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  1. okay so after clearing cmos i downloaded the latest bios and flashed it and its booted into bios now
  2. okay so i pushed and held the clear cmos button on back of mobo for 10 seconds (with power off, is this right) switched on and same thing, everything lights up, case and aio fans spinning, gpu lights up, fans spin up but then stop, getting nothing out to my monitor from DP or HDMI
  3. Just built my pc, cant get past q-code 54 "unspecified memory initialization error" checked the cpu, no best pins etc. re seated the ram and gpu check/ reseated 8 & 24 pin everything seems fine everything is brand new except gpu which a friend has loaned me and said was working fine. system: Mobo: crosshair hero 8 cpu: ryzen 5600x gpu: asus rog 1070 ram: Corsair vengance pro rgb 32gb 3200mhz cl16 memory express did flash a new bios onto the board when i picked it up, wondering if i should clear CMOS and re-inst
  4. Sorry! Didn’t mean to alarm anyone! Yeah there is a tiny triangle there, line the cpu one up with that right lol?
  5. Just installing my cpu, I thought the ‘triangle’ would be more obvious on the mobo, am I right in thinking it is bottom right as pictured?
  6. Thanks, I was planning on just using the PCIE slot but wondered how the other would work if i added a 2nd drive in the future.
  7. Just about to start putting my pc together and had a few questions I hope someone can help with! So.. I have everything I need except for a gpu.. due to stock issues obviously. However I'm anxious to get everything built and make sure everything is working before any return windows close etc. With that in mind, is there anyway of getting a Ryzen cpu to post without a gpu installed? if not I guess I could try and pick up something super budget whilst I wait for a gpu. Looking at my motherboard, I have 8pin and 4pin cpu power, am I right in thinking I do
  8. Thank you! I was getting confused over all their model years and versions
  9. I just got the PSU for my new system, had been planning on getting the RMx 850 but realized I got the non-X version. (black label) Just wondering if anyone has experience with this PSU, how comparable is it to the X version, I cant find this one in the tier list. it will be powering a 5600x and either a 3080 or a 6800xt, if they're ever available. Thanks.
  10. Budget (including currency): $3000 CAD Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming, mostly AAA story driven games, video editing, photo editing, general use Other details: Will need a monitor and keyboard, but am leaving them out of the budget. Upgrading from a Alienware m15 (2015ish) 970m & i7 4710hq. So after using my m15 for 5 or so years it's finally giving up the ghost.. I've been planning a system for a little while and watching the Ryzen 3000 series with interest and was awaiting the new GPU releases from team
  11. Thanks to everyone for the info! looking forward to the release of the new cards to see what's what... and if any of it will be in stock
  12. That is a huge difference in time! shadowplay is super nice to have, its so straightforward to record/stream.. over the past few years as my system has slowed down I've used it less and less.. but having a much more capable system it'd be great to be streaming/recordding again.. I've never had any luck with OBS either lol. I do a little bit of video editing but have lately switched from premiere pro to Rush as it suited my workflow better, I know premiere seems to prefer nvidea cards but I'd be looking at such a huge jump in performance from my laptop I cant see it mak
  13. Thanks for the info! Which features were you missing on amd? It looks like most of the things that nvidea was offering over the past couple of years amd now has their own version of (support for ray tracing, DLSS etc etc) Obviously we'll have to wait for the release and review to see exactly what the new cards are capable of and what new features are like. thanks for the info.. seems to be a fairly mixed bag which is probably true of anything.. I guess ill just have to be patient and wait and see! Exciting times!
  14. Currently planning a new pc build .. I've been using the same laptop with an Nvidia 970m for a few years now and have to say I like the geforce experience app.. from regular driver updates, shadowplay etc etc. Now with todays AMD announcement there's a good chance the new build could be all team red but I'd love to hear from AMD users what it's like living with the hardware day in, day out..