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  2. Well, after all the important questions I could, looking at price list for the past 3 days. Planning the build with my brother (I got to drink beer first time of my life with my brother),we finally agreed on the build requirements and started picking out parts. Requirements Small, light, quiet and portable. No RGB. Able to handle his workload (wedding photos/videos editing) easily and still game at 1440p 144fps Build parts Silverstone ML08 - with handle sgd$139.00 Ryzen R7 2700X - on discount Gigabyte Aorus B450i gaming pro wifi (mb+cpu combo) sgd$489.00 DeepCool C1-$110.00 G.skill Sniper X 3200mhz cl16 32gb sgd $288.00 Zotac RTX 2080 Twin fan 8gb - $1077.00 (if out of stock I'll pick up the Palit rtx 2080 gamingpro oc 8gb for $1029.00) Adata XPG SX8200 nvme 512gb m.2 sgd $145.00 Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 2tb 7mm 2.5inch hdd sgd$105.00 Corsair SF600 SFX 600w 80+ platinum full modular sgd$209.00 Pc carrying case $79.00 Fans : Fractal Design 120mm Venturi fans 3x sgd$25.00 each. I hope the system will be good enough for him. I will wish for the best for him.
  3. Findiculous

    Buidling New PC would this work ?

    This is a bit of a pointless thread then if you are asking "would this work" AFTER you have already purchased the parts (a long time ago to quote yourself) Essentially the only question that matters here is "Which GPU should I get?" in which case we should really know what GPU you currently have in the system
  4. George_Bud

    What Os should I use ?

    I have a Asus Eee PC 900a with 900 MHz CPU and 2 GB of Ram. What OS should I use ? It is not for me, for a kid. So mostly youtube and stuff like that.
  5. Hey guys, so currently I have the I3 6100 with a gtx 950. But I am planning to buy an Rx 470 4gb and pair it with the i3. I've heard that the CPU will bottleneck the GPU, will I be better off with my gtx 950 or should I buy the Rx 470 for better performance. Thank you
  6. Vance44

    davinci resolve 16?

    so is anyone else using davinci resolve 16 yet? … is it me or dose it take forever to open compared to 15 … is this good or bad? lol I mean is it normal?
  7. WillB_123


    So this is my first build so bare with me. I have a z370p d3 motherboard with a rtx 2080 6g, i7, 850w power supply, 32g ddr4 ram. The problem is that when I boot my motherboard with the GPU it does not give me an htmi output but it does give me an output for all the usbs and such but without it it does. I looked around and it is compatible. I think I should get the driver for the GPU and would that fix it I don't want to mess up my PC.
  8. historicalpoultry

    Light reflecting off a camera sensor?

    There has been many incidents of this ranging from all kind of cameras. I remember there being "issues" on the original A7 from Sony and older x trans sensors as well. I would say that it is in fact most likey the filter stack in front of the sensor. What lens were you using? Maybe using adapted lenses that aren't optimised for the angle of incident of mirrorless cameras can produce a stronger effect. Just guessing here though. Besides all this: I doubt you will have any issues when shooting under normal conditions. I'm assuming here that you're not really shooting such bright lights at the exact right angle all that often I bet I could achieve similar results with my x-h1 if I tried. But do I worry about it ever ruining a picture? Not really Cheers
  9. Vance44

    Free CPU monitoring software?

    yea I didn't really want to go out of my way to get free software that's why I was wondering if you had to pay for it every month or you can just play one time lifetime fee... if it wasn't that much I was thinking about just paying for it but not if there is other's out there that are already free do you have happen to have a link for that so I can insure i'm going to the right site? thanks … i'll try that!
  10. seoz


    Your "Haha, B*TCH" at the end had me rolling on the floor! That is the sound of success right there.
  11. seoz

    LTT Merch Premiered on Wan

    Now introducing the limited edition womens' edition LTT underwear, limited to 500 pairs in production. Logistically it might not be a good idea.
  12. In my opinion, if you wanna go with the 2070, then you might as well get a 2060 instead, because they perform too similar compared to the huge price jump, the only big difference here is the RTX 2080, it's really up to you if you wanna pay a premium for a high performance card But anyway, what I can tell you for sure is that the R5 2600 will not be able to handle 144hz well, so you won't be taking advantage of the 2080 neither in 1080p or 1440p
  13. Screenshot_20190420-051345_Gmail.thumb.jpg.16ceaaccfc0aea8163d4074108f4745d.jpg


    Holy shit that response was fast.  Less than half an hour. 

  14. Dongwook23

    Buidling New PC would this work ?

    NONO Get a RX580 it has better performance than the 1050 ti. if you don't have enough spare cash get a 570. SERIOUSLY!
  15. Now, I know what you guys are all thinking. All the pages I've been to were talking about why it's a stupid idea because it's a waste of USB sticks. But I have so many lying around, and I don't plan to do anything with them. Anddd I'm running outa disk space. So how do you set up software raid 0 w/ Windows? Is it even possible? I know for a fact at default Windows doesn't let you because it doesn't wanna set up raid for a hot-plugging device.
  16. Special K

    X9 rgb fans? Which is best?

    Hi all, Just wondering people's thoughts on the best RGB fans to use for a x9 fan 120mm set up. The fans are going in a Lian-Li 011 dynamic. LED colour will stay on solid white. I'm willing to give up some CFM for the right looks. I was looking at the Corsair ll120. But I've they're not compatible with some Asus motherboards? Also I'd need X2 Corsair commander pros? Any suggestions or information is greatly appreciated. Or any diagrams for the Corsair ll120s, showing what I'd need for the x9 fans with control over the RGB. Thanks
  17. Freebo

    LTT Store Shipping

    Yes I agree they are waaaay better than before, my main issue is why two totally different prices (nearly doubled) when you by a 2XL or 3XL compared to the other smaller sizes? Is it simply down to weight or is something else at play/fault here? Also shipping to the UK doesnt seem to work for some items (ie another design of shirt) which I find very odd.
  18. LukeSavenije

    NEW PSU Tier List

    yeah... do you have fire insurance? because you modified your psu it can literally catch fire... and it won't get covered pp11? good idea
  19. seoz

    What is your sleeping position?

    I typically sleep on my left side specifically in a fetal position. Minimising the amount of surface area I use up is comfortable for me.
  20. The spot is definitely something that bothers me (and is visible at anything above f5~), and while I shoot RAW so that I can edit things, I tend to not be too interested in any kind of post.
  21. TheRandomness

    What is your sleeping position?

    Used to sleep fetal, then stretched out on side (both sides, used to be exclusively left side) and now I sleep on my back.
  22. NunoLava1998

    Buidling New PC would this work ?

    I'd get a 1050 Ti instead of the RX 580 then; highest thing that won't bottleneck horribly
  23. leadeater

    Server power supply replacement

    Looks to me like that board only has 1 EPS connector so you may not be restricted to PSUs with 2 EPS.
  24. desertcomputer

    Is google collecting data through microphones?

    Short answer yes, if you use an android or pretty much any google app or services. For example, ok google command records and save initial keyword/hotword OK Google. Also these data are not anonymized as you can see these information in your google activity feed linked with your account or anyone who has access to your google account, you can stop these data collection only hide from yourself viewing these information. Best to stop using google services and try to find a other services, and delete once you find other services that suit your need. In the meantime stop feeding google your data.
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