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    2500k @5.0
    Gigabyte G1 Sniper 3
    7970 lightning in crossfire
    120gig ssd intel 520 series
    1050 watt corsair hx series
    NZXT 820 case
    8 gig corsair vengeance ram

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  1. Well dont feel bad because of the experience I had with these 7970's and others??!!! Im am in the same boat as you lol... in fact I would have been better off with a mid-ranged card! Wouldnt have wasted all that money
  2. I couldnt imagine playing on a 7870 lol... But really thats the difference! I spent alot of money to get the top of the line as I could and still not happy! If I built a budget machine then I could understand lol...
  3. Yea thats what I found lol...thats y Im irrate! And even 1 7970 still sucks balls...jus sayin! All I want is a constant 60fps on 1080p and some games I still cant even do!
  4. I mean I spent a crap ton for these pieces and a set of 660ti's are walking me in alot of shit!! That pisses me off lol
  5. Any news on AMD drivers? Im seriously a week away from switching to a pair of gtx's! It's been over a month and havent heard a thing about the next driver release!! And it better be a godsend driver :(
  6. each or for both? I spent like 1200 on them 3 months ago lol! I know I wont get that back but hopefully more for 2 of them :/
  7. Screw it! I cant bring myself to do it :( lol... How much for both the 7970 lightnings if I were to sell those? I wanna get the new 780's! I would seriously trade with cash as well lmao
  8. get the samsung a107!! Its da shit
  9. How do we plan to take over the world wide web
  10. Awesome advice their thank you and I will keep that in deep consideration