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  2. Believe it or not after I posted this I was eyeing my old Pioneer VP-1000 laserdisc/discovision player from the very late 70s witch has vents along the sides that would fit a long 40mm rad rather well. Now I kind of want to make a sleeper HTPC gaming PC inside it. The player has room for a full ATX board, video cards and maybe a ATX PSU along with room for a long 60mm or even a 80mm rad on the back. If it was not for it being 100 perfect and restored I would gut it and make it a HTPC.
  3. Ardu

    RAM Maybe help?

    I appreciate what your saying, but this is my current PC, I was just suing PCPP as like a way to list what I have, I've had some of these parts for years, so like the WD Black is like 4 years old, and the SSD's are 2 and 1 year old, that's why it looks so odd, sorry for the confusion.
  4. TVwazhere

    Thermaltake Level 20 GT

    In my mind the H500M is a better overall case. It's a smaller size, has better airflow and looks better construction wise. Thermaltake definitely has the advantage though of the PCI-E slots being rotatable for better air cooled GPU performance though since the card wouldnt be directly against the glass, which would be the only reason I would recommend this case over the H500M or the EvolvX Level 20 GT: 100.948 L (thats huge) H500M 73.662 L Evolv X 64.896 L For comparison, something like the Define C series from Fractal is about 41L
  5. MeatFeastMan

    Budget gaming build ; need help

    Well you don't need the single core performance desperately because as you say, you're playing poker. The 1600 should be fine but if you want the 2600, go for it.
  6. pas008

    Pair of AMD Navi GPU's to be shown at Computex

    I was talking about previous rumor of 1080 performance for 250 from fud/wccf but they pricing it at 400 with this rumor
  7. Command369

    Pc boots to bios but not windows

    My boot order is with the ssd first. i havent moved to new hardware just moved my hardware from one case to another.
  8. Captain Chaos

    Samsung S10e absolutely terrible battery life?

    Probably a rogue app that keeps consuming power while it's not supposed to. Linus seems to have the same problem with most Samsung phones he uses. As a Samsung user myself I never experienced such problems, so it's not like they all have it.
  9. Chunchunmaru_

    Zero day exploit in windows 10 1903

    That could actually mean there are more people in the security team for finding vulnerabilities, which would be reasonable, still better than if someone else or hackers finds out by themselves
  10. alyen

    Noctua NF-A14 fans rising and falling in speed

    I noticed my ASRock motherboard can supply 1A when the header is set to fan and 2A if its set as a pump in BIOS.
  11. Electronics Wizardy

    Pc boots to bios but not windows

    Did you do a fresh install of the os? You probalby have to do this if you moved to new hardware and it won't boot. What is the boot order?
  12. I think most of these people are missing you have a capture card. That takes a lot of the requirements off the cpu. Now that being said the 2600 upgrade is a good start, but you will also want a GPU capable of 60fps at 1080p. I think right now the 570 8gb and 580 8gb are your best options. The 580 is like 150 at microcenter atm and can be found online for around 170. The 570 can be found for around 100 at microcenter and around 120 online.
  13. Od1sseas

    Pc boots to bios but not windows

    Clear CMOS?
  14. asdntn0f

    Budget gaming build ; need help

    Also, I am not interested in any games other than the poker software of the site on which I would be playing. PC would be mainly used for grinding online poker, running some poker solvers, running a heads up display, and video editing.
  15. mtz_federico

    Port Forwarding Help

    I am not sure if port forwarding helps fortnite but im going to help you. On what device are you playing? Have you checked that the ip address of the device you are playing has not changed since you port-forwarded it or did you set a static ip? on this website you can find the ports for fortnite and some tutorials https://portforward.com/fortnite/
  16. So i recently finished buying all the parts to my PC and transferred my parts from my dads case to mine while adding my new psu in the process. I've double checked all the connections and made sure everything is plugged in correctly. Every time i turn on my PC, i get the asus press f2 or del to go into bios, after that i see a black screen with a white horizontal line flash up and dissapear in milliseconds, and then it goes into the bios. Im not sure whats wrong as my ssd with the os on it shows up and my hard drive shows up but nothing i do in the bios can make it boot to windows. im not sure where to go from there. All of these parts have worked just fine together before i transferred the parts. My system specs - Ryzen 7 2700x - MSI gtx 1660ti ventus oc edition - Asus ROG Strix B-350f gaming - 16gb G.Skill Trident z rgb 2400mhz - Samsung 860 evo 500 gb ssd - Seagate Barracuda 1tb hdd - Corsair CX650M 650 watt psu
  17. Skiiwee29

    Max Temps

    Thats strange... that page also shows the NVENC encoder being Turing based.. pretty sure the 16 series is NOT turing based though for the NVENC encoder?
  18. Spotty

    Instagram Privacy Flaw Exposes User Details (Again)

    Don't worry, you can get the next one.
  19. Captain Chaos

    Max Temps

  20. Electronics Wizardy

    PCI-E lane help for raid 0

    raid 0 just really doesn't matter for those uses. Id just get a single bigger drive, or use the separately, one for games and one for boot. just not worth the hassle of raid here.
  21. Alan G

    Anyone else not crazy about RGB?

    My PC is a work station and not a video arcade machine. I have a Fractal Design Define case without a window as I have no need to see the insides and the side that is usually windowed faces a wall. I guess most MoBos have some sort of RGB these days so when time comes to update, I'll probably have a minimal amount of RGB. I would not spend money for other RGB components. EDIT: workstation is also running 24/7
  22. TVwazhere

    Returned pc case.

    if it's just the cover, then it should be fine (as long as the bracket itself is still included) The case isnt the best for GPU thermals, but otherwise for $55 it's a good value over it's retail price ($140 on newegg at the time of posting)
  23. Zodiark1593

    Zero day exploit in windows 10 1903

    Nothing illegal about that.
  24. Skiiwee29

    Need new Case for Custom water cooling

    im really looking to not have to take parts of the case off to have good air flow sadly. Its one of my problems ive had with the Enthoo Evolv.. looks phenomenal, but has probably the worst thermals in the history of cases.
  25. Plutosaurus

    how to say officially motherboard?

    I use this interchangably with motherboard. Same with "head unit" and "deck" and "receiver" with car stereos. There's lots of words with effectively the same meaning.
  26. Awesome! Really like how they're improving this platform. I've signed for the beta too.
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