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  2. PC Helper_Buyer

    Old OS's.

    ADMI Item Weight 8.2 Kg Package Dimensions 61 x 50 x 42 cm Manufacturer reference AD-6600-GO-24-7 Color Black with Green LED Processor Brand AMD Processor Type 68030 Processor Speed 3.80 GHz Processor Count 4 RAM Size 8 GB Memory Technology DDR4 SDRAM Computer Memory Type DIMM Hard Drive Size 240 GB Hard Drive Interface Serial ATA Graphics Coprocessor AMD Radeon R7 Graphics Card Description AMD R7 Optical Drive Type None Hardware Platform PC Operating System Windows 7 (I want to run)
  3. Oalei

    PSU for a gaming rig

    Well other than CXm? You can buy something with 550W and just do fine.
  4. emmawearstripes

    Does Lenovo Legion Y530 need calibrating

    Thank you so much for this. The PC Specialists all sound good but how do I know the display's any good? I looked up the Dell G7 for example, which is an IPS like my lenovo and it scored lower in terms of display https://www.notebookcheck.net/Dell-G7-15-i7-8750H-GTX-1060-Max-Q-Laptop-Review.317686.0.html What should I be looking for?
  5. I am getting 240hz only for cs go as i will mostly play that Gsync is for tearing issue which i am confused whether it will help Freesync works with nvidia gpus only iffy have integrated amd graphics in cpu
  6. blurryfacexx21

    first time building a gaming pc

    i actually still have a month till i move to australia, i'll have almost 2 months for suggestions.
  7. Origami Cactus

    Sony RX10 IV is a good choice?

    That camera is for 1400€. But i found out that a sony rx10 V might come out this year, along with some major improvements, so i will wait for that, and if doesn't come out then i will look more into Fujifilm X-T3. It looks nice with it's 4k 60fps 10bit and h265 recording for sure.
  8. Stormseeker9

    internet in my area

    Decent. i miss the good old days in London... 1GB up 1GB down = fibre optic was paying about £30/m if I remember correctly (new building with this company hardwired already so special deal)
  9. Once again, not a scam. A scam would require them to refuse you to return the item. Also Nvidia got confirmation that those game makers where willing to implement the RTX cores in their games, Nvidia can not be held accountable for when (or even if) it happens let alone how well it works on a game to game bases, as well system to system too since many computers don't have identical setups. Do you know why? I'll give you a hint: NVIDIA IS A CHIP MAKER NOT A GAME MAKER! So once again RTX is not a scam, at worst it was used to mislead their customers to buy their new cards with the promise of many games, new cards that could technically be returned. However once again Nvidia can not (and will not in any legal system) be held accountable as to when games get released with RTX abilities. If you think otherwise, why not try suing them? You'll fail and lose a butt ton of money in the process. Oh FYI returns on the premise the game that should have it enabled didn't will incur restocking fees because said developer was slow, as the card technically functions as intended. Unless it was bundled with the card with the guarantee at the time of sale it would work right from the box.
  10. NinJake

    Old OS's.

    Maybe, sure. What OS and what type of hardware?
  11. Stormseeker9

    first time building a gaming pc

    Well you can argue the bad value of the 2070. If you are going to be playing on 1440p/highultra settings I would take those extra 2GB of vram. On most games I play I near max it out / go over by 1GB on some games. Could youperhaps wait wait a few weeks till we know more end of this month about Zen 2? (Computex)
  12. Adobe may be horrible but it still uses more than 2 cores, enough so a 4 core would out pace it at such a clock deficit. Only thing that would be able so save a 2 core CPU from defeat such as that would be Intel QuickSync, but then the 4 core would likely have that too anyway.
  13. jonascor3a

    Vega 64 weird high-pitched noises

    yeah i heard that before thanks y'all
  14. jstudrawa

    first time building a gaming pc

    2060 should be able to do 144Hz at 1080p for CS:Go and the like. May look into Vega 64 as well. Dark Rock Pro 4 is a good cooler in black. Or there are a lot in the mid level. How far were you planning to OC the 8700K? Doesn't the G3 have issues, why it's so low on the PSU Tier List? I'd definitely up the RAM to 3000-3200MHz. There's a small benefit in FPS from 2400.
  15. Stormseeker9

    first time building a gaming pc

    For intel? Thought a 2666mhz or similar does fine but; 3000mhz is a sweet spot and in case OP upgrades in future might be better
  16. Livin

    can this psu be fixed

    The point that many people are trying to get across is if you spend less money now on a cheap solution, you'll very likely end up spending more time and money later because of the cheap parts. It may cost more up front but long term you'll spend less fixing things properly with quality parts. In the short term yes, it will suck. In the long term you'll be much happier.
  17. it does generally, but some games don't play nice with it. I get tearing in from soft games whenever gsync is enabled.
  18. Turtle Rig

    Which Nvidia driver are you currently using ?

    I mean at some point releasing drivers that are compatible with cards from 10 years ago. I would still update tho because a new game will come out and give issues with the current drivers so you upgrade every there is a WHQL release to be on safe side. Also its recommend to use DDU then install the drivers.
  19. Stormseeker9

    Low FPS CS GO Nvidia RTX 2070 Windforce

    I would have to agree with the 4690k being a bottleneck in your system @Razvan112 are your settings the same as before, didn’t change anything?
  20. GrockleTD

    internet in my area

    That’s amazing i have heard that in Romania you can get 100 for around 10 US because apartment buildings are so close together is fiber is dirt cheap
  21. WikiForce

    Graphics Card suggestion.

    But import duty is different from GST
  22. PC Helper_Buyer

    Old OS's.

    Would an Old OS run on New hardware?
  23. Maybe my eyes are bad, but I don't see a monitor.
  24. Anything Adobe. The 7700K and 7740X are literally the same chips on different substrates. Best clocks of air and water.
  25. G sync rids the tearing right ..? @sahildale how much cheaper is the RM550x in your country ? That would be plenty - also your ram if you don’t need RGB get yourself a Corsair vengeance LPX kit (cheaper)
  26. -= Topic Cleaned =- This topic is discussion about Huawei not the US Gov. This topic is being monitored, if necessary it will be locked. And just fyi.... to correct misinformation; The US is a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy [never was], (no need to reply trying to argue against Im just informing)
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