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  1. Lauen

    Hours in CSGO

    150 ish hours, 50 wins, nova 1 or 2 but I haven't been able to play since May so I lost my rank.
  2. You do have some good points but as far as I'm aware, the M40X still is just a little bit on the bassy side, and also has a very narrow soundstage. DT770 IS better. Maybe not a perfectly flat headphone, but definitely better. We all know that if you want a flat headphone, Sony MDR-7506 and V6 is pretty much the way to go, and they're only like 85 bucks.
  3. The Audio-Technica ATH-M00 and M00X series have become sort of a laughing matter with the more experienced people in the audio subforum. They all share some common features: bass-heavy when they claim to be neutral, extremely narrow soundstage which sucks massive penises for gaming and it feels sort of claustrophobic at times, slightly elevated highs as well, giving it an all so slight V-curved sound, they all have sort of small pads compared to other headphones that claim to be full-size over-ear headphones, the pads are also not that nice, the pads on my M50S turned rock hard after 4 months, and the M50X isn't very good value when the M40X exists, which sounds the same, and the only difference is that it doesn't have rotatable cups, and costs less. And then there are Beyerdynamic DT770 which beat the M50X to the ground in every application.
  4. DeathWing72, Make sure other headphones work fine with the phone before doing anything else. The HyperX Cloud's are very efficient, so it shouldn't be a problem, and 60 ohms isn't a lot anyway, so your phone should easily be able to provide enough voltage.
  5. Oh it was just that last time I used it, it didn't have fan control. but it was quite some time ago.
  6. No, but using a higher resolution requires more movement to go across the screen. I just tested it by going from 1080p to 1366x768.
  7. Then as I said, look into voltage reducing adapters, such as the Noctua Low Noise 3-pin Adapter. Or if you have 4-pin PWM fans, get the 4-pin variant.
  8. fantastic! Please mark the thread and the correct reply as solved then!
  9. it does say on their website that speedfan can control fans but I've found that it's usage is very limited. If the fanspeed hasn't changed with bios settings, you should look into getting voltage reducers if the fans are 3-pin fans. Or as I said earlier, you could unplug fans if the temperatures are okay.
  10. I want a 4.5 - 5" display, preferrably 1080p but 720p is fine, and AMOLED cus them blacks. I want a lot of storage, 8 GB on phone is fine if I have an SD card slot with minimum 32 GB support. I want to stuff most of my 31 GB's of music on it. I really like my Windows Phone 8.1, but a stock Android experience is fine for me. Specs don't matter much as long as the thing isn't unbearably slow, but I would like 1-2 GB RAM and at least two cores. Good battery life, the size of the battery and the efficiency of the hardware are both equally important. Cameras don't matter a whole lot to me, but I want them to at least match my Lumia 925's 8 MP rear cam and.. 1.3 MP front cam. so anything, really, but the Lumia processing is great so there's that. I would very much enjoy it if both USB and audio jack were on the bottom but it's not deal breaking. I like off screen buttons but it is also not a deal breaker. My current three phones I'm looking at, in the event of a possible upgrade in the future, Motorola Moto G 3rd gen (waterproof oh yeah), OnePlus X, and Zenfone 2 low spec version.
  11. speedfan has no fan control. BIOS settings are your best bet if the features are there. You could also unplug fans if your temperatures are fine.
  12. Lauen

    Headphone Upgrade

    No idea, I haven't heard of it until today.
  13. Lauen

    Headphone Upgrade

    I wouldn't get DT990 for outdoor use, as they are open. DT770 would be better in that aspect. The impedance doesn't matter all that much, as long as your audio source can deliver the voltage needed. and as most devices nowadays does deliver adequate voltage, (which is like.. 1-1.5 volt I think, lol) it should be fine. If you're still worried about it, just get a lower impedance variant. DT990 and DT770 both come in 32, 80 and 250 ohm variants, I am pretty sure. OP: I went from M50S to Shure SRH440 with 840 pads, and that was an adequate upgrade for me. There's a review in my description if you want to read more about it. the Shure SRH840's are also great. They all have a little less bass than M50's, but are better in most other aspects, the most important one for me being comfort, as the pad size and material on the M50's don't work well for me, my ears are too large (even tho they are sorta average) and my pads just got rock hard after like 3 months. there's also Sennheiser Momentums, they're quite nice. comfortable, but small cups. nice bass but not as much as the M50s in my experience, good mids and highs, sounds like most other sennheiser headphones, but are closed. and my last thought: Sony MDR-1R. They sound very good, with a great bass, mids and highs. It's an overall nice hifi headphone, great comfort as well.
  14. OP: If you don't need closed headphones for isolation, there are many options. Beyerdynamic DT990 if you want bass, those are often found around 200 dollars. Sennheiser HD558, or 598 if you want decent bass, and the usual Sennheiser sound, what they call "veiled", and I call not very detailed or dark, but quite pleasant. AKG Q701 are on for 180 right now, great offer. Sort of light on bass, but amazing mids and highs. Pioneer SE-A1000 if you want something that sounds A LOT like Sennheisers, but cost a LOT less. Great value. Extremely long cable. Sorta weird comfort but it's alright. very good for 60 bucks. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X are very very good for gaming, a very wide soundstage. Not a lot of bass, great mids and highs. Supposedly very comfortable but I haven't been able to try them for myself. I would advise you to get some of these open headphones as open headphones are usually better for gaming with wider soundstage,
  15. Please tell us what headset it is.
  16. You don't need an AT2020, a blue snowball is very nice for beginner streamers.
  17. this thread is hilarious in my experience, the M50 (non X which really makes no difference sound wise) has more bass than Momentums. and Momentums are much more pleasuring to me, with a wider soundstage (you can't really get any narrower than M50's) and slightly less treble.
  18. Yeah, sort of. But as stated, load temps are fine.
  19. My 8320's temp sensor also reports weird idle temps. It's supposedly 23 C right now which is 3 C above room temp. The minimum says 9.5 C lol Just ignore it. your load temps are good, and that's what really matters.
  20. Only car that even remotely interests me is the Volvo 242. and what a strange car to choose, so out of place in that list. EDIT: just realized there's also a 240Z. I WANT THIS GAME NOW I just hope it doesn't suck like the Most Wanted reboot.
  21. It means the cpu has intel specific things that make it great for virtualization with programs that can utilize vPro. I think VMWare can utilize it.
  22. How come they're using a 20nm BEOL? I saw that there was a 20nm BEOL in the Samsung 14nm iPhone 6S chip as well. Care to explain a little about the usage of that? EDIT: Maybe Samsung is using a 20nm BEOL in all their 14nm chips?
  23. as I said, better in every aspect: comfort, soundstage, sound quality, value, and more. Don't worry about the impedance, if your motherboard is even remotely new, it will be fine. Impedance isn't the deciding factor to how loud it gets. It will be fine.
  24. everyone's ears are different. you'll get used to it over time. Now that I've used headphones with less bass than M50's, the M50's seem to have even more bass than I remember.