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  1. How to re-subnet in PFSense

    Hello! I was wondering if the following netowoking setup is possible. We have a PFSense router that connects to another router via a static route through a switch, on a /27 public netowork. As we want the computers on the LAN interface of the PFSense router to also have a public IP, is it possible to make pfsense route the other IP's of that /27 netowork to local computers? One work arround is to add all other IP's of the PFSense as virutal IP's and do a 1:1 NAT, but that kinda sucks if we really want to give the PC's a public IP. Thanks!
  2. NAS & ethereum miner

    Just run an SMB or NFS share depending on the Client OS
  3. MSI Z170 Titanium White PCIE LED

    I finally got a skylake CPU for 50$ and got everything to work. I then flashed the MB with the latest BIOS and it now supports my 7700k
  4. How to install an LGA 3647 socket CPU

    That is uncommon as hell hahaha
  5. Hey! So my Z170 Titanium MB from MSI has it's white LED next to the top PCIE slot turn on even if no GPU is installed. I also have code 62, with no post. This code is not documented in the manual. I AM using a kaby lake CPU on a Z170 MB, but before getting a skylake CPU to update the BIOS, I want to make sure it's only related to the CPU and not also a PCie bug... It would be kinda dumb to get a CPU to update a broken MB X) Thanks!
  6. Corsair RGB Stand leak!

    Another day, another leak! My thread about the Intel leak got removed because of the video, so this time, I'll have to screenshot you some tweets, and let you find the video online.... This stand will come out at the end of the month, and it's technically under NDA. But Corsair did a mistake and showed it at Dreamhack Montreal 2017. Due to their mistake, they told us that we could talk about it.... so here it is! RGB stand, seems in aluminium and plastic witha rubber base. USB 3.0 in, 2x usb 3.0 out + 3.5mm out. That means there is a DAC inside. No idea about the price, but it's really well made and good looking! Sorry for the poor video quality we only have a phone and a gimbal. Here are the pictures!
  7. The WAN Show


    I7-8700k leak
  8. What is this worth?

    Woops, didnt quote correctly, yeah I would of gone with the a6300, but I lenses are abig part of the quality
  9. What is this worth?

    Got 1.3 CAD for all the equipement, getting myself a Panasonic G7
  10. Hey guys! So 2 years ago I bought a Nikon D5200 for my tech reviews, I quickly realised that a Canon T5i would be better How much in CAD $ is this worth: Nikon D5200: very good condition AF-S Nikkor 18-70mm F3.5-4.5 ED AFF Nikkor 70-300mm 1: 4-5.6 D Nikon Speedlight SB-800 + Battery charger for the D5200 and 2 of the EN-0EL14 official Nikon 1030mAh batteries Each lenses have their respective goods and sunlight hoods Thanks!
  11. LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    Seems like a very good projector for the price! Seems to have alll the connectins you need or want!
  12. Tesoro GRAM Spectrum Keyboard Giveaway

    Hi! Im currently using a 1st gen Corsair K70 w/ mx brown switches. A new keybord that fits me blue and black color scheme would be great to color match my setup! Good luck to all!
  13. Cooler Master - MasterCase Maker 5 Review!

    Yup, i own the Pro too, awsome case!
  14. Cooler Master - MasterCase Maker 5 Review!

    No you cannot change the color
  15. Cooler Master - MasterCase Maker 5 Review!

    Heavy no, its pretty standard, 50 usd, meh if youre going to do a red and black pc why not!