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  2. FYI the i7 9700k lacks hyperthreading. It's 8 cores 8 threads.
  3. Yeah, what does this mean: ram: ballistix sport ddr4 8gb 4 sticks in single rank
  4. Ok, do the other monitors have to be asus? Dell makes a 24 inch 144hz monitor for $235 CAD (though it technically is only 120hz but overclocks to 144hz according to dell) from what ive seen the colour reproduction is alright but it's a TN panel just like your asus so it's not going to have great colours. It also has a USB 3 passthough (if that interests you) Heres a link: https://www.amazon.ca/Dell-Gaming-Monitor-Response-FreeSync/dp/B07MB7WT39/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=24+inch+144hz+monitor&qid=1555683651&s=gateway&sr=8-7
  5. Governments would rather secretly work with facebook instead of fight it. Shit as big as facebook can kind of manipulate public opinion by serving the users news articles etc. of their choice Plus government want your data too. Perhaps more than anyone else! It's never a government's interest to protect your privacy you know...
  6. Ankerson

    Ryzen and high fps

    No, it's real. The CPU's just don't have the power to push the high frame rates. That's why we normally say that it's better to run them at 1440P or above.
  7. You should be fine, the 2600X shouldn't bottleneck the 1070. I would highly recommend dual channel RAM
  8. Bababababaaba

    4 gigs of ram > 8 gigs?

    the frequency of the ram is set to 1333mhz and it doesn't go any higher, not even with the single stick of 1600. Tried to see if I can do something in the BIOS but I couldn't. The average fps rate went from 50 to 34
  9. fasauceome

    Ryzen and high fps

    Should it? I mean, more core to core latency, lower frequency, it's very efficient but it doesn't really have quite as much horsepower. That being said, it actually does do 144Hz if you haven't got the cash for an Intel build. My friend uses his 2600 and DDR4 3000 with his RX 580 for some 120+fps gameplay
  10. Turtle Rig

    Ryzen and high fps

    This is not true. Sure with a 9900k you will get 10 or 15fps more then a Ryzen, but you can't tell a difference if your already getting triple FPS with Ryzen compared to Intel. See if you get 140fps in a AAA title then with a 9900k you will get 150 or 155fps. This difference in frame rate without using a FPS counter; You will not tell a difference in performance.
  11. ELSknutson

    Ryzen and high fps

    lower clock speeds.
  12. GoldenLag

    Ryzen and high fps

    intel has hon average higher clockspeeds with their CPUs. Ryzen works just fine on up to 144hz gaming. its exagurated how much of an issue that actually is. you are also better off spending the extra you save on Ryzen towards a better GPU as in titles you can reach higher than what Ryzen achieves you usually need a very good GPU.
  13. Hi everyone, I have my first pc build for mid gaming and for work also. cpu: ryzen 5 2600x mobo: aorus b450m ram: ballistix sport ddr4 8gb 4 sticks in single rank psu: seasonic 600 watts gpu: gtx 1070 hdd: 1t toshiba ssd: wd green 240gb monitor: asuz 23inc 60hrz Is the above specs utilize my pc performance or going be bottleneck or compatibility issue ? thank u
  14. It all depends on budget If you just watched J's new bottle necking video he shows an i3 7100 2-4 producing the same sort of performance with GTX1660 but with a RTX 2080ti that same i3 is just crippled due to bottle necking. So the core count does make a difference with higher end hardware but doest with the more main stream budget hardware.
  15. Mick Naughty

    Last nVidia card with dual DVI ports?

    Well a 7 or 9 series are “newer” and a lot of models offer two dvi ports. Believe a evga ssc 970 does. Really comes down to how good of a card you want an willing to spend.
  16. This is the build mentioned : https://it.pcpartpicker.com/user/imMAXAM/saved/tJTWbv The budget for the monitor is 200€ Hope you can help me choose one.
  17. NunoLava1998

    970 Evo in T420 using m.2 to Sata adapter

    I meant in Windows and performance overall; like daily tasks. There are workloads which greatly benefit from NVMe. If you mean the fact I have a NVMe SSD as a boot drive myself, I had to find out somehow.
  18. BCNF (Boyce Cod Normal Form) is a pain in the dick.



    That is all I had to say about that...

  19. It is if I'm right. But you know how the big corps are, they won't care and won't do anything.
  20. atmos and sbx user here i have always used virtual surround because all games arent created equal and with sound in mind there are alot of virtual surround videos out there for comparison you can try yourself with hesuvi
  21. Bananasplit_00

    A Bay Day at Work

    Seeing as Radium works as a fetish fotographer I'm fairly sure it's just a creepy story
  22. I stopped using screen protectors. Most are a hassle to apply and air bubbles get annoying. Plus fingerprints get harder to wipe off.
  23. Radium_Angel

    A Bay Day at Work

    Just a bit of fiction, mixed with some experiences from a *very* bad job I had.
  24. The median household income in the US is over 50k -- certainly more than $3k/month. Not that you can afford to spend that much on an apartment at that level of income, but that's not the point (and isn't at all what I said). $2k amortized over three years is literally the cost of a going out to dinner once a month. It's an absolutely irelevant amount of money compared to what people will spend on literally everything else in their life. And if you're that budget constrained, then you're probably not looking at a flagship phone or multiple devices either. You should be buying a $150 phone and keeping it for years.
  25. Overall AMD has been very gracious to their platform, literally anyone with an AM4 motherboard can upgrade to 8 cores at any point, so when that core count is relevant for gaming it's quite a boon.
  26. jstudrawa

    Help with next upgrade path

    The 2070 is getting a rough review lately, as it sits oddly between the 2060 and 2080. For your 1080p 144, I'd look at the 2060 or even the 1660Ti if you don't need Ray Tracing. This will keep your G-Sync going. As for CPU path, hold off til Ryzen 2 is shown. Then you'll have more info to base a decision on.
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