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  1. I sort of recall hearing something about 32 ohm versions of Beyer headphones sound worse than their higher ohm counterparts, so for that reason I'd look at the 80 ohm version. That should work fine on pretty much everything.
  2. my J33's have tangled once, but they were really easily untangled. Slightly heavy, thick, flat cable.
  3. I dunno, never heard of anyone doing it, you can try it if you wanna?
  4. They aren't as flat as my Shure SRH440's, but they are really enjoyable. Certainly flatter than my friends Beats Pro (gross)
  5. Some motherboard manufacturers only have a headphone amp on one of the headphone outputs, and it's probably on the front ports, but if not, it'll be on the back port. Shouldn't be an issue really, though the front ports might get some interference or static sound. EDIT: it IS the front ports, says so on their website. it's a dumb implementation if you ask me, the cable for front audio has to pass a lot of stuff inside your PC, you may get interference.
  6. Already many threads on this as ShearMe "said", but if you need closed, the DT770 is the one. Although closed and good soundstage doesn't exactly go hand in hand, it's alright as far as I've heard.
  7. The U7 would do fine, but probably not good with lower impedance headphones. I'd recommend you get something like a FiiO E10 instead if you can, due to lower output impedance, and you won't need any horrible drivers.
  8. I just bought some, and they do sound really good. Although, like mr moose, I prefer a flatter sound, they sound very good, especially for acoustic guitars and vocals. EDIT: and the cups aren't that big. Here's the Silverado's on a 1.5 liter bottle of Fanta:
  9. holy crap.. here in Norway the Shures are actually cheaper than on amazon.com.. How about Sennheiser HD439?
  10. Can you find Sony MDR-7506 or v6? Also take a look at Shure SRH440 and 840 pads, if they're at an alright price in Spain. Also, if you add your location to your profile, it's gonna be easier for us to figure out stuff, without having to ask for location and such.
  11. A lot of people use them around here, they're pretty popular. not heard them myself, but as far as I've heard, it's a very strong bass, recessed mids, and strong highs, a V-shaped frequency curve, compared to the M50s, which have a slight bass focus, but with "more" mids. It's a preference thing really, your choice will depend on what you want and what you like.
  12. I wouldn't say there are headphones "designed" for specific genres, BUT CHC Silverado's are apparently amazing for rock and metal. In some hours, I may be able to confirm it or not, probably picking them up later today! But I'd rather just figure out what sort of sound you like, myself I prefer a slightly warm sound, but otherwise balanced and detailed, like the SRH440 with 840 pads I use daily. All my headphones sound great for everything, really.
  13. I'd get the Momentum's. I've heard the Bose ones sound like butt.
  14. Exactly. But as I said, the HE500's are some of the best headphones around, and a decent value too, considering they're planar magnetics.
  15. as far as I'm aware, they're some of the best headphones around. YouTube doesn't sound very good, that is true, but high-quality Spotify streams at least is good. and most MP3 one downloads nowadays is 320 kbps, which is good.
  16. according to beyerdynamic's website, it is delivered with velvet pads, which should be fine?
  17. not convinced, but just seeing how many people here told me to get them over the Noctuas, I assume they gotta be pretty good, and the color on the Noctua's just.. doesn't fit my system at all.
  18. yeah, I agree on the 120 vs 140. Alright then, time to order! also, I was very surprised at the MTBF, 300 000 hours (amazing)
  19. wait a minute- only the PWM version is available here in Norway.. guess adapters would do the job!
  20. The frame thing in my R4 has all the screw holes, that's how I mounted my Silent Series R2's, cause the thing was so loose, the fans came off every now and again when I was gonna clean the filter. I will be using the R4's fan controller. and to some other guys: 140 mm fans ONLY, why would I use 120 mm if I can use 140?
  21. Alright LTT, I will order fans very soon (tonight if I decide quickly). I am torn between two sets of fans. Noctua NF-A14 FLX, and be quiet! Silent Wings 2 140. I'm going for a quiet setup, with better airflow than my current Fractal Silent R2 140 mm fans, they are currently running at 7 volts to keep me satisfied soundwise. I do have a be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2, so the be quiet! fans would fit the cooler better, and are rated for less dB than the Noctua's, but they have half the warranty of the Noctua's, and are rated lower specwise. On the other hand, the Noctua's are probably better fan
  22. if it's just the objective2, and not the dac, you use the line in or whatever it's called, and connect it to your line out on your motherboard. You then set your PC to 100% volume and use the knob on the o2. On the rear power, it's on the front, I believe.
  23. Pioneer SE-A1000 are good headphones though, or HD518 or HD439s
  24. Not for gaming, because they have an extremely narrow soundstage. not for long term listening because pads turn to stones and are small. a "xonar software" wouldn't do anything, I think you're referring to Dolby Headphone, but all that does is add echoes and mix things up to make stuff sound weird, and imo it didn't help at all.
  25. They should be able to drive pretty much everything, unless you play music for your whole country.