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  2. Sychic

    The extreme Inline cooling system

    Holy Positive Pressure, Batman!
  3. GoldenLag

    What do you guys spend your time with?

    tell me about it...........
  4. STlNG3R

    Which PSU is better?

    Thank you for the informations and for the suggestions! I ended up with a Straight Power 11 650w. The reason i went with the 650w is because theres only a 5-6€ difference between 550 vs 650 and the 650 will be more future proof i think.
  5. GoldenLag

    Radeon 6900 Cooling

    i will need a specific GPU GPUz should give you a reading on the specific model. then ill need the card variant, but a picture will do
  6. That information came from AMD. Yes AMD's product page doesn't mention it, it doesn't mention PCIe specs at all. Radeon VII does not have PCIe 4.0, that information was given out in the reviewers information packs. If it were incorrect AMD would have required this information to be corrected. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-radeon-vii-vega-20-7nm,5977.html They aren't just making it up. Edit: https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/amd-radeon-vii https://www.techspot.com/review/1789-amd-radeon-vii/
  7. Hello All, My work computer really seems to chug when I am editing 4k footage from my Gh5, I am curious if it is my hardware. I edit in Premiere and I know I can make proxies to help solve this issue, I just wanted to see if there was something else I could try before I switch up my workflow. PC Specs (Dell Precision Tower 7810): CPU - Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 @ 2.10Ghz GPU - Quadro P4000 RAM - 32gb Thank you for reading!
  8. imajerec

    My Power Supply Fan broke

    I'm not trying to say anything,you're assuming something i did not said.Just because a product isn't tested with a review , doesn't automatically mean it is bad,you can chose to be sceptical on its quality and that's understandable. ''It's garbage untill proven to be good'' / ''It's good until proven to be garbage'' same logic applies. that makes more sense
  9. My i5-7300HQ doesn't. 4c4t. Very popular in budget gaming laptops at least. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/97456/intel-core-i5-7300hq-processor-6m-cache-up-to-3-50-ghz.html
  10. CrispyFreshEthan

    Best fan config?

    Just wanna know what the best fan config (pushing, pulling air) is? I have the Phanteks P300 which can fit 2 fans at the front, one on top and one at the back. I have enough fans for them and more, (got a pack of 6) but in the future plan to use one of them for a new CPU Cooler.
  11. Sychic

    Use PC to check Xbox 360 discs for errors?

    can you not run them on an xbox 360? or even an xbox one?
  12. GoldenLag

    Upgrading my computer

    not worth it right now. wait a little bit Zen 2 is right around the corner. Computex is in 10 days so thats when we expecte a launch/announchement.
  13. Isaac_gregg

    Radeon 6900 Cooling

    The drivers say it is a AMD Radeon HD 6900, but the case for it has Asus branding on it. Any help? Thanks
  14. I'm guessing it only applies to PCIe lanes that come with CPU itself (which is why Zen2 is required). All the extra ones from chipset would still be PCIe 3.0. Makes sense since we always get some PCIe lanes from CPU and some from chipset. And sloting in a newer CPU with newer PCIe, it would update lanes as well. If there was physical change, not, but here it seems to be electrical only.
  15. GoldenLag

    34 Curved choice

    this one as far as i can tell. though really you should just aim for any 100hz 1440p ultrawides.
  16. No it was found by a specific pattern, that's literally the research track that was being done that found these flaws. They were specifically looking at CPU data caches and how they act to see if they can find security flaws in that area. The way this has worked has been like that for years but as I mentioned earlier is very complicated and we first must obtain the understanding to find the flaws before we can discover them. They could have been found sooner but they weren't, that doesn't make it by chance unless it was actually discovered by chance which is not the case. These researchers were specifically looking in to this specific area, they specifically found these flaws. That's very specific to be chance. It's almost like they had some prior reasoning to be looking in that area.
  17. Seeing as AMD doesn't list a PCIe spec, Anandtech doesn't list a source to the confirmation, and there is no way to check if it is PCIe 4.0 without a 4.0 system, I'm not going to conclude that it is limited to 3.0 until AFTER Ryzen 3000 and a few driver updates.
  18. Oh come on... I know it's cool to hate on Intel these days but that's not bribery. It's standard procedure. What happened was that these researchers found an issue. Intel offered them a reward through the Intel Bug Bounty Program. One of the clauses of the bug bounty program is that you do not publicly disclose the vulnerability however you want. You need to give Intel time to fix it before making it public, which is standard practice because it minimizes the damage to users. Another clause of the agreement is that you use the NVD CVSSv3 or FIRST CVSSv3 calculators (industry standards) when evaluating the appropriate CVSS score Basically what happened was this: Intel: Hey, nice finding there. If you promise to use industry standard methods to evaluate the threat, and give us some time to fix this before going public with it you can have some money. Researchers: Baww Intel is trying to bribe us! What assholes!
  19. Some European countries have a law for defects that are discovered on a product and are assumed to be present from the beginning. It's called "out of the box defect" (roughly translated from my language where it's called "stvarna napaka") where consumer can return the product within 6 months since purchase with a written statement they want to apply for a return based on this law and it's automatically assumed the defect was present. After 6 months, the consumer has to prove it on their own. I just don't know if such vulnerabilities and drop of performance later on falls under this or not. It has to then be resolved or appealed by the supplier in 8 days otherwise consumer automatically gets the right to get whatever they stated in the written document (which can be repair of the product, new product or cashback of the purchase). Not sure how is with this across Europe but since we're in EU I think we share this stuff... I think vulnerability itself wouldn't apply, but drop in performance from pathces for it just might because the performance is not the same as when you were buying it which means you were mislead about its performance capabilities.
  20. Emirvel

    What do you guys spend your time with?

    My family often travels a lot, that's why it became my hobby. I like to explore and discover new places. Every summer we go on a trip that lasts 3 months. This summer we want to visit Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Japan. Also, I love to read travel blogs, it inspires me. Last time I found this great list, check it out https://travelsites.com/best-travel-blogs/
  21. I have never dated anyone in my life, because I live in russia and I hate dating russian girls. Is there anyone who wants to date me, except russians(this question is not addressed to russians, although I know that russians read this. Russians: don't bother. If I would like to address russians I'm going to write this in russian, not in English.)?

    1. imreloadin


      Is LTT the new Tinder or something xD

    2. Alexander_Howard
  22. Darkrunner

    34 Curved choice

    Hello I want to buy a new 34 inch Curved monitor, mainly for Mmo, of these 2 which would be the better choice? -MSI Optix MAG341CQ -HKC NB34C 34
  23. GoldenLag

    Radeon 6900 Cooling

    take of the shroud and and zip-tie fans over the heatsink. also you should consider repasting the GPU while you are at it. what GPU exactly?
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