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  1. Would the default RGB strips with the HUE+ be enough or would I have to get more?
  2. How do you get this effect on the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX? I really like it as it also remind of the Corsair "The One"
  3. When I was trying to find benchmarks for Gtx 1080 ultrawide to see if it would be ok to go for a Ultrawide monitor for a single 1080 I found this website which a lot of people recommended. So the benchmark numbers looked good so I wanted to see how it stacks uo against 1440p only to find that the fps in that benchmark made the Gtx 1080 p http://techgage.com/article/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-review-a-look-at-4k-ultra-wide-gaming/4/ http://techgage.com/article/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1070-review-a-look-at-1440p-4k-ultra-wide-gaming/3/ Now I don't know how the 1080 performs in Ultrawide c
  4. For high end builds do you think that it is time to completely ditch hard drives and go for only ssd's in the build? Or still have a primary 500gb and a 1tb drive.
  5. Would a single GTX 1080 be enought to run an Acer X34 or Asus PG348Q? I thought it would be but after looking at some benchmarks unless your playing Battlefield you only get about 60-75 fps. So would it be better to just get a 1440p monitor.
  6. So does bass make gunshots and explosions feel more lively? And mids make footstep pinpointing easier.
  7. Oh well I was told it does well then what does help with those things to get a more lively headphone experience.
  8. Oh by looks I meant by comparing them to the ad900x which are probably good in the mids yet probably lack bass. The reason why I want bass is because with surround sound, and stuff like awareness in BO3 I think I will be fine with pinpointing footsteps. So I want a more fun pair of headphones/headset as explosions and gun shots would sound better with bass.
  9. I am looking for comfort and bass heavy instead of hearing footsteps. I want to spend $150 yet I could do $250 if It is that much better.
  10. I hear m50x are not good for gaming due to comfort and sound. So I would go with the Audio-Technica ATH-AG1X. However it is $200 and for that money I would go for the siberia 800 or A50s. Also they look to be boring and not that bass like.
  11. Does anyone have experience with both of these headsets? Also since the Revolvers don't have surround sound how does Dolby surround compare to Razer surround. And how do they compare to the g633 and the Sennheiser G4me one.
  12. Besides the Siberia 800 (or the H wireless) what are the best options for a wireless gaming headset? I want to go wireless as it would make my setup a lot more clean. I'm looking into the Razer Man o War, Logitech G933, Astro A50, and if there are no other options the Siberia 800. The only reason why I don't like the Siberia 800 is that it it super pricey.
  13. They have RGB cars. They would mod the Rims and for the new S-Class and 7 series RGB comes standard as a feature. Also many people stick an RGB light on there desk now.