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  1. Cyrus49

    good gaming headset

    In my mind: Steve came up with great ideas Woz made it happen
  2. Cyrus49

    good gaming headset

    I agree with your profile pic before Steve Wozniak left.
  3. 1. Put ssd in computer [hook up data and power] 2. Unplug hdd in computer [this is so you don't delete all the stuff on it] 3. Create the media needed [boot drive with windows 10 iso] 3. Run windows 10 installer from the bios [you can find out how to get it in my sig.[links might be broken, but all you need is the iso]] 4. BOOM! [You can use some of the instructions in the guide in my sig to help you out.[Drivers]] PS. If you hit upgrade, it will put windows on your hdd, and it will give you an option to delete all files or keep them
  4. I honestly thought my topic would be flooded as fuck today... Or naw.
  5. Try plugging them into your mobo.
  6. Didn't everybody forget about that? Who the hell is still making games for it?
  7. Go to your mobo manufacturer and download the driver from there.
  8. At 1080p it should be no problem, unless you're trying to max everything out.
  9. Sorry for the late response. You will have to wait. Sorry.
  10. Well, shit. I don't know what else to tell you other than contact an electrician.
  11. How many watts is your psu? Getting a new and also more efficient psu might help.
  12. wait, where's the doge? I like to make montage parodies of linus's videos.
  13. How about not buy an apple product. Get a surface [3] for them.
  14. If i'm correct, those aren't the power cables from the psu, they seem to be coming from the front panel. You plug those into the psu [i think]
  15. She should be fine, my first build was a g3258+650 and it worked fine for those types of games.
  16. Cyrus49

    Best quote

    Have you tried turning it off and back on again? -the it crowd
  17. How to get laid. 1 Make ramen noodles 2 have sex
  18. Did he try turning it off and back on again?