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  2. hey you leave chrome out of this it. it can barley uses 200gb with 5k tabs open.
  3. That's a valid concern. You can try asking the place you can buy it from if they know if it's been used for mining. If you buy it and it breaks after the 12 months it's just bad luck and you can't really come back with it.
  4. 256GB of RAM? How many chrome tabs are you planning on using!?
  5. So i cant for the life of me find these boards that Linus used to use a U.2 port to connect a PCIE device???? I have looked on ali and banggood and just cant find it. Anyone know where I might find them?
  6. you mean like this list? https://pcpartpicker.com/products/memory/#Z=131072001,262144008&xcx=0&sort=price&page=1 newegg has it https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-256gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232960?Item=N82E16820232960&nm_mc=AFC-RAN-COM&cm_mmc=AFC-RAN-COM&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=afc-PCPartPicker&AFFID=2558510&AFFNAME=PCPartPicker&ACRID=1&ASID=https%3a%2f%2fpcpartpicker.com%2fproduct%2f9CCFf7%2fgskill-trident-z-royal-256-gb-8-x-32-gb-ddr4-3200-memory-f4-3200c16q2-256gtrs&ranMID=44583&ranEAID=2558510&ranSiteID=8BacdVP0GFs-au_eUYjKB0H4cb6ZOrGH6w
  7. Cable mod was not possible, there were no cables to mod! Besides even if it was, my friend paid for the modular PSU, it wouldn't be right to bodge it.
  8. The i7 9700k doesn't have hyper threading to begin with. Just the i7 8700k and the 9900k and their non oc variants
  9. The question is if the MOBO will handle it and when DDR5 will actually come out.
  10. How long does it last on a single charge without being paired? I get one full day and night (I sleep with it) for being paired to iPhone and always only charged up to 80%. I also turned off all the notifications for standing up and other nonsense like achievements.
  11. The 3xxx series' Spire is also all aluminum, instead of the copper vapor chamber on earlier models. Hardware Unboxed did a video. So that's where the fan increase came from to maintain temps.
  12. i agree with upti here, i'm also wondering tho, you're stating a 2ndary harddrive, but what is your primary? an SSD? Has the game moved from the SSD to the harddrive? this could explain the slowness compared to when you had it new. But perhaps, since you 'only' have 8gb of memory, there is too much background programs using this memory and your games are forced to use the pagefile (if you still have this enabled), in this case, it will be noticeably slower.
  13. Again, very vague. You can code on literally any machine, unless you need something specific. Basically any mid-range laptop would be sufficient for non-intensive level of graphic design and photo editing, and in fact your work might not even need a discrete graphics. Look for a relatively light machine with a good battery and a nice keyboard. You can always go small while in class and have a nice big screen in the dorm. For example: Surface Laptop (if Windows is preferable). So ditch the logic of gaming=best, and get yourself something else, unless you actually know that the courses you gonna take would require i9 and rtx2080...
  14. What if it breaks after 12 months and i dont know if its been used for mining
  15. I meant tests of your gpu with that specific cooler And that sounds to me like you dont have enough airflow. What is your fan configuration in the case? Where are they placed? At which speeds are they running? Where are intakes and exhausts? Edit: and to answer your question: gpu boost is an autooverclocking feature built into the card. It tries to run at its highest frequency possible and is heavily dependent on the temperature. The higher the temps go, the lower the clock will sink and therefore you will have less performance. Though halfing the fps is definitely thermal throttling and not related to gpu boost, gpu boost gains maybe another 10% if the card is running cool
  16. I can agree on Task Manager being useless for monitoring GPU utilization, but for monitoring CPU, RAM and disk usage it does the job perfectly fine.
  17. Hey All, Could someone show where this memory is being sold? G.SKILL DDR4 32GB 256GB Memory kit For the life of me I can't find it anywhere??? Cheers
  18. R282-Z90 dual 64 cores 2tb of ram 12 16tb seagate drives on some server buying sites is about 35.5k
  19. Taskmanager is useless in determining the utilization of gpu/cpu in games. You need a good monitor program, like e.g. Afterburner If there's a process running in the background using up ram/cpu it will already be there before any game is started. Then taskmanager could be the tool to find it.
  20. The trouble is, I live in the UK and the cables on Corsair's website were REALLY expensive, and it wasn't even clear if they were compatible, I think they wanted £28 a cable too, and i bought the PSU for £70. Also there was no possibilty of modding the cables as there was only the motherboad and gpu supplies coming from the PSU thanks to the m.2 hard drive. In the end it was easier to just buy another. Then the other day i found the original PSU cables so I sold the PSU on eBay for £60 so not too much of a problem after that.
  21. I think that just the fact the Pentagon even had a press briefing about this is amazing. It shows that they are working on public trust both international and domestic. They are known for being very secretive, especially since 9/11. In the press briefing, they were very transparent with how this will go forward and what they plan to do, more so than I've ever seen them. We still don't know many of the details, but this seems like they are trying to gain the public's trust for a new way of ethical warfare and other applications. I think they are just as unsure as we are and want to approach this with the backing of the public.
  22. Well yea i guess? It scrapes off into somekind of a dust.
  23. Definitely the GPU. The 1050ti is getting pretty old now so you were in a need of an upgrade anyways.
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