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  2. LukeSavenije

    Power supply+case bundle

    ah, sounds good to me
  3. AMD: nothing The internet: https://images.app.goo.gl/JwDXuF6CkwZZX2Xj7
  4. Almost done with the games i've been playing and would like some recommendations for new ones, right now i'm mostly interested in singleplayer/coop story games (I've played a lot of different ones already so recommendations would be helpful :D)
  5. LukeSavenije

    Safe trying new GPU with potentially bad PSU?

    yeah, maybe you should swap it any budget in mind?
  6. Oalei

    i5 2400s or i5 3470T ?

    no it just doesnt make sense to use ebay when im paying shipping fee and taxes which make it very expensive.
  7. That's actually not what they did, as that's illegal, but ok.
  8. Currently running 4.600 ghz at VCORE 1.320 - power savings/modes off.
  9. Okay I am new here new post new everything..her we go. So I am going to buy a new monitor in the upcoming month or I am at least planning to. I have a 60hz IPS 22inch monitor and I want to upgrade to one of two candidates: VG278Q or VG279Q VG278Q has 144hz 1ms 1080p 27inch TN, and also has g-sync and free-sync. I have never used sync options so I don’t know how much that matters..but moving on. VG279Q has 144hz 1ms 1080p 27inch IPS, and also has free-sync. So there are these points that I want to ask: 1. Going from IPS to TN, would that kill me? (I’ve been using my last ips monitor for 3 years.) 2. I play league so I think I don’t need the fastest refresh rate. Right? 3. From your perspective, which one should I buy? 4. I probably am writing in a shitty format, sorry. 5. I got a zodiac gtx 1060 6gb ddr5 mini, maybe that’s a nessecary info for y’all pros. 6. I saw a lot of vg278q reviews on youtube, I really couldn’t find that many for vg279q. It made me think like vg278q was superior. (Prob just me but had to point it out) 7. Does 27 inch screen kill the 1080p? I read that like in a lot of places so I wanted to ask that. Well, I hope somebody responds. Ps: vg279q cost like 50 bucks more than the vg278q..or something like that.
  10. Ankerson

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Things have been taken way out of context on this subject, I mean way over the top to the point that it's not even real world anymore.
  11. Turtle Rig

    AMD Ryzen 3000 rumours are Adored

    You make good sense. Ya perhaps AMD wants everyone to celebrate in July and keeping hush hush is their way of doing this.
  12. Hello forum - this is my first post so have mercy! Im trying to squeeze some power out from my old machine, and turned my love to overclocking my CPU. Saying im a rooky at this is an understatement! I played arround with a ghz, a vcore and ended up with something that looks stable. Does this OC look ok, or is there anything i need to worry about? A big thank you! Kasper
  13. Sorenson

    Anyone else not crazy about RGB?

    Sure when I get home
  14. GrockleTD

    Experiences with non-techies

    *mein got they must be braking into Fort Knox!*
  15. At first I was hyped and you all know it. I was a posting machine about this topic but not anymore and I do apologize to all. Now it seems like everyday there is a thread with a chart. Ryzen 16 core 5.1 Ghz 500 dollars just doesn't seem believable to me. IMO Ryzen 8 cores will come out first. AMD did say ThreadRipper is after consumer Ryzen in August but that can be pushed back to September or new CES time. I mean if they have a 16 core for 500 dollars @ 5.1Ghz turbo that will kill the 9900k and bury it alive. Would I bet on this right now ? No I wouldn't. I don't like how AMD is conducting themselves, as Intel is so kind to always give us a true roadmap and what not. IMO right now AMD has dropped the ball when 1 month before release we still don't know sh*T. Just charts and the asian lady lol.
  16. aj91

    What CPU to go for?

    Ryzen 3000 works in my mobo?
  17. Slottr

    GaMinG pC from scratch

    If anything, a large air cooler like either of the two I mentioned will be quieter than an AIO. You never know what could happen. Just wait a few weeks or so before you pull the trigger
  18. The Benjamins

    AMD Ryzen 3000 rumours are Adored

    Did you forget about first gen ryzen launch. People said the same thing when the 8c ryzen matched the Intel hedt 8c for $700 less.
  19. GrockleTD

    What CPU to go for?

    Motherboard is completely incompatible with 9th gen. Wait the less than 6 days to learn more aBout ryzen 3000
  20. Pascal...

    Experiences with non-techies

    That moment when you're sitting in class, it's silent and all, and you just go ham with the Keyboard ~90-100 wpm and the guy next to you gives you this stare as if you're hacking the sh!t out of something (and I'm just typing on a Lenovo L560). It would be interesting to see their reaction to my Coolermaster Masterkeys Pro S RGB with MX Browns.
  21. yeah i know its any US company. which means they can walk around it using their shell company in China. which they specifically use to sell EPYC CPUs to china.
  22. Glenwing

    "G-Sync Compatible" Master Thread

    Unfortunately I don't know, I don't have any FreeSync monitors with backlight strobing to test
  23. PCGuy_5960

    Best Place To Live if money didnt matter

  24. No, Apple refused to give in to government demands. This separate company designed something to bypass it. I'll just use Apple as my example here, as I don't have any others that I can think of off the top of my head, and I don't really care enough to look into it.
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