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  1. I just set my FX8320 to 4 GHz using multiplier in the BIOS on my MSI 970 Gaming board, just to get 4 GHz all the time, as I have good enough cooling. I already know that I can't overclock it as well as I could my old Sabertooth board but what's happening is weird. I set manual voltage to +0 just so auto voltage wouldn't fuck up my temps like it used to do, but during this stresstest I've hit a max of 62 C, which I never saw happen, but as of typing this, my temp hit 58 C, and then core speed dropped to 1.4 GHz on all cores, and voltage dropped to 0.8 volts or so. Prime95 is of course running,
  2. My phone (Lumia 925) has build 10586.11 on it according to about info, and it has a bug of sorts, it started saying that I was out of data about two weeks ago, yet I had 3.5 GB left of my 5GB plan. It makes a noise and says I'm out of data even when I'm connected to wifi. Turning off mobile data completely stopped it, but when I turn it back on, it's back. The data usage app also only shows 2.27 GB used on cellular right now, now that I've actually used the 5 GB's I have.
  3. Lower volts equal less power used, but it's not a lot. Higher volt kits reach higher speeds as well, not that it matters a whole lot for system RAM unless you're editing videos all day.
  4. It won't break the headphones, and I think it's reversible if you don't like it.
  5. As people have already stated, that's probably just the usual Sennheiser "veil". They're lacking some in the high frequencies, as high frequencies really are where most of the detail come from, and it's where one (at least I do) would notice loss of detail first, like those unfortunate times when you want to listen to a song, but all you can find is a low quality one, and you hear tons of weird noises in the high frequencies. Get better headphones. Your current audio solution is not lacking as long as it gets loud enough, with no audible sound degradation, in form of hissing, crackling, p
  6. 240 hz isn't a thing. If you're talking about that Eizo monitor, it's a 120 hz panel with frame doubling and double backlight blinking. Not worth it.
  7. pop filter has literally nothing to do with that. Keep it low volume and close to your mouth to compensate for said low volume. THAT helps. Also using a dynamic mic would help even more as they tend not to pick up much background noise in comparison to a condenser.
  8. At CES this year, Dell has unveiled a new monitor. So far it's only called "Ultrasharp 30", as far as I can tell. It's a 30" OLED panel, giving amazing contrast ratios! It's a 4K res, normal 4K, not the cinema 4K. There is nothing about what refresh rate it's running, and very few other specs have been revealed, but just it being OLED is enough to make me VERY excited. But then... there's the price. Sony supposedly has a monitor of the same sort, but it's going for $18000. This goes for $5000. Too expensive for me as of now, but we're finally seeing OLED coming to the.. sort of
  9. true. soundstage is most noticeable with classic music in my experience
  10. I've had 3 pairs of Siberia v2's. All got the same issue after a while, sound in right side stopped working. One did it after 6 months, one did it after a little over a year, and one lasted close to 3 years. OP: HyperX Cloud's are much better, get them. I've tried both. HyperX Clouds sound very good, with decent balance. The Siberia V2's sound hollow and are not very detailed.
  11. I think I've debunked break-in. You get used to the sound. That's why people think they sound better after "break-in". EDIT: to back up my claims: I went from a Sennheiser PC360 to Audio-Technica ATH-M50S. I was very pleased with the bass performance of the M50S in comparison to the PC360's (which are essentially HD5x8 with a mic on the side). I then got Shure SRH440's with 840 pads. Less bass, but more than the PC360s. after using them for a while, everything seems to have more bass, because I then got used to less bass than M50S. And then for a week, I used my Soundmagic PL50's,
  12. OP said he has Tiamat 7.1's. That's what I was trying to say. And I agree with you about 7.1 in headphones not working. EDIT: Misinformation is also caused by not reading the material properly. OP stated in the first line that his current headset is a Tiamat 7.1.
  13. did you read the OP? it says "I'm getting tired of my tiamat 7.1"
  14. Tried a 15.6" laptop with a 3200x1800 res once. Pretty sexy. It was a rebranded MSI GS60 Pro 3K I think.
  15. I have no idea if I'm affected by this, as my bootloader and Elementary OS install is on another SSD. Haven't booted it up in a while tho, maybe it's time to do that.
  16. Lauen

    Earmolds for IEMs

    I think you misunderstood my original post. This is not what I'm looking for, I'm looking for those that you can attach straight to almost any pair of IEMs, for a better seal than your usual silicone flange tips. I'm too poor for CIEMs.
  17. driver size doesn't have much to do with audio quality. OP: 7.1 headphones don't work. I've tried the Tiamat 7.1 with 7.1 input and it still sounded like muddy farts. If you want surround, get actual surround speakers. A good set of open headphones will get you much further than any 7.1 headset and virtual surround. Sennheiser HD558 are a great start to the world of good audio for most people, and they're open and have a wide soundstage. about amps and dacs: if your motherboard works properly (no audible hissing, crackling, popping) and gets loud enough, you don't need to upgrade.
  18. Lauen

    Earmolds for IEMs

    link pls? I'm in Norway so no Costco here but if needed, I'll go to an audiologist.
  19. Lauen

    Earmolds for IEMs

    Hey guys. I'm trying to find the do it yourself earmolds for IEM's, but I'm having a bit of an issue finding any, even on amazon. Help please? name or link to amazon page?
  20. I think the SM58 will be the cheapest option, apart from the Samson, try that first. also, please use the quote function when replying to people. It makes it easier for us to know if you've replied or not.
  21. I'd place the mic right on top of the monitor you're facing, as stated earlier, pointed directly at your mouth. You could experiment with how close it needs to be. Also Jettt does have a good point, a dynamic mic (Shure SM58 is absolutely fantastic and doesn't cost a lot, they're used a LOT for live vocals) would be good as they do need to be fairly close to ones mouth to pick up anything. I've seen people record vocals with a Shure SM7b (sorta expensive) while listening to the music they're recording the vocals for over speakers in the same room. Sure, the mic may pick up some of it but
  22. LG is not Logitech. LG is LG.
  23. Any mouse with perfect tracking would be good. If there's a certain shape / size you enjoy, Zowie might have something that fits you. Zowie mice use heavy switches, so if you like soft switches (like Razers and stuff), you probably don't want those. Most mice use Omron switches, which are the lighter kind. I'm personally looking at the Mionix Avior 7000 because I like ambidextrous shapes and functional buttons on both sides. Too used to my Sensei Pro, where I have page up and page down (or whatever I want) on the right side, and back and forwards on the left side). Lots of people lik