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  1. As per to the sites, they are both "Grey Markets" so they are at your own risk on if the sellers are trustworthy or not. They will be more expensive than buying it from RSI but it is a limited time ship that only recently went on its original concept sale so don't imagine it'll be any time soon. You can either risk it or wait it out in the hopes that it'll come back, well the 3rd option I guess is to pick something else that is on sale. You can rent ships if you play the game currently and earn enough aUEC so that might be another option, you can also buy those ships using the aUEC but I do not believe that they will persist throughout wipes (Though they are reportedly going to happen "less often") The star runner is still in concept stage so there is no timescales for it at the moment. Assuming that they start the pipeline with the Star Lifter in 4.x something then we might see it sooner.
  2. Loaded question I know, but for anyone interested in this free fly event that is wants to know how much org activity there is, is there any sort of meetups or gatherings that they might be invited to join? Maybe on a Saturday night at around 9pm gmt?
  3. As dizmo says, it is still in backing stage as it has not released yet. Sometimes it does go on sale but its not that often and not reliably during holidays. I think the anniversary of getting the initial funding goal is soon though so you might be lucky with that but I can't promise anything.
  4. Oh yeah sure that should probably be the case but people shouldn't make a dream SC PC any time soon. As I said before this is still alpha, they are implementing features over optimising performance at the moment, we are lucky that object container streaming has benifited our performance as much as it has right now. Before now the performance was heavily bottlenecked on the server side end!
  5. Urm yes it could be a bottleneck, not sure what you are asking Edit: SC is now performing pretty well where the server is no longer the bottleneck. Your own computer is now the limiting factor on your frames. As can be seen though, SC is still in alpha and performance is not final
  6. Unfortunately not, the game is still in early alpha and the performance is at a premium. Not played for a while now but I think there is an issue with the servers when it starts to get fuller due to the size of the universe and amount of ships about. There should be a net code change coming eventually but still no confirmed date on as to when as it keeps getting pushed back due to issues they keep finding.
  7. Far from it, though it is having a nice slow development its moving along nicely. Check out the year review one of our other members posted here:
  8. It's actually still in alpha but its slowly coming together, hell of a lot more content now than there was.
  9. Love it, as things go I have had a busy year but I hope to join back and be more active in meetup and such in the new year. As a current wing commander I should show my face more than I do and will try this year
  10. They released full version 1.0 so it's out of early access now I believe
  11. It sounds like a hardware issue rather than anything else. A lot of games unless vsync is on run uncapped frames in the menus causing unnecessary load. If you happen to have any way of checking check the temps and load of your components when in the menus to see what happens. I use hwmonitor to check these on one of my other screens, it tells you temps and utilisation among other things which is the two main things you need to know
  12. Unlikely as PUBG just made version 1.0 as of a couple of days ago so I would be very surprised if they have shut up shop.
  13. Yeah that's fair, that's just the way the market seems to be heading. As major publishers seem to deliver less and less, people are more willing to dump some money they might never see into a kickstarter, indie gogo or other crowd funding platform in the hopes they might get the game they want. I mean next car game / wreckfest is a kickstarter game that's been around for years and it's still not finished with nowhere near as large of a scope as star citizen. But there's two sides to every coin, some people don't like the principle for paying for something before it's made and others are happy to give for a 'cause'.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but there has only been 5 years since 2012? Granted 5 years feels a long time (and believe me it is) but taking into account that a lot of big games never even get announced until about 2 years prior to release so there has been an unknown amount of time of development we don't know about. Red dead redemption for example, began development in 2005 and was released in 2010, that's 5 years from a preexisting studio. I'm not defending CIG to the end of the world, I am getting annoyed with the amount of time its taking now but still, 5 years isn't the worst thing. Also notes that TF2 took 9 years to make and Star Craft 2 took 7 years both from preexisting studios.
  15. Huh I guess my emails dont work for mentions Basically a google sheets doc where people can add entries through the form and then the generation page just picks a random result from the populated sheet. Nothing special really =index(B2:B513, randbetween(1, counta(B2:B513) ) ) That's the code that generates the random code (I think google sheets only picks populated columns anyway) and then the other page just plucks the value from that column, seems to be randomised per visit so that took some work away from me in terms of getting it to refresh to be fair to users.