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  2. Get the proper instruction, teaching is a skill and your dad likely doesn't know the current standards to pass the test.
  3. if I dont get any other answers that will be the way I'll go. thank you
  4. Hi everyone Wanted to get some suggestions on the idea I wanted to go with upgrading my current PC Current Specs: Processor: i7-7700 CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo MOBO: ASROCK Z270 Extreme 4 Memory: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Storage: 1TB HDD / 500GB SSD / 120GB SSD (OS) Video Card: MSI GeForce RTX 2060 6GB Gaming Z Power Supply: EVGA 850W 80+ Gold Semi-Modular OS: Windows 10 Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro Tempered Glass ATX Full Tower Current Wishlist: These are the items I'm eyeing within my budget that I am considering as upgrades for my rig. CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X - about $180 currently. 8 cores, 16 threads. I think this would be a solid upgrade for my system over the i7-7700 for the core count and threads. Cooler: Corsair H115i Pro - About $135, hoping this will work well with keeping my Processor cooled since I plan to overclock it. Definitely open to suggestions to more affordable or better AIOs MOBO: ??? - This where I would want more help with deciding a MOBO - Most MOBO support 3 SATA devices, which is what I currently have, but would love suggestions! Looking for one with optical audio port for my sound bar. Like the MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon 1. Budget & Location Trying to keep my upgrade of trio items to around 400-500 bucks USD in NA 2. Aim 1440p gaming! I also like to stream my games and record what I play. Some light editing work too. 3. Monitors Current (One) 27'' 1440p Monitor 144hz Freesync and (One) 27'' 1080p Monitor 60hz. In the future I would plan to upgrade the 1080p to another 1440p 144hz freesync/gsync monitor. 4. Peripherals No peripherals needed 5. Why are you upgrading? Upgrading to get more out of my system. CPU is not overclockable, CPU Cooler is big and ugly and not aesthetically pleasing for me. Mobo has to work with CPU ofc.
  5. Editing with a quote is FUBAR. In a spoiler for obvious reasons. View at your own risk:
  6. Well according to Amazon the new TVs will be released March 1st. There is a 65" Q80T that's available now for delivery on the 27th if you wanna jump the gun. I'm gonna have to read up quickly (and thoroughly) if I wanna snag a set at a good price before they're gone.
  7. I was using a good amount of force, what are the chances that it caused some sort of damage to the motherboard, and how do I tell? The PC still boots fine, and I didn't see any obvious cracks or scratches. Here are some pictures of the area behind the lever. Hopefully the screwdriver just slid to the left and struck the bare PCB. http://imgur.com/gallery/gTpIkji
  8. do u have any other alternative to driving school? idk from where r u but here u need at least 18.5 hours of driving in a driving school to even be able to apply for a driving test
  9. I don't disagree with you there. An Android TV box is the most feature-rich and simple way to get all your content around the house. I've done HTPCs and everything else in the past, but it was never as seamless, especially around remotes and x86 interfaces and such. I kind of missed Windows Media Center actually. But Android TV is the best all-around solution I've seen. Android TV (in the US) has retroarch, Hulu, Steam Link, and anything else you'd probably want. And with a Mi Box, you can add ethernet via an adapter if you're not trusting of your WiFi, and utilize Bluetooth controllers for your emulation.
  10. I also had to re-install my windows again though, and now i can't run chkdsk D ; /f /r /x on CMD it says "impossible to open in direct access"
  11. Your previous overclock has failed. Thats about it. MSI motherboard. And the only thing i do is to save the same overclock setting and then it works for the entire day lol.
  12. Only if there is Displayport Alt mode included in that port, which I do not see a mention of on the Acer website. Do check if there is a tiny Displayport logo next to the USB type C port: Even then, it would be a guess if it will work at 4K60Hz. 3440*1440 or 2560*1080? The 1440 UW can only do up to 100Hz on HDMI 2.0, 1080 UW can do 144Hz. But those are theoretical numbers, I have seen devices not support the maximum theoretical before.
  13. I remember Linus and Luke mentioning in several videos how and when to buy and resell your 2080 or 2080ti (maybe the videos were from the 10series-era). I can't remember how the shuffle went, was it buy at launch and resell a month or two before the launch of the next generation? Is there an equivalent used GPU shuffle for the previous generation (ie. when to buy and sell an 1080ti in the 20series-era)? Does anyone know how it goes or which videos they explain it in?
