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  2. will1432

    Paint is getting an update!

    I know but this thread is specific to paint
  3. windows xp

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    ok well i can try to take a pic but i have an apple 2
  4. kelvinhall05

    New PC for my parents

    Z390 motherboard and a 9th gen i5 for a media PC? Complete overkill.
  5. will1432

    Paint is getting an update!

    I know but this thread is purtaining to paint not ms
  6. Hamface55

    CSGO stuttering issue

    I have not. I dont think anything would throttle real quick tho. I have decent hardware and it runs other games no problems. Ill have to check though next time I play.
  7. recently got me a noctua industrial 140mm 3000rpm nf-a14 and i was stupid and forgot to look at its power requirments before buying it, ive heard that fans sucking to much power from the mobo can kill it, will my fan kill my mobo if i plug it in? it uses 0.55 amps 6.6 watts and dc12v
  8. mr moose

    Paint is getting an update!

    paint is an MS app.
  9. Taintedmind

    upgrading from a gtx 980

    Q3 2019, which's July-September. They might actually give the exact release date soon when they show everything that's comin out at the official marketing presentation soon - I believe it's next week, since so many tech reporters are askin for people to watch their online vLogs and live streams.
  10. will1432

    CSGO stuttering issue

    you checked usage history? check task manager for suspicious stuff.
  11. ... Old enough to have a job, and interact with people all day. Honestly I started this thread, cause it just happened to someone at my job this morning, started wondering, and then I posted this during my lunch break.
  12. you tried a different one?
  13. Drak3

    No dlss with a 2080ti at 1440p wat

    DLSS runs off of either the Tensor or RT cores (don't remember which) and in the current architecture, those can't keep up with the Cuda cores. Basically, the 2080Ti locks you into 4K for DLSS because it isn't fast enough to do DLSS at higher frame rates (which is why one would use lower resolutions on a powerful card). The reason that lower end cards can do DLSS at lower resolutions is because those cards can't push the same high frame rates.
  14. Hamface55

    CSGO stuttering issue

    Sometimes when I or a guy peaks me my game will stutter causing me to die. Its really annoying when at the most important part of the round my game freezes. Any fixes? I have a ryzen 5 2600 and a gtx 1060 and 16gb ram so I should have no issues. I even play on the lowest settings too.
  15. If the chip is hitting its base clocks.....it's not thermal throttling. That's all I'm saying.
  16. try swapping psu. I am serious had the same problem and it was the psu.
  17. My friend: "I like to weigh myself, take a shit, then weigh myself again to see how much my shit weighs!"

    Me: "Just shit on the scales. Much easier." 



  18. sauronofmordor

    Inaccurate Disk Free Space

    well I shrunk the partition by like 2MB like your thing said @Princess Luna, but it didn't help.
  19. It's been a while since I've traced and cut a subject for a profile picture/icon, it was fun to do. I do it all by hand using my mouse, no drawing tablet required. This one took around an hour and a bit due to how complex Ahri's hair is.



  20. Wanna know if it has much oc-ing headroom, and what program you do it on. Also, what voltage and clock speed did u do?
  21. Stefan Payne

    Loque Ghost S1 - Gaming

    You can't compare one source to another because the measurement equipment and how they do it is different. Anandtech Measurements only can be compared to Anandtech. Also that measurement is wrong, as you can see here: https://www.tweakpc.de/hardware/tests/netzteile/bitfenix_whisper_m/s08.php So up until ~520W the fan RPM stays the same. How can there be such a curve?? Was there a truck driving by? Did the dog sneeze? But since you play that game, how about that: 550W SP11: https://www.bequiet.com/de/powersupply/1252 And what is that exactly? A mediocre fan with some noise? Problems with some GPUs, wich are not necessarily fixed (Seasonic menationed ASUS GTX970 Strix wich isn't that high Power). 550W comes with only one Cable with two connectors - on just one 8pin Connector - wich might burn your cable with higher end Cards (such as VEGA). (Bitfenix and be quiet comes with two.) High Ripple under overload, as proven above. And Single Rail. Bitfenix has 3 rails and be quiet 4 Rails. wich is also worse as it only has two 8pin Connectors - one for CPU, one for PCIe... So if you ram in a higher wattage unit that might be a Problem as well. The Bitfenix Whisper M 550W is just better, same as be quiet Straight Power 11. Alternative would be Silverstone Strider Platinum. BUT: We don't even know what Case he decides on. If he sticks with the original (really expensive) ITX one, all ATX recommendations are useless... And the Seasonic SFX-L isn't something I'd recommend in that case either, there are better alternatives that should be prefered.
  22. jerubedo

    New PC for my parents

    It probably is, but it comfortably fits in the budget and who knows, maybe they are chrome monsters that keep open 50+ tabs lol.
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