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  1. Stick it somewhere there isn't fabric then? You can bend the modmic 4.0 a whole lot so that shouldn't be an issue.
  2. I have (or maybe had, can't seem to find it) an older version of the Mod Mic, the 2.3 and it's good. tiny bit of hissing when you boost the audio high, but I didn't need to turn it up high enough for it to be audible for friends over skype, ts3 and such. What do you mean "stick to the fabric side", you're supposed to mount the tiny magnet on the outside of the headphones, not on the pads. It will stick very nicely, I have a thingie on two of my headphones, one open pair and one closed, even on the metal grille of the open set, it sticks like a motherf*****
  3. Lauen

    what setup?

    Last time I tried any of the Sony "Extra bass" headphones, my reaction was just "meh". They didn't even have that much bass, it was just a bloated mid-bass mess. Logitech G633? HA! No. I recommend you look at other headphones in the same price range. At $120 (MSRP on the Sony site) I think you can get Sennheiser HD558 for a good price on Amazon right now, a set of open headphones with a great sound, decent bass, good mids and highs, fairly neutral sounding, wide soundstage, which is great for gaming. They won't isolate any sound though, because they are open. The cheaper option, HD51
  4. If you wish to keep a similar setup, Modmic. http://www.modmic.com/
  5. Used USB audio interface will be your best bet I think, if you really can't return it for a USB version. Besides, the XLR variant will give you TONS of upgrade choices, you can get a proper compressor to limit loud sounds, keep the good AT2020 and upgrade your interface at a later date for potentially better sound instead of limiting you to one mic at a time, you can upgrade mic and still use the same interface, so you won't have to install drivers (even though they just take like 15 seconds usually), and probably tons more things that I have no idea about because I'm no audio engineer, a
  6. I think most people have the thought of "it uses 20 watts more than the nvidia counterpart, so it'll cost me more in electricity!" and also the good old "AMD cards are so hot, it'll burn down my house!" which are all moot points, electricity is cheap and 20 watts is like a 20 cent a year, and the cards aren't that hot when you get a good cooler on them, AMD reference coolers just suck.
  7. Yeah, and? my Phonar Micro 2 does 91 dB at 1 watt.
  8. Thank you for moving it, but this was not a "help me" thread. This was more a "hey guys did you know this" thread. I do change it back to full range when it gets reset, which often happens when I'm updating drivers. But I'm also getting the error on DisplayPort from time to time.
  9. Are you guys aware that by standard, NVidia sets a limited RGB range on HDMI outputs? The standard, limited range is 16-235, and everything looks like crap with it enabled. You can of course change it in the NVidia Control Panel, by going to Change Resolution, and on the screen you will see the option for "Output dynamic range:". Change it from limited to full. The tooltips there suggest that many TV's have limited RGB range. Both my DisplayPort and my HDMI connected monitors get the 16-235 RGB range by standard. I do have this issue myself, as I noticed the RGB range was limited the fi
  10. All of them apart from the V-Moda's are great in that regard. the V-Moda's are a liiiiiittle bit too bassy in terms of their sound signature. Here's a graph. http://graphs.headphone.com/graphCompare.php?graphType=0&graphID[]=4011&graphID[]=533&graphID[]=2861&graphID[]=713&scale=30
  11. Not sure as I have not been able to test the closed Sennheiser headphones / headsets. What I do know is that the PC350SE and G4ME ZERO is basically a PXC450 but with wires and a mic on the side. And it has more bass than the HD558, which is the PC360 / G4ME ONE. But if you want more bass, there are always other headphones. V-Moda Crossfade LP1 and M100 come to mind, you can get them with mics as well. Beyerdynamic DT770 (no mic options) and Custom One Pro (which you can also get a mic for). Shure SRH440 with 840 pads (or just SRH840's), Sennheiser HD280 Pro are also an option. No mic
  12. Yes they do breathe, that is correct. but the closed ones are also fantastic.
  13. comfort? The sennheiser PC360 and G4ME ONE and 518, 558 and 598 are all exactly the same. PC350SE and G4ME ZERO are exactly the same. They're all fantastic in terms of comfort. oh and they have alright bass but not as much as the Custom One Pro's.
  14. Both Amazon and ebay have used HD558's for 80 bucks, and modmic is 50 bucks on amazon, and 35 on ebay. 130 or 115. a used Sennheiser G4ME ONE is also around 130 bucks. And you can use the modmic on several headphones, you won't need to buy a new mic when you need a new set of headphones. and the other way around as well. Get a mic and headphones separate.
  15. You might be able to find PC360 (open) or PC350 SE (closed) for even less money, and they're the same, just different colors.
  16. XxDeadpool67xX: yeah, this. I once read a review of the Siberia Elite when they first came out, and they got so much praise. Then I started using better headphones for a year or two, then tried the Siberia Elite. It was such a meh experience.
  17. soundstage is not frequency range. Soundstage is how wide the sound feels. a wider soundstage means better positional / directional audio. Picture a recording of an orchestra. A wide soundstage (and detailed mids), will help you literally place where the instruments are in the room. EDIT: and it will tell you where the asshole shooting at you is.
  18. I tried the Steelseries Siberia Elite (first elite that came out) and they suck. muddy mids and bloated bass, just as I said. HyperX Clouds are a LOT better. I have tried those. Much more detailed, less bloated bass. The mic was meh though. Frequency response range means almost nothing, as long as it's reasonable. Average human hearing is 20-20khz. As long as the range isn't like.. 300 hz - 1 Khz, it doesn't mean ANYTHING.
  19. The Steelseries ones would suck. the "gaming" term doesn't mean a single thing. It can't be the fact that it has a mic, cus that is "headset". headphones don't have mics. 99% of "gaming" headsets have bloated bass and muddy mids, and a slightly narrow soundstage. A certain sound? No. I already said that 99% of them sound like ass. If something is to be good for gaming, you want: clean sound with a wide soundstage. that is all. And nothing is required for it either. Sure, there are games where you need a mic for things, but it doesn't have to be attached to your headphones (making
  20. No use in fighting. I am certain the Custom One Pro's are a LOT better than Beats.
  21. I really hope all of that is a joke (not just the Beats part, I mean) and you'll actually use the Custom One Pro's for everything, because they are a great all round headphone.
  22. Custom One Pro will have better bass than either of those. The Elite Prism sucks a lot. Sennheiser ones are good.
  23. "gaming amp+dac" would imply only audio output. you need an adc for mics.