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    Intel i3-3220 3.3GHz 2c/4t
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    Intel DH61HO
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    Kingston 6GB (4+2GB) 1333MHz
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    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 750 Ti Windforce OC
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    Generic Red/Black Case
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    Seagate Barracuda 320GB 7200 RPM ST320DM000-1BD14C
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    Cooler Master MWE 400W V1
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    Intel LGA 115x Stock Cooler
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    Logitech K200
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    Logitech M100r
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

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  1. Hey, so new problem. Ive installed Windows but it doesn't recognise that I have an internet connection. The PC says it doesn't detect a network adapter, and that if I do have one I need to install the driver (can't do that because there is no internet connection). I also have the PC connected with ethernet.
  2. Is there any functional difference in booting from UEFI as opposed to BIOS? What will changing my system boot to UEFI do?
  3. I used Rufus to create the USB (it took a bloody long time). I restarted the computer and went into the boot menu and after that I selected the USB, but this is what I was met with; I think the issue is that I selected UEFI for my "Target System" in Rufus. Can't believe I'll have to redo this whole thing. But I'll hold off until I get your input.
  4. So I tried to use the Windows USB DVD Download Tool and turn my USB into a bootable drive. But this is what pops up at the end of the process; I did some searching and apparently the issue comes from the fact I am running a 32bit version of Windows, and the version I'm trying to create a boot device for is 64bit. There were people talking about downloading bootsect (or something like that?) and provided links, but none of them work anymore. Could someone please help me with this?
  5. Now, three times in quick succession, the screen went black for about a second and the same popup appeared (shown above). This happened when I got a new notification in Twitter and when I opened a new tab. I've also redownloaded the same driver version. It hasn't helped.
  6. The CPU is an i3-3220, but before this it was a Pentium G620. Intel DH61HO for the motherboard, and two sticks of 2GB RAM with release dates (according to CPU-Z) in 2012. I'm still using the Seagate drive that "came" with the PC, which is atleast 7 or 8 years old? The GPU is a GTX 750Ti I bought used, so around 6 or so years old.
  7. This is the second time I've got this within about an hour (an interval of 30 minutes or so). This pops up after I reboot the PC after it gets a black screen and won't work. I run Windows 7 32bit and have a used 750Ti I've overclocked but worked perfectly fine before this. I just bought an SSD and intend to do a clean install of Windows soon. I'm quite concerned as this is my only GPU and I can't really fork out any money for an equivalent one, used or otherwise. Has anyone got a similar experience or knows how to resolve this issue?
  8. Slightly off topic, but should I test the SSD once it arrives before trying to install Windows on it? If so, using what program?
  9. Does this include NVIDIA drivers, as well as programs like Speccy, MSI Afterburner, CPU-Z and GPU-Z (these four programs' files are all in my HDD)?
  10. So I recently ordered an SSD to replace my current HDD as my boot drive and I wanted to know what will happen to the programs already on my HDD. From Chrome to Steam (including all the games), they're all stored on the HDD. Will they still function as normal once the SSD becomes the boot drive? Furthermore, how do I move all these files to my SSD? Do I just click and drag them into the SSD? My HDD is also partitioned into two (C: and D:), what will happen to them once the SSD becomes the boot drive? What happens to the Windows files in the (C:) drive? Thanks.
  11. Hey there. I just found a 240GB WD Green SSD that costs RM119, which is about the same price as the other 240GB versions of the SSDs listed above. Is it like, any better? Because if it is, I might consider getting it instead.
  12. Yeah, I guess you're right. You're the only response so I'll take your word for it