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  2. Who the hell uses their phone in landscape/sideways? I wish android team got their shit together and only implemented an iOS like solution, like turning your phone sideways while watching a YouTube video only makes it full screen rather than completely switching to sideways UI. It's fucking pointless with huge ass phones we got.

  3. FreQUENCY

    BE QUIET Dark Rock Pro 4 -RAM thingy

    2700x 4.1 GHZ stock cooling. @Princess Cadence Please take a look here
  4. Princess Cadence

    Dual 2080's or a single 2080ti

    A single RTX 2080 Ti is the best alternative you have.
  5. 1,4 - 1,48V is a very high voltage for ryzen.
  6. Minibois

    New trend? This this and that.. in 20xx...

    "Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?" Ultimately a phrase like "X amount of dollars in Y year?!" or "You would actually buy that in year Y?!" are ultimately empty and easy to say things. You can apply it to anything and the best thing is, you don't have to supply any further explanation or alternatives to what you said. It's also something anyone can agree with. I like writing longer posts, which may contain like 5 different points; someone will only "like" such a comment if all/the majority of points align with the other user's opinion. While if you post very little of substance, you can more easily feel like you added something productive to the conversation. So basically, why propose an argument, reasoning, standpoint, alternative and conclusion, when you can also just meme in a thread and say meaningless relatable stuff?
  7. Looks like a mix of insufficient mounting pressure and too high voltage..
  8. Absolutely beaut of a build, especially for the price !
  9. > Valve sued by casino ....?? > for illegal gambling ???????? > prosecution is a native-american tribe ??!!?!?!??!!?!?!!?!???
  10. About to RMA my goddamn MSI GS75 because of yellow stickers over the CPU (and the thermal paste over the stickers) and faulty screws. Yay. Just in time for the exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  11. Bravo1cc

    Performance issues with HDR

    This this has gotten worse rather than better after the driver update. I am going to have to roll back as this is caused even my work around to break. Man i don't get why this is such a shit storm lol
  12. 1.4 volts for stock Ryzen? That's rather high, no wonder it's hot. Turn that down for sure.
  13. Guys is it good if i replace the ryzen 3 2200g with ryzen 5 2400g with vega 11
  14. arthurdemelo123

    Old CPU recommendation

    https://m.pt.aliexpress.com/item/32969830382.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail&productId=32969830382&productSubject=Kllisre-X79-ATX-motherboard-LGA2011-USB3-0-SATA3-NVME-M-2-PCI-E-SSD-suporte-ECC https://m.pt.aliexpress.com/item/32982456056.html?pid=808_0006_0209&spm=a2g0n.search-amp.list.32982456056&aff_trace_key=74d0906ad38b4f7ca39a1764ab79a159-1556136357064-09778-UneMJZVf&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=8454amp-AqMqMxjidrvUsuExFun1aQ1556136368467 he listed only v2 etc cpus are compatible the non v like the 2670 will work on this 2011?
  15. GoldenLag

    I9900k Help buying

    dont buy. wait for Zen 2. its rather close now and it would be a shame to spend that much ona CPU right now
  16. fasauceome

    Dual 2080's or a single 2080ti

    Is your monitor 1440p 144Hz? If so, a single 2080 ti. If not, a single 2080.
  17. GoldenLag

    Dual 2080's or a single 2080ti

    dont bother. you can power 2 1440p monitors just fine. and if you REAAAAAAAALLy want a new card. just get a single 2080.
  18. No it is currently an 8pin in an 8pin but it used to be a 4pin in a 4pin because my psu has a 4+4 pin cpu connector, but I’ll try reapplying thermal paste now and update you if anything happens
  19. okay time to do this proper. as vaguely as i can possibly go:

    • if you haven't seen prior marvel movies before this one, go watch with a friend. or go in and study the visuals (see what's odd, see what's super designed, etc)
    • follow Austin Powers's advice. 😉
    • opened strong.
    • there are two fight scenes that stars Hawkeye. both are super well thought out in different directions
    • a lot of closure moments in the movie. probably the reason why it's 3 hours long, but it's well paced
    • ... does Rocket dress like the Kid in Bastion? o_o
    • Spoiler

      oh joy CPT Marvel is more like a convenient weapon than a... character ._. AIRSHIP SLICE THO


    • kinda tricky logic in a few details in the movie due to <insert movie plot driver here> (your only hint is in Ant Man and The Wasp), but i guess it's waaaay too large to settle them all ._.

    also kinda trying to figure out in what order did they film the scenes with ironman's daughter. filming logistics with children is a kinda interesting early-childhood problem ._.


    ... boy i worry there won't be many chances for a new universe-story to be as strong as how the MCU is right now

  20. Have you checked the AMD support forums? I have an RX 580 and haven’t experienced anything like what you are talking about. It could be a configuration issue. It could be a lot of things.
  21. Bramimond

    Hard Drive / ssd enclosures

    I recommend just getting one single drive with enough storage of the four drives combined. It was my solution when I had the same problem a few months ago. If you don't have 4x4TB then it won't even be that pricey.
  22. Rage300

    Kinect keeps "Diskinecting",

    Here are the requirements i found: PSU DC/AC IS AC CHECK PSU input: = 240V CHECK PSU output => 12 V CHECK => 2.4A CHECK USB: => 3.0 CHECK = Intel or Renesas CHECK
  23. Collinator24

    RTX 2080 Second Screen Flickers During Gaming

    Yeah.. I know but its the only other monitor I have atm, the issue persists in Minecraft and R6: Seige, with VSync off, but does go away with VSync on.
  24. Only if there was someone out there looking for that specifically. But if they were looking for that they probably have the ability to do it themselves. It wouldn’t hurt to try, but I wouldn’t expect much.
  25. fasauceome

    Every 1650 review...

    The GamersNexus concluded that outside of the need for a PCIe only powered GPU, the 1650 is awful value, and since the vast majority of gamers are working with an 8 pin PCIe cable to spare, it's more sensible for the 570 to be rated far higher. Of course for your use case a need for a low power GPU is well filled by the 1650 (although I say wait for the inevitable 1650 ti and see where that falls, it likely will too have a PCIe only version)
  26. Crunchy Dragon

    Every 1650 review...

    For the cost, an RX 570 is a much better deal than the 1650.
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