) Any help would be appreciated!