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  2. potatobuilder

    4790k reached 100 °C

    I got it for 140€. ok I'll look it up
  3. I have a Sony GDM FW900 that supports this resolution at that refresh rate. I have even been able to run it at 85hz. The last Nvidia card I can use is a 980Ti since the rest have only digital out.
  4. Source here: https://www.techspot.com/review/1829-intel-core-i5-9400f-vs-amd-ryzen-5-2600x/
  5. handymanshandle

    This is getting ridiculous...

    buh buh muh competition!
  6. Squirearl

    Help with Audio Interface/Amp-Dac etc

    I wouldn't even mind getting a Mixer that requires a Power Plug and isn't just ran off USB. I'm just scared and don't want to buy the wrong headset or mixer you know. Its overwhelming because i know little to nothing about all this stuff.
  7. 1% lows ARE a measure of consistency. So in 18 games, the 9400F was as consistent as the 2600x that was at its limit.
  8. Yeah a Picture without a Source is really useful... Anyhow: You don't happen to play Wildlands, do you??
  9. Stratassj

    EVGA SuperNOVA G2 or Seasonic Focus plus

    My build is Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB 3000mhz RAM, B450 Tomahawk/Pro Carbon (depends if i can get the open box before it gets sold), 500GB M.2 SSD, Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse
  10. quakeguy81

    This is getting ridiculous...

    9 apps just to download games... and yes I own games on all of them.
  11. Yeah, have something like that in a Box somewhere (FM2+) But what GPU do you have? What CPU?? .... What has that to do with what I said?? I was talking about the average Frametames and consistancy. Now you come with some shit that has NOTHING to do with what I said?!
  12. rice guru

    Help with Audio Interface/Amp-Dac etc

    aside from using the mixers provided for school and productions I have been a part of I wasn't really paying attecntion to what brands are good or not but. a mixerd iof it takes usb should be able to have a dac inside it and an amp to dive a headphone wont be as clean as a separate dac amps. but should do fine for stuff like the hd 58x's as they arent very amp dependant but if your dac sucks it will expose that.
  13. It will, but not to its full 3000MHz. The motherboard's limit is 2666MHz so that the highest your RAM will run at.
  14. VinsinityKT

    Microsoft Remote Bricked Alienware

    Why did you need to call up Microsoft in the first place? Check bios settings to make sure all settings are correct. UEFI for GPT and Legacy for MBR partitions. Anyway, I would just create a new Windows 10 USB boot device to install Windows from. Set bios to Uefi since you will likely be doing a Uefi boot. You can just delete the partitions in while booting from the Windows 10 Media and do a fresh install. Dell techs will not be helpful if you aren't using the operating system they provided for you.
  15. Does that mean the 3000MHz RAM won't even run on the motherboard ?
  16. Because they are one of the few companies that won't just give the product after you bought it and says "tough luck" to all the future problems. At least apple doesn't make exploding phones and phone that breaks on its own in 2 days
  17. Stefan Payne

    4790k reached 100 °C

    Not Particularly well... But since you wasted like 250€ or so on an 5 Year old CPU... I'd look at higher end/better Coolers like an EKL Brocken or something in that area...
  18. Just offering options is all. If all those people who are going to watch your streams make it worth it, go for it.
  19. So that means it will run . Please say yes ... I would be so grateful to you for the rest of my life if tgats true . Please say yes
  20. That is with the 2600x at its best overclock WITH 3400MHz RAM. When paired with 3000MHz like everyone is actually buying, they won't even match the 9400F... In 18 games. And the 9600K is better than that.
  21. zedsdeath

    Voltage for logic gates

    I'm making a full adder circuit with some logic gates and its been a while since a used them, like 5 years ago I used them with a regulated power supply. Now I want to make the circuit using any kind of battery but the guy that sold them to me failed to specify the input voltage for the logic gates, he just told me that one of them is CMOS and the other ones are TLL(they didnt have one of them in TLL). So I looked it up on the internet and it seems that they both can operate with 5V as the input and I want to double check this before I burn the logic gates. These are the ones im using http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/247361/RENESAS/HD74LS04P.html https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/sn54hc32.pdf?HQS=TI-null-null-alldatasheets-df-pf-SEP-wwe http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/sn74ls08.pdf HD74LS04P, SN74LS08N and SN74HC32N
  22. Olivia Moore

    Asus XI hero problems

    Hey guys, finally figured it out. I plugged it back into the GPU (which I originally plugged it into the first time) from the iGPU and I got the post screen. Everything seems to be working now, thank you!!!!
  23. and i'm even on amd apu and gpu right now.... lol
  24. potatobuilder

    4790k reached 100 °C

    so this will work right?
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