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  1. Outlook Untrusted App Error

    So I've come across this at work and I just wanted to get some opinions on how to fix the problem. We use a POS program called SellWise for invoicing and whenever trying to send out a mass group of invoices through Outlook from SellWise Outlook gives me this error. I called the company and they told me simply to download a program that automatically clicks yes on all 200x prompts for the invoices. This is not the solution I would like to use. Any Ideas?
  2. SSD's or HDD's??

    So I acquired a server and am in the process of upgrading some of the hardware for my needs. At first I was going to split the storage in half having a SSD and a HDD datastore. The HDD datastore would consist of 5x 4TB or more drives. This would strictly be for Plex Media server. However I was then going to have a SSD datastore containing 16x 480GB drives. The realization of how much it would cost finally hit me, 16x Intel SSD's would be around $1800. So I got to thinking about it and even with 10Gb networking is a SSD storage array even worth it??? The SSD storage would be used for programs such as games and other applications that are otherwise meant to be run on a local computer.
  3. So I'm in the process of building a new server and would like to have a SSD storage array. My question is would it be worth getting a used server SSD like the Intel S3500 480GB or would it be better to just get a consumer grade brand new SSD for around the same cost?? Thanks!
  4. Forwarding Ports for Xbox?? MikroTik

    Here's another screenshot @brwainer, Any input on what beersykins is saying? Is it needed and how would I implement it?
  5. Forwarding Ports for Xbox?? MikroTik

    I'm a little confused on this. I'm still pretty new to setting up firewall rules. I think I've already done this? I'll send a screenshot here in about 30 mins however if I haven't I would like to know how. I'm all about securing my network and learning more!
  6. Forwarding Ports for Xbox?? MikroTik

    Thanks! That appears to have worked. As far as I know Plex doesn't require the port to be in the "To Ports"??
  7. So a little while back I got rid of my ISP router for a MikroTik CR125 Cloud Router Switch. I love it because I can conceal everything in my media panel and keep everything neat and tidy. However, I wanted to keep UPnP disabled for security reasons (And the fact I couldn't get it to work). So I googled the ports I needed to forward and created my rules and went to clickin. Buttt, it doesn't look like my port forwards are actually working. I have minimal packet flow and my NAT type on the Xbox went from Moderate to Strict. I set my Xbox to have a static IP of and you can see that in my settings. Can someone tell me how to correctly forward these ports. I'll included screenshots of my settings that I tried and also have the ports needed listed. Should they be configured as source NAT?
  8. Cloud Hosted UniFi Controller???

    So I know you can make a UniFi controller discoverable on the public side but I'm wondering if you can set up a UniFi Video controller to do the same thing?? Thanks
  9. Media Panel Layout?

    So I'm in the process of cabling my house and was trying to figure out how I wanted to lay out all the devices in my media panel. It's a little cramped but its going to have to do and theres more that has to go in. I'll include some pictures, the red square is where the coax splitter would most likely go. Basically give me your opinion on which layout would work best or suggest a new layout. Thank!
  10. Good Value?

    So I'm looking to put a server in our server rack where I work with a plex server and eventually some other things. Maybe a FreeNAS backup or something. Anyways he has an extra one with specs as follows, is it a good deal? 1x E5 2690 32GB DDR3 1600 x9srl-f motherboard 10 hot swap bays 10Gb NIC LSI 9265-8i $400

    Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield. A lot of FPS games

    I do some light gaming so latency is a little bit of a concern. Other than that its just a lot of video streaming, I use Philo for Satellite TV through the internet and also Netflix, Web browsing, etc. Also my phone does Wi-Fi calling most of the time I'm home. I don't get very good signal were I'm at, very rural area so it switches from LTE to Wi-Fi almost everytime.

    So right now I've got 12Mbps download through ADSL2+. The ISP that provides that actually offers a bonded VDSL service that provides 25Mbps down for less than I pay now. The other option would be a WISP PTP that could provide 20Mbps down. Also I work for a company that is VERY closely partnered with the WISP. If I had service issues or needed a couple public IPs I think I could get them easily. Pricing is very similar, I WISP was about $40 more however since they work with the company I work for they lowered their pricing. Which would you choose, I'm worried about latency and weather interference with the PTP.
  14. Switch Decisions - Need Advice

    I have one Ubiquiti AP that needs POE but honestly I could just use the injector since it's just a single device.