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  1. Good, I'm tired of region limitation. I tried, I subscribed to several services, including Crunchy Roll, and I kept getting denied access to certain animes because I live in the NL. So be it, I tried the biggest French anime legal distribution. Same story. VPN is not a solution for me because: - Why should I pay extra while I am already paying premium service ? - Those websites do not allow the use of VPN, and you risk to be banned immediately once they catch you.
  2. I don't really understand all the technical stuff going behind this, but isn't it good for consoles ? I mean, unless they release a PS5 +, the PS5 will be stuck on its hardware for the complete longevity of the console. At first, because of the dedicated hardware and all the stuff you guys are talking about, yeah a PS5 might run better than a PC (of the same price or even high end). But to compensate its lack of optimization, the PC will still have more and more raw power one year after another. I guess this is why you can still see very nice games running on
  3. I would recommend it to someone who does not mind updating his phone by himself, because depending on your version, the latest update dispatch is not homogeneous. That being said, I got my G6 for more than 2 years now, with the same battery, and I would never change it for any mid tier. The screen is good, the cameras are good (you can also download some GCAM apk that some nice dudes released especially for the G6), the audio is simply fantastic if you are into it, and performance wise, for my use it's perfectly fine (I don't really use my phone to game). Some users have repor
  4. I got a G6 for more than 2 years, and to be honest, I don't see myself replacing it ... yet. I mean, ok, update wise, LG fucked up big time because most users had to manually do the update and flash the roms, that is a fair point. On the other hand, the G6 is bringing a lot of interesting and useful features while remaining notch free with a decent body ratio. If I had a samsung S8/S9, I would have had the same opinion though.
  5. Personally, I've never wanted to use one of these, but all my friends and family are using them. If anyone knows a replacement without loosing all your contacts, I'm all ears.
  6. It's just a classic thermal runaway from a lithium battery. Maybe the battery was not manufactured well, or the user was a bit hard on fast recharge (if this phone has it, I don't know), but this is not something unusual. Apple can do everything to monitor the battery behavior and regulate it, lithium batteries are simple ticking bombs. I work in the marine industry, all the battery storage are considered as Hazardous areas, and the bulkheads around them are heavily reinforced. It's not for nothing, we consider them as bombs. Also, removing the charger
  7. Can be handy for some application, but for the current smartphone user, what's the big deal ?
  8. If it pushes the industry to stop with notches, be my guest.
  9. The non-return point has been crossed in 2015, confirmed by both the GIEC, and a consortium of scientists which wrote a report called the State of Climate. Each GIEC report shows that instead of reducing our CO2 emissions they grow. On this point we are fucked. My point was (and I think we talk about the same thing) that renewable energies are, by their own nature, not "drivable"as a traditional power plant is, whether it is powered by coal or nuclear. You always have a ratio between the calculated/average load, and the anticipated peak loads of a c
  10. As always, the debate on nuclear power is driven by emotions while being a very technical subject. I saw a lot of mentions about nuclear waste. Which one ? So there are maybe several types of waste ? Maybe some of them are already recycled ? What is a Becquerel or a Sieverts ? Why Chernobyl incident can not happen again ? Do you realize that if we do stop everything we are doing, every production facility, the CO2 concentration will need at least 10 000 years to reach the level as before the industrial era ? That it also means we can only "damage control" the effect of
  11. The guy literally never believed in the game success nor the studio itself and now he's trying to get some money back ? It's just a douche move imo.
  12. Ahem, if you pay Distrokid for 20e/year, they upload your music on all platforms without taking any cut on your royalties. It was almost free already.
  13. I think it goes beyond a rack full of blue rays. I don't know many people who likes to watch several the same movies nowadays. Attention span has became so low that even a movie like Blade Runner 2049 has been a commercial disaster because of its length (though it was not the case for Interstellar...) Even if a movie length is not the problem, still, movies and music are like a nuggets box to many: it is literally consumption, you listen/watch one time, and then you move forward.