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  1. hi, today i got the board that i ordered from aliexpress, i contacted the seller and waiting for answer. im posting this to maybe get faster answers. so the problem is when im connecting the board to my pc with micro usb the pc not recognize it at all, not even on device manager and there is not beeping sound. thank for helping.
  2. sorry for lack of explaination. he has its own launcher in steam its act like installed game. i just need steam to allow 2 games to work
  3. its the best option. stay with 5800x he will serve you well. the 8 cores will secure future proof for 2 years+
  4. its the same pc i just want to play dcs while the other sim is downloading
  5. rx5500xt is the best for the price because it has 8gb vram and gtx 16 series its useless in my opinion.
  6. hi, i just bought microsoft flight simulator 2020 and im downloading it. but because i bought it in steam its not letting me to log in to another simulator (DCS) without closing the Downloading sim . thanks anyway
  7. hi, im planning to buy in the next 24 hours a logitech x52 hotas system and i didnt know if its really good i read almost every review and in some places it was pretty mixed, can i get a real answer? i want to know how its build quality like and what issues he have if there is any...
  8. its not for a new build, it to upgrade my own existing build.
  9. ok, i will... thx for helping me bud!
  10. almost half year( still in warranty)
  11. ill say go with one of these options: gtx1660ti, rx5600xt,gtx1660 super,2060super,2060.
  12. thx for answering. the point of the post was for peoples to advice for me what to do, because idk what to do. amd doing a great job but idk what to blame and the fact the gpu reached max temp of 112c is not good.
  13. open the case and check each fun and look at how they spins they need to spin nice and smooth if not the motor probably dying if its the case you should buy one. a good fan will cost 8-12$