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  2. NumLock21

    Is this PC any good?

    I think I heard something about it, but I can't remember too much, wasn't it just their B3 or BQ?
  3. Or he could run Cat5 standard over phone lines. Cause that's a thing I did. If it's a wireless issue, don't get a different modem. You can make rj45 to rj15 cables that will run the older cat5 standard over it so you can use the internal phone wiring.
  4. Agreed - Im going to start with Ubuntu - basically its going to be on a third monitor on my desk so I can fiddle with it between games loading, and when Im relaxing after the kids sleep lol. Sorry to bug but I do have a couple questions if Linux is able to do these things (and will research how, what to download etc): Play or Rip Blu Ray discs? Netflix All the video codecs you would expect from the major streaming companies from browsers Kodi (not asking how, but if you can just say yes or no that would be great, I don't mind learning the how and will ask if I get stuck )
  5. It is most likely the connection to the router, I do believe our modem is DOCSIS 3.0 16x4, so that may not be the issue.
  6. Princess Cadence

    Is this PC any good?

    The 660p is actually by all means alright, people just dislike the new ways some companies are finding to stack more storage at lower costs.
  7. If the devices that you're having issues with are connecting to the modem via WIFI, then the largest issue is most likely your WIFI-router (Or modem, which you call it). Without much knowledge about your set-up, I am going to assume that you have an ADSL modem from your ISP which has WIFI included into it. I've had issue with those units degrading over time (Or in general; ISP provided ADSL modems with or without WIFI which has had their performance drop after time). The easiest thing for you, is probably to get a proper WIFI router which you can connect to the modem via a regular CAT ethernet cable. Its quiet hard to find a "store-bought modem" these days, so its just easier to go out and buy a WIFI-router which will passthrough the signal from the modem via a regular ethernet cable. It will require you to have "two boxes" instead of one, but at least you will be able to have better WIFI signal.. ISP provided equipment is rarely good quality stuff..
  8. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Is+there+any+way+that+I+can+partition+hard+drive+in+windows+2000%3F
  9. So is your actual service provider dropping connection or is it the wifi connection to your router/gateway that's the issue?
  10. Plutosaurus

    Editing CPU needed

    At same frequency, I assure you it is not. Believe what you want, though.
  11. Bananasplit_00

    Going to make a dedicated Linux machine...which OS?

    Mint is where I started, Manjaro has been my easiest install though. I'm using Mint as my main OS atm but will switch to Manjaro when I have the time.
  12. jstudrawa

    Is this PC any good?

    What does that mean, about the 660p?
  13. Your problem isn't the modem. Replacing it won't do jack shit about your wireless-connection. You need to either run ethernet-cables or add some wireless access-points closer to where e.g. your brother's room is.
  14. FadedCrown

    help for partitioning hard drive in windows 2000

    You understand we are in the late 2010s, right?
  15. KaineT

    Gigabyte GV-N98TG1 GAMING-6GD

    Ok thanks folks! I’ll go try!
  16. Skylon

    what to do w/ my life

    Ways to find friends. Start playing magic the gathering or dnd at a local shop. Get a job with people your age, maybe work at a restaurant store or call center. Locate and join the local music scene, go to hippy / electronic music festivals they are very friendly places but don't start doing large amounts "receationals" start small if at all. Have a generally positive attitude don't bring up negative topics but if others are complaining about something join then and agree it's bullshit. Good luck out there
  17. floofer

    Millions of people still use 123456 as their password

    Oh fucks sake Ashley, get it together
  18. Well I'm confused: What CPU did you have installed when your PC was freezing and restarting by itself?
  19. LukeSavenije

    Is this PC any good?

    you know the rgb version actually performs better? p1 performs better, the 660p came out horrible in the destroyer otherwise not bad
  20. Is there any way that I can partition hard drive in windows 2000? I need to partition the hard drive for multi booting.
  21. Yes, they do. Mint is closer to how a Windows-desktop works. Ubuntu's default desktop will feel quite alien at first, but if you really wanna learn stuff, then just simply powering through the alien-feeling and getting used to it is helpful. I mean, if your intention is to learn, it's good to be pushing your own boundaries and expand your comfort-zone.
  22. Tristerin

    Millions of people still use 123456 as their password

    My work forces a unique password change every 30 days, without the ability to use the previous...30 passwords. It can be similar with 1 character off but eventually your strong password ends up like this: ******************12345678910111213141516 (etc) I personally cant stand how many passwords I have to manage. A few years ago I started keeping a log book in my wallet (without obvious nomenclatures to suggest what it is or for). Only way I can do it anymore.
  23. slippers_

    Newb Projects of mine

    Awesome! Thank you! Hope to use C#, it should be doable as its a pretty versatile language, right?
  24. Ah, okay, give me a moment then lol
  25. I'm literally just trying to get a good internet modem that also has a phone jack on it.
  26. The official delay sounds a bit like a Galaxy Note 7 redux, minus the fires... they were overly optimistic about their design and are paying the price. Not as embarrassing since few were going to buy the Fold, but it does reinforce Samsung's reputation as a company that insists on shouting "first!" without care for the quality of the experience.
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