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  1. PCPartpicker used to have something called Portablepicker.com where you could use the filter with laptops but its gone now
  2. Where can I find one of those foam cover type things for a cad u37? this is the type of thing i mean
  3. well i have 100 to spend and i want headphones with good bass and i listen to a lot of rap so yeah what are some good options?
  4. either the first bestbuy link or richie's newegg link. I'll look at both of them before that best buy sale ends!
  5. I can easily fit a 27 inch monitor on my desk but i dont think ill get a monitor that big for 160 bux I just need a good looking 1080p IPS Monitor. I know its a vague question but idk what to buy at all
  6. I have GTA V, skyrim, far cry and Witcher 3. What are other good open world games?
  7. Hey, You can really tell your parents care about you. If you want to repay them, show them good grades at school or at random moments offer to help with any work that needs to be done
  8. Here are the PC games I enjoyed most just to get a reference on what type of games I like: Battlefield 4 Witcher 3 Skyrim CSGO So pretty much an outstanding FPS or open world game. I only have 20 dollars I was thinking about getting Insurgency and another 10 dollar game like empyrion or just rocket league. What are some good games I can get
  9. I have been looking at getting this monitor for a while now. Upgrading from an Acer x193w+ 1680x1050 monitor. I thought it looked nice. Any feedback>
  10. I have a 280x. Haven't shopped much monitors but I have a budget of under 200 USD for it