  14. When you add more drives, it changes what it's trying to boot from? Are any of the other drives old boot drives by chance? can you verify that the bios is still booting from the main OS drive always?
  15. i meant 144hz. right now its at 144hz since the last i set it... but at random times it will go back to 119hz luckily my 3950x has arrived, waiting for the r6 case to arrive and i will get to work and build the new computer then i can finally go to windows 10, but still interested to know why this happens so what
  16. I'd recommend it. The testers have seen a million cocky drivers. They suck.
  17. There's very different types of stop codes. I don't know what to do
  18. not overreacting, its in italy now also it makes sense to use a mask in confinded spaces (a plane, a train, a bus) which mask do I buy? prices are going high I can use an UV sanitizer machine so I can reuse it. I'll just put it inside the UV machine after every use and im good.
  19. Btw, I'm sorry for coming off so brashly. Just got angry at OPs demonstrated ignorance and then you come in from the more nuanced perspective (that I still disagree with) and I did a crap job keeping a level head. Regardless. Most "gaming soundcards" or otherwise suck at actually doing positional audio anyways, and that's assuming they have the right impression of where and how many speakers there even are. Its personal preference I suppose, but I would rather listen in stereo to gaming sound properly/accurately rendered than deal with positional data displayed with horrible distortion and frequency imbalance. Obviously in ideal world, both aspects are done properly. My other position is more that someone who cares and has the sound setup to notice the difference is going to be using a digital interface anyways (I doubt the coprocesser will make much of a lick of difference in a random 2.1 setup in crappy locations in a room, or with a terrible sound bar), and that digital interface can both carry and process any positional data regardless, so it makes almost 0 difference at all, unless for some reason the audio calcs are actually computationally expensive and this coprocessor actually makes a difference in that respect.
  20. I had to sleep early so didn't realy let it keep going for the second drive, however once i was back home a few mins ago, it happened again, i could still use my antivirus but that's it, it didn't find anything again same symptoms: cant connect to internet, launch browser, task manager stays frozen like on (system run time) it stays stuck at a certain timer and the whole system is all glitchy so i ran the chkdsk on the SSD which contains the system files as well as sfc /scannow, it didn' t detect anything, I'm gonna do it for my second drive now
  21. One of the bigger problems I find is that the "payoff" of "hope" isn't going to he until the end of the season, or perhaps even the end of the entire show. This is due to the serialized nature of the plot to drive the show. DS9 and ENT and to a degree VOY did this with multi-episode arcs, but generally each episode had a B-side plot that would provide you with some resolution. Picard seems more than happy to give you a weekly dose of misery and despair, without any of the "highs" the episodic nature of old Trek gave, even if we're just comparing it to a B-plot resolution in a DS9 arc. So even if it does have a somewhat positive ending, the general feeling of Picard will be unpleasant for most of the show. If you like that GoT style storytelling, them I suppose the show is perfect for you. I get enough daily misery from the news.
  22. Thanks a lot for the reply! I bought the Corsair RM (2019) 650W. It is not the RMx but it is listed as Tier A on the tier list.
  23. So I have an Acer Aspire 7 A717-72G-700J, Its using the gtx 1060 6gb. It comes with an Hdmi 2.0 port, a usb 3.0 and usb 3.1 c gen 1. I plan on hooking up a 34 ultra wide monitor with 144 or 100hz directly with the Hdmi 2.0 and that should be fine. My questions would be: Is it possible for Usb 3.1C gen 1 to display at 4k 60hz? Would i need a usb 3.1C to hdmi 2.0 adapter to run a second monitor at 4k 60hz? If i can't run 4k 60hz with the USB-C, could I run 1080p 60hz or would it only be able to run at 30hz.
  24. well I'm looking to use it as as a media box I figured android would be the easiest. main things I want it to do is stream hulu and work as a steam link, basic emulation would be nice as well. I wanted a thin client because the networking chips in them are always the best,( for the steam link) my next thought was to look at linux distros. hopefully something remote friendly
  25. Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction as to where I can find specifically a aluminum t-splitter and ball valve? I want to set up so it can be easier to drain my loop but it is an aluminum loop and I don't want to cross material in the loop, thanks.
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